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Some of you who’ve been following this blog for a bit might have come across my slightly amazing talent in playing electronic gaming, particularly (ok maybe only) at minesweeper. My best score was 62s in the expert mode, are you impressed?! I know you are! 😀

Warcraft III frozen throne

Four to five years back I used to play other games too, a few years ago ST and I with a few other friends were really into Warcraft III DotA Classic a lot. Late nights at cybercafe until the early mornings (or even next evening) were not uncommon. I remember finally beating a team of players in the same cyber cafe after a few trials and they immediately quit playing DotA Classic and went on to the current version or something. Ahhh those were the days, and if I had continue pursuing that electronic dream until know, who knows I’ll be a champion?

That brings us nicely to the huge event this coming weekend. The World Cyber Games in Malaysia!

For the uninitiated, WCG is the largest gaming festival in the world with over 70 countries and at least 1.2 million people participating. Huge huge event with lots of prizes, competitions, cosplay girls, and everything in between.

There are people (especially those crazy Koreans) who make a living out of playing competitive cyber games, and WCG is always the main event, kinda like the Olympics of electronic games. Every gamers’ dream come true!

This time around, the bunch of jokers at Nuffnang is into it as well and looking for challengers to Counter Strike competition! If you think you can beat them (which I think and surely hope you guys can cos these guys are getting a bit too proud), sign up here to beat them!

Over there you can also find out ways to win a 32″ LCD TV *gasp*, digital camera, or mp3 player from Samsung just by writing blog entries. Hope over to there to find out ok!

Back to WCG, the details are:
Date: 15-17 August
Time: 10am to 9pm daily
Venue: Hall 2 & 3, Mid Valley Exhibition Centre

Other than Warcraft, the other games are:

Need for Speed

Half Life Counter Strike

Command and Conquer


I’m going to lobby for Minesweeper to be included next year, darn it! I too want to win 1.2-3k as champion!

Discuss : KY plays – WCG for the Win!

  1. If only I know how to play games… sigh…

  2. Half-Life gives me motion sickness! lol
    I own all those games in one form or another. [Different consoles].

  3. I used to play a lot of StarCraft/BW (am quite good at it) and Counter-Strike. I was very much into gaming too, was ranked 42nd in the PGL in Australia playing Quake III: Arena. I played Jonathan Wendel (fatal1ty) and he was amazing, thrashing me by spawn killing. The really pro players actually knows the probability of you spawning at a particular point, apparently it was not random in that patch.

  4. Oh, I used to play DotA Classic with ST fairly often last time on Battle.Net. Not sure if he remembers me though.

  5. Too bad I’m an idiot in online games

  6. Alice,
    Learn! 😀

    Hahha I too can’t play first person shooting games.

    Huai Bin,
    oOO so pro so pro, but minesweeper shall we?! 😛

    Oh really, then maybe we’ve played together too!

    How about offline games? 😀

  7. Heh heh, what was your nick?

  8. brother,

    ur article came too late. some of the competitions are way past the dateline.. ok… well not way past but past the dateline..

  9. u got a team playing tomorrow? If u do, I’ll see ur team in the arena. :p

  10. Shin0bu,
    I was using ‘doubtless’ 😀

    Ah well, I know! Those noobsss

    Danny Foo,
    Hahha I wish, but they don’t have minesweeper!!!

  11. dropping by to give one of my favourite bloggers a greeting. 😀

  12. I can’t beat you at Minesweeper. Your record is impossible to beat. Seriously, I can’t even finish Expert mode.

  13. i will beat u in whatever other games KY!! 😀

  14. yahui,
    Great! 😀

    Huai Bin,
    Hahaha, learn huai bin learn! It’s the best game!

    Oh yah? Lets try thumb wrestling!

  15. offline games ok ok la… I’m not really good at computer/playstation games. Hates complicated ones too. I’m a lazy gamer.

  16. aeroplane1234

    “cosplay girls, and everything in between”…..the legs?


  17. fie the elf

    ugh i never could play minesweeper. shit game. lol

  18. KY, it’s OK, I’ll continue to baca buku… 😀

  19. eiling,
    Like .. congkak? 😛

    Hahah you’re horrible.

    fie the elf,
    It’s an awesome game! 😀

    Alice Teh,
    Hahaha, sounds good. 😀

  20. I’m waiting for Diablo 3 now!!! 😛

  21. sotong,
    A lot of people are waiting! 😀

  22. i’m not really good at counter strike and dota…always being killed~ but can u beat me at pokemon ruby, pokemon sapphire, pokemon leaf green, pokemon fire red, pokemon gold, pokemon silver and pokemon crystal?(haha, i’m expert at pokemon games lo~ but not pokemon diamond and pokemon pearl~ not play yet~)

  23. vincent,
    I’ll ring up my exgf who’s pro in pokemon games! lol

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