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Having to make a decision for dinner last weekend before a movie, I was trying to be smart and told Lorna (my petrol heroine) that I am bringing her to a pretty interesting place without first giving her the restaurant’s name. We then walked past Sushi Zanmai, and she told me “my sister and I went to another Zanmai place last week, the one downstairs”

Pasta Zanmai?” I asked. She said yah. That was exactly the place I thought I’d surprise her with, so you can imagine what an ass it made me feel. Well the important thing is that we still ended up there and I was able to finally give Pasta Zanmai a try.

Pasta Zanmai
pretty nice interior with an integrated shop

Pasta Zanmai is actually from the same group that runs RakuZen at Subang Jaya, Chulan Square, as well as the Sushi Zanmai branches. I have always had positive impressions at their establishments, so my expectation was rather high stepping into this place.

It was a rather busy Saturday dinner time, we decided to sit at the bar right in front of the glass shielded kitchen rather than wait for a table. The interior decoration was pretty nice, with ample lighting, comfortable chairs, and a busy pace.

Pasta Zanmai
crab meat avocado spaghetti, Japanese curry rice

The menu came accompanied with pictures of most dishes, which makes ordering that much easier. I couldn’t resist the combination of kani (crab) and avocado with pasta, and Lorna ordered the Japanese curry chicken rice. We also asked for ikura (salmon roe) and teriyaki hotate (scallop) as appetizers. A big pitcher of ice fruit tea was shared.

Despite the crowd, food didn’t take long to arrive, and they were good! Ikura was a bit smallish in serving size, but I guess there isn’t much to complain as the quality was good and the price reasonable. My spaghetti was really delicious, good portion of avocado and kani (real crab and not crab sticks) with the slightly salty pasta sauce that wasn’t over powering. The ebiko (flying fish roe) sprinkled on the pasta gave it an added sophistication as well. I really liked it.

Pasta Zanmai
ikura, hotate, and the giant ice fruit tea

The curry chicken rice was true to the taste as well, slightly sweet and not exactly spicy. I like the fact that they use real Japanese rice in this dish. As for the teriyaki hotate (scallop), they were so sweet and succulent I was so glad we ordered them.

Total bill came to Rm 100.05 including tax and service charge. Highest priced item was my RM 25 pasta while the other dishes and drinks ranges from RM 12 to RM 22. Give it a try!

Pasta Zanmai
G210B, Ground Floor Promenade
1 Utama Shopping Centre
Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.150050, 101.615939
Tel: 03-7728 1210

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Pasta Zanmai at Empire for dinner tonight. Spicy scallop pasta & avocado salad for me #kyeats #halal #japanese

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Discuss : KY eats – Pasta Zanmai at 1-Utama

  1. I wouldn’t call the iced fruit tea “giant”.. It’s roughly about 3-4 normal-sized glasses. Also roughly 1 (or less) of those big fruit juice you get at Ming Tien etc (for RM5). It used to come in a bigger pitcher, and they used to put more peaches in there also.

  2. Yeah, I tried Pasta Zanmai and I love the Unagi pasta. I also had the Vanilla Choc icecream bar as dessert.

    A good place to eat.

  3. ruehyinn/blueepinkk

    Are you sure the bar table fit all the foods ordered by you and Lorna?? Hehehe… I’ve never been there yet except for Juleen. Thank you for the post.

  4. Pasta Zanmai….looks delicious but i still prefer Sushi Zanmai…I like ur blog KY…has been stalking it for long but this is the first time commenting….

  5. ming wei

    KY: are you from CLHS class of 1995?

  6. Ooh I went there before and I liked the Soft shell carb pasta and the asari miso soup. But the pricing is ain’t cheap!

  7. i love the ambience of this place! and wah the tamago is bea-u-tiful. and so is their yoghurt drink!

  8. tw,
    Ah, I have no idea how it used to be as it was my first time there. Pretty good impression though.

    I agree, I agree. 😀

    Hahah barely, barely.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! 🙂

    ming wei,
    YES! Now everyone just figured out my age, damn it! 😛

    Well with the amount you can eat…. 😛

    chris tock,
    oOOo I have to try the yogurt drink next time!

  9. Heh, just tried this not too long ago! The captain stopped me from taking pictures, saying that I need to make special arrangement if I want to do so.

  10. alway pass by there but never stepped in. the pasta looks good and the price is quite reasonable

  11. Two person for RM 100++???

  12. Jason,
    Can tell the captain to go shove it. lol

    Try it!

    Yes, that’s what happen when you kinda over order. hee-hee

  13. May Zhee

    How does avocado taste like!

  14. yuck! I hate avocado!

  15. so You’re the KY on Robb’s blog.
    No wonder you look so familiar.

  16. May Zhee,
    Like sweet heart from hell, with the texture of lipstick, but not for everyone.

    I <3. 😀

    Yes yes I'm the person. 😀

  17. Hahaha, I am beginning to think we have the same tastes in food! I really enjoyed my meal in Pasta Zanmai some time back, and MMMMM SIEW YUK and oh oh oh! Hokano, we are like good friends with the auntie boss already, she always give us extra snacks wan! 😛

    Makan buddy!

  18. mimid3vils

    Can’t forget since my visit of Pasta Zanmai… love the pizza with onsen egg~~~ it’s yummy

  19. Just returning from Bangkok, I just realized Jap food is a hit among Thai. I have always thought any food less sourish or less spicy would not appeal to Thais. That’s so wrong. The many Jap food chains I went to were always packed with people. I don’t normally go to one myself but since it was under company’s expense and I only tagged along, why not?!! hahah..

    Thai hypermarkets even have this Jap Food chain called ‘Oishii Delivery’ which focuses on food delivery like Domino’s Pizza. Food are packed in very nice compartmented bento boxes.

  20. hui wen,
    Ooo, best! 😀

    I agree, but I’ve yet to try their pizza though.

    We can use some Jap food deliveries too!

  21. Kudos on GPS coords! I’ve always had a hard time finding streets in M’sia. Wife and I are going over your blog planning where to eat next time we visit. Cheers!

  22. Hey KY, this is Alice, Andrew’s kawan (remember?…) Very nice meeting you and Lorna! Hope to see you all in the very near future.

    P/S: I totally agree with you. The myFM concert was a blast! And even better because all of you were there! 😀

  23. like eiling, i superrrrlove the soft shell crab pasta!! portion is just right but not cheap.

  24. yungchien

    wow.. nice looking foods wei! =P

  25. meijay,
    Great, do it! 😀

    Alice Teh,
    Hey nice to meet you too! 😀

    But not really that expensive ya. 😉

    No doubt! 😀

  26. Wow, I think it’s been 6 months haven’t come back for pasta already. I was there on February.

  27. i just had Pasta Zanmai yesterday woots!
    and i also had the curry rice yums =D

  28. Simon,
    oOo ic

    Good right? 😀

  29. WAh…nice food…will try Pasta Zanmai later with my fellow colleagues…

  30. anonymous,
    Great! 😀

  31. i tried pasta zanmai last weekend…i heard alot about it but was first time there and was kinda dissapointed with the service there…the food was ok only…and we waited almost half an hour for the food to be…has the food quality and service went down after a year? >.<

  32. red ruby,
    Probably way too busy? I only go there during low period. 😀

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