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Some of you might have heard about the famous yau char kuai (油炸粿, you tiao) stall outside Chow Yang at PJ SS2, or have even tasted it. Well, passing that super busy stall for the Nth time, I finally tried something from there when Suan’s friend Pinky was in town.

fried glutinous rice
sizzle, sizzle

It was after a heavy lunch that Suan decided to check out the much talked about stall. We squeezed ourselves to the front and tried to order some of the famous yau char kuai. Unfortunately, we had to give up the idea upon hearing that waiting time for yau char kuai is 40 minutes.

However, the owner was making fried glutinous rice with dough thingy (I don’t know the Chinese name), and we could have some in for a mere 5 minute wait. So we thought, why not?

fried glutinous rice
hot, sweet, delicious, and yummy (no pun intended)

We took home 6 pieces of this fried glutinous rice with dough thingy, and boy it was really good. Imagine sweet and slightly sticky glutinous rice wrapped by the slightly salty dough with the texture of good doughnut. I think my explanation failed to do justice to the taste, but Suan, Rachel, and Pinky all love it too.

map to chow yang, PJ ss2
the stall opens at night, expect long wait

I think I gotta try their yau char kuai next time.

Jalan SS 2/6
Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.116862, 101.617377

Discuss : KY eats – Fried Glutinous Rice near Chow Yang, PJ SS2

  1. are you sure the you tiau there so nice meh? i thought the nice one is in Asia Cafe at SS15. okok must give it a try next time.

  2. good taste! we love ths plc:D

  3. it was surprisingly quite teh awesome

  4. oitt…. What’s with the map! why is it all in straight lines?

    if u continue drawing maps like this… i’m not reading ya blog anymore 😛

  5. Precious Pea

    Next time, order your yau char kuai, then go have dinner or a drink at Kayu to kill time. Worth the wait! Heard it is still crispy the next morning but of course, no chance for any leftover to test it out.

  6. You should try their ham chim peng too. Really nice and fluffy.

    I hate the long waits. And they tend to open stall whenever they feel like it. o_0

  7. agreed to shiang…
    this map sucks among the rest!
    KY please use the proper way to draw the map!

    Anyway, I had tried this few years ago.. I still remember I was queued up for around 1 hour just to tapao 1 pc of “Ham Chim Peng” while other ppl tapao mininum up to 10 pcs of the yau char kuai!

    hehe 😛

  8. U deserve the hits. ^^

  9. eiling,
    I haven’t tried that one at SS15! 😀

    Best. 😀

    Yah! 😀

    Shut up 😛

    Precious Pea,
    Haha ya, great idea!

    Will have to try that next time. 😉

    I think I remember that. hahaha

    Thanks! 😀

  10. saw this stall b4 when go pasar malam (Thursday) 🙂

  11. i call it “ham chin peng” although i think “ham chin peng” is the one with red bean paste in the middle instead of glutinous rice.
    I love the glutinous rice ones!

  12. I have tried all the fried things that they sell. All also very nice 🙂 When go back Malaysia(this wednesday), I will go there and buy all my Fav 🙂

  13. In ipoh, we call it “kap joong” (kap which rhymes with dove in canto, joong, which probably means dumpling).

    Hahha, I don’t know how accurate that is though.

  14. had that once..but not from ss2. it was cold…quite chewy and not that awesome. so i never had that again. so i guess i should change my perception now

  15. omg, my no.1 junk food, very tasty i know, but i cannot tahan, very ‘heaty’.. bound to be sick after eating..

  16. foxtrotecho

    KY, it was after dinner la, not lunch.

  17. ohh.. i love this place.. makes me wana eat now.. bt im in aussie 🙁

  18. wtf! I saw a sotong up there commenting! Lol

    At any rate, the Ipohans call it ham chim peng as well. With an additional name – kap chong ham jim peng. Don’t know what kap means, but chong is filling in cantonese.

  19. KY your yew char kueh is quite different from ours. We have a gigantic one over here, and the normal sized ones but all are tubular in shape.

  20. By the way, it called as “Kap Chung”. 😉

  21. Just curious, my friend once told me, how to make ur thing that u goreng so crispy and nice.

    Melt your frying pan or wok with a plastic bottle. Melt it and add oil. Finally fry ur Yao Cha Keow in the heated oil.

    Is that really what happen …..?

