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Finally processed the pictures taken from my Krabi and Phuket trip organized by Seetho Holidays some three months ago. Here are some of what I saw through the lens from that 5-day vacation that seems to have happened so long ago.

Krabi beach reflected on Sun Glasses
Krabi beach in reflection

The reflection on Andy the photographer’s sunglasses. The crystal clear water and soft sandy beaches of Krabi is now as much an optical plaything on the lens as they are in my memory. Welcome back to reality 1.0

fancy a BBQ banana?
want a BBQ corn you corny tourists?

There are stalls on the beaches along areas most popular with tourists. The more imaginative locals sell handy crafts, fabrics, cloths, and accessories, while some stick to the simpler offerings such as this one.

the Giant of Krabi
Giant of Krabi town

There’s a legend at Krabi about these gentle giants from the surrounding jungle. So far as I know, they only exists at a junction downtown tirelessly carrying the traffic lights these days. I guess they were supposed to be docile cousins of Yeti and Bigfoot.

Colourful Sweetness
Am I sweet or do I just look pretty?

The afternoon market at Krabi offers many different types of food, you can find BBQ fish, fresh fruits, juice, roasted chicken wings, and all sorts of other traditional dishes. This colorful plate of candy captured my attention most.

where do you want to go today?

Traditional fishing is very much alive in this part of the world, with custom made propeller shafts and colorfully painted wooden boats floating on crystal clear water. This photo was captured on the last bridge we crossed on the way to Phuket.

Royal fish farm, krabi
the Royal fish farm at Krabi

The Royal fish farm is an attempt in marine conservation, there are many species of salt water fishes from reef sharks, angel fish, to Nemo. I almost felt guilty by thinking how great most of them would taste after a short trip to the kitchen.

hot spring waterfall
the hot spring waterfall

A small waterfall at the end of Klong Thom hot spring where we soaked ourselves in the mineral rich water. The hot stream joins a cold river after the waterfall, you can actually jump between the two completely different water. The hot spring reminds me of the onsen experience in Japan, if only we could do something about the tropical weather…

A city that doesn
bustling nightlife at Phuket

The bustling night life at Phuket reminds me of Bangkok‘s red light district. Go-go bars, foreign tourists, peddlers, discos, t-shirt stalls, and plenty of alcohol serving joints. Patpong Patong never sleeps.

Boy or Girl? Phuket, Thailand
a frown and a smile

The street is also populated by many female lookalike beings selling their companionship or peddling for the particular go-go bar they represent. As with anywhere else in Thailand, gender confusion is paramount here.

fly boy at Phuket
Fly boy assisted

When the sun rises, Phuket returns to a sort of normalcy expected from any beach vacation spot. Para sailing, jet skiing, and banana boat tours are all available. Kids who slept through the sin city’s night time activities get to do what their parents promised them.

look ma, I found this!
look ma, a shell in my bucket!

Can’t wait to go on another trip.

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  1. r those real sweets as in edible wan?????

  2. aw…the monkey reminded me of tomyam!!! nice relection from andy’s shades.

  3. those female lookalikes sometimes look nicer than females…. wakakakaka !!!

  4. missing krabi already 🙂 btw like the aerial view shot of the sampans.

  5. Penny,
    Yes, can eat! 😀

    Haha, that’s the gentle giant, not monkey 😛

    Hahaha you like them is it?

    oO thanks. 😀

  6. Dude which do you think is better…Krabi or Phuket?

  7. dear friend,

    do u’ve BBQ LAND & STEAMBOAT BUFFET KUANG’s phone no at SG BULOH, SELANGOR @ been there? some said d price just below rm20/pax!


    mal handsome
    sms me +60128624623 or
    email 2

  8. You went for the frown or smile??

  9. sabrina,
    Krabi nicer beaches and water, while Phuket’s got the better night life. It’ll depend on what you want to do. 😉

    mal handsome,
    I’ve nerver been there.

    Neither. hehe

  10. Precious Pea

    Ahh good good good! Am going to Krabi in Nov. Any recommendation on good eating places?

  11. Precious Pea,
    Check on my previous few posts on the Krabi trip! You must try the duck noodle!

  12. those are very nice photos!

  13. Oy, Patpong in Bangkok lah… you wanted Patong, no??

    I thought the statue at the traffic light was a tourist with two big bags being the lights (from the Star’s recent photo haha..)

  14. The photos you took are really great! =)

  15. eiling,
    Thanks. 😀

    Ah, wrong spelling. Hehe thanks.

    Thanks. 😀

  16. got kena con at the go go bar again anot, KY!

  17. sweets llok so yummilicious 😀

  18. I’ve been to Phuket , wish can go Krabi too 🙂

  19. crappy booze

    krabi is one of my ‘to visit’ list….a very long list…hahahahahha.

  20. wuahhhh the first pic very nice and the sweet… is the sweet nice??

  21. I been to Phuket and Phi Phi Island… Krabi will be my next destination… I missed snorkeling @ Phi Phi Island 🙂

  22. pinkpau,
    Hahaha, once bitten twice shy. 😛

    I’m sure it’s sweet as.. errr sugar. :/

    Do it! 😀

    crappy booze,
    Well at least this one’s not a very pricey place to go. 🙂

    Didn’t try the sweets. :/

    Crystal clear water!

  23. first pic is FTW! and all those sweets… w00t! looks like a great place for nature dwellers hor. 😀

  24. Wow… look at those colorful jellies. Those were filled with sweetened green beans right? I used to buy some fruit shaped ones from Hatyai.

  25. yahui,
    Thanks! 😀

    Criz Lai,
    Too sweet I reckon? hehe

  26. i never get bored visiting ur blog 🙂

    my fav pic is the SWEETS. the 1st thought that came into my mind was that they looked more like key-chains.

    my jaw dropped after i realised that they are sweets :))

  27. Itching for another trip far far away. Sigh.

  28. aeroplane1234

    lovely. can i blame u if i go there and found that the scene is not as pretty as your photo? 🙂

  29. ai-ling,
    Thanksss. 😀

    Do it! 😉

    I think the scenes you see are going to be different from mine. hahaha

  30. wah… nice shot!! and i like the Night shot.. perfect!

  31. kuai,
    Thanks thanks. 😀

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