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When I was working at Leisure Commerce Square, we used to travel quite a bit for a good lunch. We’ve been to the siew yoke (bbq pork) place at Aman Suria, pork tripe soup at USJ, and even banana leaf rice at Raju at PJ State. Just before I left the company, we decided to venture into the parking hell that is USJ Taipan and give Meaty House a try.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
Meaty house is located just a couple of shops from Starbucks

Meaty house is located just a couple of shops from Starbucks, facing the multilayer parking lots that you should use lest boiling your blood away looking for a street spot (that you have to pay anyway.) The interior of the restaurant is a little dated and not very well lit either. The seats and tables were a bit old, but we were there with only one objective, and romance wasn’t it.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
pork belly, pork knuckle, ribs & sausages

The server was very friendly and recommended us the three dishes we ordered for the day. Pork belly, pork knuckle, and a ribs & sausages dish. We also had 3 glasses of home-brewed barley drinks to go with it.

Food didn’t take long to arrive as it wasn’t busy during the weekday lunch time we were there. All three dishes were actually very good, and I particularly love the German pork knuckle, very crunchy on the outside and yet flavorful and fatty without being too oily inside. The home-made honey mustard sauce was perfect for both the sausages and the pork knuckle.

Pork belly was good too, although I could probably use a slightly fattier cut (I’m one of those pork lard people). The ribs too were equally good, with the hint of char siu (roasted pork) taste to it. The side dishes of coleslaw and some unidentified vegetables though, were nothing to shout about.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan

Each dishes cost less than RM 30. Ribs & sausages RM 26.80, pork belly RM 23.80, pork knuckle RM 29.80. Overall I would say that this place offers very good value for what you get. A slightly higher class place would be EURO DELI at Damansara Kim or Jarrod & Rawlins at Hartamas, and if you really want it splurge a bit, there’s always Bermuda & Onions at Cangkat Bukit Bintang, and Bruno’s at Jaya 33. If you love pork, either one of these places would be pretty satisfying.

Meaty House at USJ Taipan
Meaty house is located in USJ Taipan Triangle

37, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
Taipan Triangle, Subang Jaya

GPS: 3.049244, 101.584289
Tel: 03-5633 5634

Discuss : KY eats – Meaty House at USJ Taipan

  1. Pink Parisian

    Hey! I remember Meaty House. Used to have my fill of pork when living in USJ. Definitely worth visting.

  2. hey nice place this meaty house.

    FYI meaty house also runs the Pork section at Giant stores.

  3. My sister brought me here for my birthday a few years ago. The pork knuckle rocked!!

  4. O.O *drools* my kind of food….. *wipes drool from keyboard*

  5. There’s one German restaurant in Kepong. But the Pork Knuckle below RM 30 is really value.

  6. passed by many times but never eat before

  7. Pink Parisian,
    Undoubtedly. 😀

    Yah, I left out that point. You’re right.


    Hahahaha, get a waterproof keyboard.

    Simon Seow,
    Yah, excellent value. 🙂

    Try it, it’s non-halal. 😛

  8. Eee.. Porky *LOL* I can’t eat any of those now T__T

  9. Precious Pea

    I used to go to their outlet in Damansara Utama, sadly closed down already. I remembered they even have Bak Kut Teh and Char Siu, never gave it a try though.

  10. ahlost,
    oOoo how tragic. 😛

    Precious Pea,
    oooo even got bak kut teh? I think that’s a bit out of their expertise already. 😀

  11. Hi, i am working in Leisure Commerce Square too but i think i have not much time to having lunch outside. I usually just eat my lunch at the hawker downstair.. 🙁

  12. Is it really yummy? Passed by this shop many times but never really thought of popping in 🙂

  13. aeroplane1234

    the sausage looked AWSOME!!!!. taste good like germans?

  14. mimid3vils

    Porky porky meal~~ my favorite so that my hubby too 🙂

  15. Emilia,
    Hehe, I used to have 2 hr lunch almost daily 😛

    Yes, try it! 😀

    Well I’ve never tasted germans before (nor jews for that matter).

  16. eh ky, the pork tribe soup in USJ 19 is no longer available, that old couple they closed the stall already

  17. alex,
    Since when? I just went there again 2 months ago.

  18. Wah all pork. I ‘halal’ one, how?…

  19. I eat here before. so so only la. Not to my liking.

  20. ok this is funny cause i just drove past the place and was all like ‘eh that place confirm zhap lap wan’ haha… (their signboard to ugly i think) but will give it a try since u think it’s alright…

  21. JustJasmine

    I used to work in LCS, too.
    Aiya, didn’t get to see you face to face ;/

  22. Alice Teh,
    Hahaha, ya right! 😛

    Cos no pork tripe? 😀

    Hahah, yah the sign boards and decorations are a bit off.

    Well, you don’t happen to work at KLCC now do you? 😀

  23. yaloh. how u know ah?!! LOL

  24. eiling,
    Hahhaa, I know you well! 😀

  25. Meaty House got my “thumbs down”. The first experience was so-so, since it was recommended by a friend and my ex and I were craved for pork. The second time we went in, got a nasty service and hurried us out, when there was still half an hour away of their closing time when we finished! (These two experiences were in 2009) I went in the third time by myself last year, as I was strolling down the street, wondering what to eat, and saw their renovated restaurant. Was very disappointing on the food, even though customer service was okay.

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