    X -files remain to be solved.

  22. Hi,

    Nice blog. enjoy lots of the food pictures from your blog

    Do drop by at my blog : and link me to urs
    Hope to see you there.


  23. mimid3vils,
    Well if you’re willing to wait..

    Hahah this is not ham chim peng! 😛

    Perhaps I should do the same! 😀

    Ooo interesting!

    Not so nice when it’s cold, I’d imagine.

    Don’t eat so much lor, share! 😀

    You’re right! 😀

    Awww.. too bad. 😛

    oOO interesting.

    Huai Bin,
    Learn something new everyday. 😀


    I doubt it. lol

    Cheers! 😀

  24. when can we have it again KY?! I’m hungry again after reaading it! =(

  25. He does sell in the morning too .. but i do not know the exact time

  26. U made me hungry…. and i have gastric, so glutinuous rice? Can see, can smell but cannot eat.. 🙁

  27. I’m pretty confident this stall, at least, does not do the plastic straw thingy. This stall has one of the cleanest woks I’ve ever seen in the business; usually stalls use iron wok, not stainless steel ones like this feller. And the oil is also uncharacteristically clean, so it indicates that they change it regularly, unlike most other stalls.

    Result: their stuff is not quite as tasty!! I think..

  28. Rachel,
    Stop being a glutton! 😛

    Raymond Lee,
    Ah, the unpredictability.

    How sad… 🙁

    Hahaha, I’ll favor clean over plastic anytime! 😛

  29. yes, in KL we called it kap choong too. Been here a few times but didn’t manage to try the pastry. Will surely try it next time I come here.

  30. ohhhh i love that! i always have it after dinner. i usually tau pauh for supper hehe. the one with red bean is niceeee!! and the plain one too. so yummy seriously. the guy apparently always have a snaking queue for his stall. so

  31. you’re eating 1 of my favourites, other than the “ma keok” – horse shoe

  32. Simon Seow,
    Do it.

    evan lau,
    Snaking queue, yah, haha.

    oOo “ma keok”, I haven’t try that 😀

  33. i tried before, good part was they use new cooking oil everyday. no recycle cooking oil being use…cheers

  34. aeroplane1234

    hei, you improved ur map!! thats not so you!

  35. alanS,
    That’s always a good thing. 😀

    Hee-hee, I got straighten up! 😛

  36. Gosh!

    This stall has been @ SS2 since….

    Anyway, I love the yau char kuai but you’ve got to wait like forever to get it!

  37. michellesy

    The boss is mighty particular actually about hygiene and the final product etc. He does chuck out the one that don’t make the final cut.

    And yes, his opening hours are a bit…erratic. He lives above the indian newsagent shop behind the stall, and he just comes down when the mood strikes him =D

  38. Angie Tan,
    Yah, the wait… -_-

    I guess he’s made enough $$, hehe.

  39. Wow~ mine frens store feature in KY blog….
    must tell micheal bout it… lol

  40. Kanneth,
    If he’s your friend, ask him to open more frequent! 😛

  41. Hihi,

    Interesting that your blog post has GPS coordinates. I setup a website to tag stories with location so people can easily find things that are happening beside them.
    I have submitted your post here(
    Do let me know what you think:)

  42. Zhou Wenhan,
    Interesting. 😀

  43. Parkson Grand

    You tiao tasted nothing special but like a 2nd grade you tiao. Nothing special. The Section 17 you tiao (two in the morning at the market and one at nite)is way much better than this one. The glutionous rice is nice but not worth it. The reason is the services they gave are absolute rubbish. I felt like thet are mad at you for buying their you tiao. I think i would call them the arrogant you tiao. Try the sectin 17 one and you will know what a good you tioa taste like.

  44. Parkson Grand,
    Thanks for the feedback, I only ate at this place twice cos I’m generally quite impatient when it comes to waiting. The seksyen 17 would be at the main square?

  45. the stall is located near kayu restaurant at chow yang or at SS2/6?? Because the map show chow yang and address is at SS2/6.

  46. selina,
    Ops, it’s actually outside chow yang, I think the address might be wrong. 🙂

  47. is the stall still there?

  48. wsm,
    Yah I believe so. 🙂

  49. nope, the stall opend during daytime as well 😉
    well, apparently it’s opening hours depends on the owner’s mood, as he says.

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