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I went to Yellow Cab Pizza on one of the Friday lunch sessions with the bunch of noobs from Nuffnang a few weeks ago. The second time we went there as a group was also Su Ann’s second last day in Malaysia before heading to the States, so for whatever it’s worth, I dedicate this post to Lim Su Ann (or lil miss Late who just got her first bank account last month, congrats!)

Yellow Cab Pizza
Su Ann and Suet Li posing with the yellow bikes

Yellow Cab Pizza is a relatively new restaurant that actually concentrates more on delivery business than dine in. Seating area in the restaurant is rather small, and to accommodate all of us (Su Ann, Tim, Firdauz, Robb, Suet Li, Barry, Nicholas, Tock) they had to open a whole new section upstairs. We get to be all noisy and rowdy without having to get stared from anyone, best.

Yellow Cab Pizza
wholesome pizzas, slurps slurps

For the bunch of us, I think we ordered 3 x 14″ pizzas. A NY classic, Manhattan Meat Lover, and a Cheese. The place is a bit lacking in choices of drinks, only serving soft drink in cans or mineral water with disposable plastic cup. Then again, they never pretend to have a proper restaurant set up.

The pizzas were really great though, thin crust with very little to spare as far as topping goes. Very wholesome, cheesy, and just plain delicious. We devoured all 3 boxes rather quickly and made the mistake of ordering 3 x 18″ pizzas the second time we were there and ended up having to tapao some back to the office.

Yellow Cab Pizza
we always get to sit at the empty hall upstairs

At Yellow Cab they have 2 categories of pizzas, “classic” goes for around RM 20 for 10″, RM 30-40 for 14″, and RM 47-67 for the huge 18″s (oh wait they have a website and you can even order online: click here). “specialty” goes for a bit more than those. If it sounds a bit more than pizza huts and dominos, it is because they are better, with more toppings and probably uses better ingredients. The lunch costs each of us around RM 14-16 with drinks. Still very worth it I’d say.

Yellow Cab Pizza
yellow cab pizza is actually very close to Nuffnang KL office

Intersection of Jalan Raja Abdullah
and Jalan Yap Ah Shak,
Kuala Lumpur (next to the Dang Wangi LRT pedestrian bridge)

Kuala Lumpur
GPS: 3.157625, 101.701217
Tel: 03-2694 2003

Discuss : KY eats – Yellow Cab Pizza with Lim Su Ann & Gang

  1. Ah? I thought Pinky and Chocolatey didn’t get along?

  2. sf,
    This was 1st Aug, and even if you don’t like each other, can still dine with the group bah

  3. Never heard of such restaurant before but it definitely looks good:)

  4. Eh eh, always wanted to try it. SO nice lol!

  5. joan,
    Cos it’s quite new. 😀

    Ya, do it! make it happen!

  6. OOoo. must try when I next in KL! 🙂

  7. Hi KY… I just couldn’t help myself but comment on the Pizza..since I’m a pizza expert… But when you in Perth next, I will treat you to a *Real Pizza!*

  8. Pizza looks loaded! Yummy! Maybe Yellow Cab Pizza will use the cute pic of Su Ann & Suet Li on the bike as Yellow Cab Pizza Poster Girls, hahaha…

  9. Dabido,

    Dabido is from Perth you know. 😛

    Hahaha, might have to pay those girls though 😛

  10. ky aku rindu padamu T____T

    everytime i see that keebler biscuit here i think of you! everywhere also got that keebler thing. got rainbow flavor also

  11. aeroplane1234

    im impressed… good brand name, easy to identify. very smart marketing initiative.

    btw…. cab means taxi mah… why kup chai joh?

  12. mimid3vils

    so can we dine in?

  13. the pizza looks huge O_o

  14. Get your facts right you dumbfuck, that is not their local website. Since when do we get ham and bacon toppings from any pizza delivery outlets ? You are such a n00b…

  15. the damn pizza is marvelous i tell you. ask firdy, he’s like the most frequent visitor there lol.

    yellow cab’s style is like dining in with the “eating outside” atmosphere, if that actually makes any sense :/

  16. pinkpau,
    Like wise like wise. and your tupperware is still at my place. 😀

    Yah, very good. 😀


    Cos we ordered big ones maa in some of the photos

    Well if you’re a pr0 and have better suggestion please do let us know. 🙂

    Yessss! 😀

  17. Oh Wooooowww..Yellow Cab is here Malaysia!!!!!…wah i try that in Philipine!…fantastic!!

  18. hey! uh hi. I think I saw you playing badminton that day, you were just beside our court. lol. If it was you, you played real good!

  19. Hui Wen,
    Best! 😀

    If it’s last Friday at Puchong, yah that’d be me. 😀

  20. eh kay why, damn outdated la u! this was like looooong time agoooo!

  21. Im so hungry lar~!!!

  22. sweatlee,
    backlogs maaa. 😀 You have fun in US ok!

    eat eat eat! 😀

  23. Why I don’t get to go here when I find them for lunch.

  24. Simon Seow,
    There are a lot of things I don’t know in life.

  25. Kickass bebeh!!!

    I bought it once for my family and now they want to make it a monthly thing, like periods wtf.

  26. didnt notice there was such a pizza outlet

  27. so can we dine in?

    this is very much interesting !

    thank you for the post .
    expecting valuable posts

  28. Dr. Tan,

    johnny ong,
    Now you do. 😀

    Yah, can dine in. 🙂

  29. Walau there’s nothing here like my hometown Chicago Gino’s or Uno’s Spinach Stuffed Crust — after years of Shakey-tasting-CanaPHutDoms, Yellow Cab is REALLY GOOD! I was suspicious of the price at first, but found I got full with fewer slices! Recommend Four Seasons as a first time sampler.

    Next, the potatoes! Oh, my diet went down the tubes. Only I wished they gave more chives. So busy enjoying, wasn’t sure it was green onions or gauchoy.

  30. Gene,
    Looks like you really enjoyed it!

  31. yes,i was tried it..deliveryla..order 14′ NY Finest & #4 Cheese also baked potato halves…just cannot go #4 salty for me..but everything is nice..the bike is pretty lol…

  32. QueChill,
    Ooo I see, down it with some cold drinks 😀

  33. Nazri :// Mysight - What I See is What You Get » Blog Archive » Yellow Cab Pizza

    […] KYSpeaks […]

  34. I HATE THE WORD SLURP. Stop using it!

  35. MR,
    Oh well personal preference. 🙂

  36. I saw Yellow Cab over at Taipan area the other day and thought of trying.

    I didn’t know they have a branch already.

  37. goldfries,
    Give it a try, they’re pretty good 😀

  38. Yellow Cab is actually a Philippine based pizza chain. They just opened new chains in Malaysia and Guam.

  39. SBA,
    Yah, they are! 😀

  40. It is simply impossible to call these people!
    Unable to order pizza. These guys don’t even answer their calls!
    Fomr Ampang, USJ, Jalan RA and Lot 10. Hopeless!!

  41. Was in Qatar a few weeks ago to visit a friend of mine and guess what? They have like 4 branches there and are looking to add some more. They’re also getting inquiries to put up a franchise in Shanghai, the US and Taiwan if I’m not mistaken.

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