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A little while ago I received an invitation from Andrea from Restaurant Coca for a food review session. It was quite a while since the last time I had Coca (for steamboat) and remember the experience to be a rather good one. Anyhow, Suan, FA, Ringo, Tim, and I went to the session on a particular Tuesday night last month and gorged ourselves silly.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade
the five free loaders at Coca and our juices

Most of you might have been associating Restaurant Coca with their higher end steamboat dinners, while this is still true, our review session was to try on their newer Thai inspired dishes instead.

Most of us ordered juices to start the meal, and I just had to get the pretty curious Roselle drink the moment I saw it on the menu. For the uninitiated, it is a type of Hibiscus (ala our national flower) with the drink that is sweet in a different way. The Roselle tasted fresh and very juicy to the bite too, I love it. Unfortunately Andrea said they imported this particular ingredient from overseas and they aren’t available at the stores.. bummer.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade
pandan chicken, stuffed prawns, deep fried calamari

Next came three appetizer dishes: pandan chicken, stuffed prawns, and deep fried calamari.

Out of the three items, the stuffed prawns were a bit disappointing, but perhaps maybe it was the presentation. They look so awesome but at the end the taste was just average, a case of visual over hype I suppose. Deep fried calamari was one of Tim’s favorite appetizer, the fresh squid and the taste of batter was a good combination. As for me, I have to go with the pandan chicken, it was probably the best I’ve had, better than the “paper wrapped chicken” at balakong and even the same dish at De Chiengmai. The chicken very succulent and the marinate was just perfect.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade
seafood tomyam, steamed fish with thai sauce, tofu with scallops, kailan

After the pretty heavy appetizers, we had seven main dishes to go with rice. Steamed siakap with Thai sauce was very good, the sour and salty soup mixes well with the fish and garnish. Fried kailan provided a fresher taste, while the clay pot tofu carried a very strong sweetness from scallops, very nice.

However, I find the seafood tomyam a little too “lemak” (though milk is used in substitute of coconut milk/santan) and didn’t enjoy it much. To me, tomyam should be sour and spicy instead, so I find the experience a little strange. The green chicken curry, though lemak as well, tasted pretty good as that was how it should be.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade
deep fried mantao and chili crabs, butter prawns

The big ticket items were the butter prawns and chili crab. The buttery batter used is slightly different from usual, with more Thai inspired spices and thus carries a stronger taste that I find very nice. I had extra since Tim, being a noob, doesn’t eat prawns. 😀

The deep fried mantao went really well with the sauce from chili crab dish. As for the crab itself, while not very impressive in size, was fresh and tasted pretty good.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade
the desserts: mango with glutinous rice, red ruby, sago in coconut milk

As our stomach started to expand like a hot air balloon and already having quite a bit of leftovers due to the impossible amount of food served. Andrea decided that the meal wouldn’t be complete without trying their desserts.

We had red ruby, sago in coconut milk, mango with glutinous rice, and ice kacang. I only tried a few spoonful from each of them. They were quite good, but to be honest, I was already over stuffed to the point of losing my sense of taste.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade

It was a pretty good dinner, and I do think that most of their Thai dishes were pretty good (especially the pandan chicken). While the price is a little on the high side, Coca offers a very nice ambiance with pretty good quality ingredients.

Coca Restaurant at Subang Parade

Subang Parade,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.082109,101.585416
Tel: 03-5632 8766

Discuss : KY eats – Restaurant Coca at Subang Parade

  1. i feel full just by looking at the photos

  2. looks very delicious…
    belanja saya makanlah lain kali, haha…

  3. the red ruby dessert looks so inviting!

    and gorgeous pics again!

  4. i want red ruby…………

  5. Alice Teh,
    Do it! 😛

    Yah I was way too full!

    Hahaha, other people belanja me wan.. 😛

    Thanks thanks. 🙂

    Make it happen! 😀

  6. Yeah, I always associate Coca with steamboat too – there’s a branch over in Sarawak as well. Thai inspired dishes eh…will check if it’s available here. Cheers!

  7. crappy booze

    I actually only tasted the Coca steamboat at their KL Plaza branch. Saw that it serves buffet dinner too, not really sure if its a promotion or permanent stuff in the menu.

  8. your photo is doing great justice to the food here! everything looks great and strikingly rich!

  9. Huai Bin,
    Ooo, didn’t know they have it at Sarawak.

    crappy booze,
    Ah, I think the KL Plaza branch closed already though. They have the buffet dinner in Subang though. 🙂

    Thanks! 😀

  10. aeroplane1234

    man the desserts looked awesome. let me bring some bitches there.

  11. The food all look very good! I didn’t know Coca serves so many types of dishes, thought they only do steamboat. I think I would like the mantao and chili crabs and the steamed siakap – fish and crabs being my favourite food! It’s a pity you didn’t get to really eat the desserts – they look pretty good too! : )

  12. PenangTuaPui

    yummy yummy food and great outlet…

    wonder when will we get invitation for food review… I hope.. one day…….

  13. Eh, why no close up shot of Tim? Not that I want to see. lol

  14. aeroplane1234,
    Hahha, make it happen young man!

    Haaa I was too full, just managed to have a little bit lor.

    One day, one day! 😀

    Simon Seow,
    For the exact same reason!

  15. yummy…i bet the pics made all your visitors super hungry 😀

  16. A great change on my impression of Coca with all this Thai food…looks yummy especially the prawn and crabs.

  17. is coca halal?
    If the soup don’t cook by pork ribs not nice la…

  18. Ai-Ling,
    That’s the whole point 😛

    ck lam,
    Yah, I didn’t know either! 🙂

    Tomyam also you want to cook with pork ribs? Siao! lol

  19. mimid3vils

    i think the mango rice too much coconut milk drenched 🙁

  20. hmph..eating free dinner lagi..

  21. Malaysia’s Tomyam soup still not up to standard 🙁 Can hardly find yummilicious tomyam soup here too 🙁

  22. bes…
    bulan puase din go cari makan at pasar ramadhan ke?

  23. ahh reminded me of all the thai food in krabi! siakap…tomyam…sticky rice..damn

  24. midmid3vils,
    It was just alright. 😀

    shhh. 😛

    That I have to agree, for the most part, yah.

    Went to one the other day, gave up, too many people!

    Yes yes, those stuff.. *slurps*

  25. Great review! Checkout mine sometime.

  26. red ruby satu~~~~

  27. Billy,

    Jom! 😛

  28. Hey KY,
    Wow. Thanks for writing this!
    Coz i love nyonya food.
    with all your marvellous pics,
    and your excellent description,
    i will definetely go and have a try at this restaurant soon!

    best wishes,


  29. Ee Vonn,
    Thanks! 😀

  30. this place really sucks!!!
    ordered pandan chicken.. the meat was too dry and tasteless!.. the steamboat fish glue and fortune fish ball were not fresh.. even after being cooked, u could still taste the fishy stench.. yuck!.. i have been a coca fan for quite some time and this outlet really disappoints! even the famous sauce for steamboat was diluted! see how the standard really jatuh.. been to one utama coca and wisma cycle and carriage and there were good…furthermore when we complained about the food last nite, the supervisor just acted non-chalant.. i will never step my foot in subang parade coca again..

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