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On a lazy weekend morning a few weeks ago, I was looking for a lunch buddy and happened to see Lorna coming online over MSN.

    • “Lunch?”


    • “Why not?”


    “Let me bring you to this Malay chicken rice place”

I said okay with a mixture of apprehension and curiosity, then proceed to get ready and wait for the lady to pick me up. (sexual equality, right? :P)

note: sadly this place is closed.

BBQ chicken rice at Kelana Jaya
Lorna sipping her syrup ais

As it turned out, the nasi ayam bakar special (special roasted chicken rice) place is located pretty close to where I stay, at SS5 just next to the big Kelana Jaya Giant. The Malay food court area was not as busy in the afternoon as it is at night, there were only a few tables occupied.

BBQ chicken rice at Kelana Jaya
drum stick, rice, soup, satisfying

We ordered two sets of nasi ayam bakar with drum sticks, and another extra drum stick for good measure. To properly Malaysianised the meal, we had iced syrup to drink.

The bbq chicken was rather unique, I could only describe it as a cross between roasted chicken and the chicken tandoori with the sauce that is somewhat similar to paprik style, slightly sweet and a little spicy. The rice was cooked together with other chicken parts (such as neck) and I presume, fats; thus carry a very fragrant smell that goes very well with the meat. It was very unique and certainly delicious. We finished devoured everything to the bones.

BBQ chicken rice at Kelana Jaya

If I remember correctly, the chicken rice was less than RM 5 per portion and only available during lunch. The same place also have a big sign board that says “steamboat”, I wonder how Malay steamboat tastes like, maybe another time.

Jalan SS6/2,
Kelana Jaya, PJ, Selangor

GPS: 3.101791, 101.598172

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Ayam Bakar Special at Kelana Jaya [Closed]

  1. hey KY,

    when u wanna bring me ?? 😛

  2. I thought good food should carry more patrons. Looks like there’s little customers. Not that I’m complaining. What time were you there?

  3. wa.. eat till clean clean wor… XD

  4. Yeah I fetched u that day also >.<

  5. ahhh… Nasi Ayam without Roasted Pork is out of my mind! hehehe.. blek 😛

  6. atrica,
    You can bring me too ok! 😀

    The picture above only shows tables under the hot sun, that’s why empty outside. 🙂 I went there just before noon I think, on a Saturday.

    Never waste food ok! 😀

    Best! 😛

    Hahahha, you pork eater!

  7. mimid3vils

    The rice is a bit too wet~~

  8. Saya lapar sekarang…

  9. Maybe I’ll try this Thursday. Have to go SS1. lol

  10. The gravy accompanying the chicken looks real appetizing! Can’t wait to try…

    Btw KY, the Starview Restaurant is planning to move soon! Details over in my blog 😀

  11. mimid3vil,
    I think it was just nice though, I like soft rice. 😀

    Alice Teh,
    Makan la kak. 😛

    Simon Seow,
    Do it. 🙂

    CK Lam,
    oOO interesting. Thanks for the tips. 🙂

  12. KY, When are you going to do reviews on the eateries at Dataran Sunway, Kota D’sara? There’s so many to choose, like to read your reviews first. Thanks.

  13. It looks good, unusual (roasted style chicken with gravy) but unique.

    Hey, KY, have you had the Nasi Ayam Special Palembang at Wisma Genting (the food court) at Jalan Sultan Ismail? It’s the best nasi ayam I’ve ever eaten.

    I don’t know if it’s still around but it’s REALLY popular during lunchtime. Last time I had it was 2003 when I was working in KL.

  14. royz,
    I’ve only been to Poeny garden (which is good!) and a kopitiam there. Will explore more ya. 😀

    Huai Bin,
    oOo interesting, hopefully it’s still there. Gotta ask friends who’re working nearby. 😀

  15. aeroplane1234

    hah. interesting. pass by there frequently never realize got a shop like that?

    remember there is another famous one where mahatir also visited before. also around the corner.

  16. aeroplane1234,
    Ooo, interesting!

  17. this one also good.

    this one must order extra chicken. one portion is not enuff 🙁

    thank for the all the recommendation ky! me n my other half always login to yr blog lately before our date to find great place to makan.

  18. this one also good,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence.

  19. Such a great food

  20. JH,
    Glad you like it. 😀

  21. kampungBoy

    the taste was good..u guy’s should try..

  22. kotor lah tempat diaaaaaaaaaaaa..tak percaya ge tengok sendiri sekeliling…….. dengan sampah kat depan…….

  23. kampungBoy,
    Yehhh 😀

    setakat makanan bersih dah la 😀

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