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It was Kim‘s 24th birthday last week, and Suan suggested that we celebrate the momentous occasion by heading to this seafood place at Klang. Cheesie, ST, Douglas, and I were most happy to forget about the fuel price and drive a bit further for some good seafood that night.

Looking back, I realize I’ve known Kim since before she could vote, and now she’s already an old hag who’s spent most of her two dozen years in Cheras. She’s put on weight, went on diet, lost the weight, rinse and repeat; but this was not a night Kim needs to worry about eating too much.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
most everything is grilled around here

Hing Ket Grilled House is pretty well hidden at the less populated part of Klang. Heading there isn’t too difficult though, just take a right turn at J. Kebun exit after Shah Alam toll and go straight till before the road bends, and the kopitiam style restaurant is on your left. We didn’t have much trouble finding the place.

Since Suan was the only one who’s been here, she was trusted to order food for everyone. This proved to be somewhat of a mistake as we ended up with too much crab (pun somewhat intended).

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
lala meehun, fried vegetable, the difference sauces, grilled squid

The first dish of the night was lala meehun, something that has gained popularity at Klang in recent years. The sweetness of lala with the freshness of bean sprout is always a very good combination that makes a very good substitute for steamed rice in any seafood meal.

Then we have some fried vegetable to give us an illusion of having a balanced diet before digging in with some pretty awesome grilled squid. The squid was served on banana leaf and came with a blend of chili sauce that was pretty unique, not overly spicy yet packed a bit of a kick. There were 2 other types of chili sauce for our choosing too.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
crabs and lamb chop; cheesie’s wtf face looking at kim

Then came this rather big plate of grilled lamb chop. One of the must-order item around here. We each had a generous slab of lamb that was very tender and juicy. Even the fatty part was not chewy (which might be a bad thing as I ate all of them!). The mint sauce and lamb combination was better than the one I had at 6-10.

However, the crown jewel of the night was the grilled crab. 4 KG of crab grilled to perfection, without any additional seasonings. This would only work if the crab is very fresh, you can tell if the meat is still very juicy and still sticking to the shell (which makes it a bit harder to eat, but it’s all worth it).

The crab was really awesome, fat, juicy, and very sweet. Suan of course over ordered but we ended up finishing all nine crabs with Kim having 2.5 crabs all by herself.

Hing Ket Grill House Seafood, Klang
the shop is a fair bit of drive from the Jalan Kebun exit

The dinner ended up costing us just less than RM 45 per person with plenty of drinks (and a beer) included. The big ticket item was the crab at RM 120, but I think RM 30 per KG is a pretty good deal for what we got. Lamb was RM 45, squid RM 30, and meehun RM 20. All in all I think it was worth it. This wouldn’t be my last time there.

Lot 3569, Batu 3 1/4,
Kampung Jawa,
41000 Klang

GPS: 3.03185, 101.47775
Tel: 03-3371 3913

Discuss : KY eats – Grilled Seafood at Hing Ket Grill House, Kg Jawa, Klang

  1. we got 8 crabs lah, total 4 KG
    and it’s RM 40 per KG

  2. this place brings back memories!!

  3. suanie,
    I got the bill that says RM 120 lah! The picture looks like it’s got 9?

    ooOo you had it too?

  4. ruehyinn/blueepinkk

    I saw one uncle took out this respective restaurant’s receipt in the lift this morning.He was boasting how cheap it is to his colleague. I guess this is a “sign” from the Heaven…haha! I must visit…

  5. David Chew

    Looks tasty, i want to eat leh.

  6. mimid3vils

    Y u eat all the lamb fat? Forcing by the gals? Hehe~~

    The hill of crabs *fainted*

  7. well. there were 6 of us. each took one crab. then kim took another crab. then st took half and kim took half. how many crabs were there on the plate?


  8. wah…crabs and lala mihun!!! My favourite!!! So after all the crab eating, you started to walk sideways?

  9. looks YUMMY!ahha stop counting lah suan and KY! as long as it tasted good and not overly priced, its fine right?

  10. ruehyinn/blueepinkk,
    That’s a calling! 😀

    David Chew,
    Make it happen!

    Hahaha, cos it’s good! 😉

    But I got A in SPM maths!!!!

    Hahhahhaa, why you not straight wan!?

    Hahaha, I agree I agree. 😀

  11. wah…im hungry now. i miss fat juicy fresh crab 🙁 i prefer those that are grilled as well, can preserve all the natural juices

  12. kimberlycun

    dont tell ppl how much crabs i had suan!!!

  13. well i can walk straight and sideways too. Can’t you?

  14. xin,
    Yes yes, natural flavor! 😀

    You’re full of crab!

    Oh, most definitely, I dance too! 😀

  15. would you know of any place tht serves BKT on Saturdays for lunch?

  16. Did you go to the Chelsea training session today?

  17. Simon Seow,

    Yes, ah foong bak kut teh! You can even get a 10% discount by mentioning this blog. 😀

    No I didn’t. 😀

  18. May Zhee

    I’m from Klang and I haven’t been there my entire life.

  19. I live in Klang & never seen or been there too~!

    Can I know where actually it is?

  20. May Zhee,
    Cos you’ve been wanting to go to US instead!

    Well, you have the address and GPS coordinates here. 😀

  21. Precious Pea

    Drooling at the big plate of crabs now. I will surely explore this place. But seafood in klang not exactly that cheap isn’t it?

  22. Hahaha… I know how many crabs Kim had?! …… almost spill out the number! =)

  23. Precious Pea,
    Not exactly too costly either. 😀


  24. lol
    I thought I saw someone looked like you!
    Luckily didn’t go up to him.

  25. This place used to be very famous and looks like still is too but getting costly :(. Lamb chop is a must! Prawns are not bad, bbq with assam spicy marinate ;).

  26. a@ron,
    Hahaha, no harm trying. 😛

    I think the price it’s still pretty alright for Klang Valley though. 🙂

  27. aeroplane1234

    the pile of crabs is stunningly astonishing….mahai…. i mean mahal nia RM40/kg for that distance to travel to.. unless really super worth it good taste.

  28. aeroplane1234,
    Hahaha, you’re the one who travels to seremban for work everyday, this is nothing! 😀

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  30. Do try the ‘heir kor’ and otak-otak there the next time. The crab mee hoon is pretty awesome too 🙂

  31. London,
    Thanks for the tips!

  32. just tried the grilled crab, sorry to say it’s quite disappointing, tasteless. the prawn also not fresh…. but the grilled lamb is so so lah….

  33. ryan,
    I guess tastes is a very subjective thing, I liked it during my visit though. 🙂

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  35. […] It was good, and excellent value at RM 8. This reminds me of the equally good grilled lamb at Hing Ket Grilled House at Kg. Jawa, […]

  36. Thanks to u I was able to get a hold of this place once again. Not knowing the name it was difficult to know if it was still around. My family has not visited this place for more than 10years now. I can bring my mom here for her birthday this coming weekend thanks to u :mrgreen:

  37. victim of hing kit


    Today went to tried the grill lamp, not bad, the drawback is the lady boss… chop us $18 for 1 grill lamp, when i asked the lady boss if she count us wrongly (usually 1 grill lamp is $9), she refused to return money & said the lamp chop serve to us is ‘more’ quantity, so charge (chop) us more…. Well, that’s fine, just NO NEXT TIME FOR HING KET GRILL HOUSE!

    Suggestion for any1 want to eat at hing kett: order by how $ you want rather than how many plate you want to prevent kena chop

  38. Visited this place lately. The food and service is good although the price has increased over the years which I think cannot be avoided.
    Took some photos of the food as well :mrgreen:

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