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Ok ok, there’s actually 5+1 ways and maybe the whole “sexy” word is a bit of a misnomer to be used on me, but I am still going to show you the camwhore side of me with my new pair of sexy 501 from Levi’s. Below are some self portraits that might or might not blind your eyes, you have been warned.

#1: casual
Levi's 501

Anyone who’s worn a pair of jeans should know Levi’s, the brand synonymous with denim; and of all the different series from Levi’s, the iconic 501 is the most famous and recognizable. In fact, the very first pair of jeans in the world is a pair of 501.

#2: yoga style
yoga on Levi's 501

With the new fit has this “anti-fit” feature that lets the jeans sit on wearer’s body, so flexible you can even practice yoga in it. I could probably bring my knee to the navel level 10 years ago, but I’ve traded physical flexibility with the devil for a 1% increase in sex appeal.

#3: tighter bum
Levi's 501

Of course, the new 501 also features a tighter bum. I guess it might not work for everyone, but I look pretty ok in it don’t I? Girls should dig guys with a cute butt… or something.

p/s: This not an invitation for Robbery

#4: one hand in my pocket
hand in my pocket, Levi's 501

I’ve got one hand in my pocket, and the other one’s .. having a thumb in the pocket. Heh.

#5: unbutton
Levi's 501 unbutton

Then there’s this Live Unbuttoned, no I’m not talking about me unbuttoning my jeans for your viewing (dis)pleasure, but Levi’s is also launching little button covers for you to customize your 501 jeans. You know, self expression and all that. RM 20 for a set of 5 buttons when you buy the new 501 jeans, I’ve seen the designs, some are cute, some are pretty interesting, I think I’m going to get some myself when it comes out. These buttons are designed by some famous people, and a lot of them are limited too.

#5+1: the new Levi’s 501 jeans
new Levi's 501 Jeans

This is actually my 3rd pair of Levi’s but the first pair of 501 jeans. The 501 jeans exclusively uses XX Cone Denim since 1920s, the fabric is produced only at the Cone Mills in US. Very comfortable, soft, and molds to your body, nice.

Levis Launch Party

There’s also a LIVE UNBUTTONED launch party with quite a number of famous local artists including Hujan, Point Blanc, Joe Tribe, Bee of Phobia Klik, etc on the 23rd August 2008 from 7pm at Ruums KL. Check out for invites! I think I might be able to get some of you guys invites, but first you have to say I’m sexy in this jeans. 😛

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  1. but sexy never left you!

  2. “Im sexy in this jeans.”

  3. skyler,
    wah very smart, and truthful! 😛

    Ok you will get to go to the launch then! 😀

  4. show more show more!

  5. May Zhee

    You told me to picture those as Christian Bale.

    I failed.

  6. kyspeaks why u bare ur top like that! what if all the little girls fall in love with you!

  7. Adele,
    cannot later 18sx!

    May Zhee,

    who where when how???

  8. *plays in background “I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred”

    Walk man…walk :p

  9. kimberlycun

    not badddddddd

  10. Wah so sexy la…Anyway I’ve seen the real model yesterday also. So do I get to go?!!

  11. Where’s your six pack?!

  12. asengggggggggggggg aaaaa!!!

    ky peweiiiiiiiitttttttttttttttttttttttttt

    can i be your sexy girl?


  13. racoon,
    Hahahha very apt! 😛

    Thanks thanks! 😀

    Why not? 😀

    In 7-11, hahaha

    Nanti scandal susah ni! 😛

  14. I see a hint of six pack!

  15. Arrgghhh…I’ve been blinded!!!!


  16. pinkpau: that’s the whole idea isn’t it… first day you know KY? 😛

  17. i can see chicks going gaga over u right now….

    *insert emoticon wriggling her eyes wtf*

  18. Kuzco,
    What do you mean by hint! 😛


    Paul Tan,
    Oii, shhh!

    Where are they where??

  19. tunjuk la muka sekaligus~ hahaha

  20. aeroplane1234

    oh man….. how come u got no hair on chest and belly geh?

    (hey.. got discount or not… msn me…)

  21. wua ~~ .. *mulut mengagap* ky sexay giler .. sexay hawtness …

    ok done .. ky passes pls 🙂

  22. wah sexeh! show the faceee puhhleeeseee

  23. :wah KY bringing sexy to another whole new level!” Do i get an additional pass for that?!!

  24. Robb,
    Cannot, scared! 😛

    Hair on chest is so uncouth!

    steph k,
    Celaka! 😛

    See banner. got face. 😛

    Hahhaha, nice try! 😛

  25. Fake oneeeeeeeeeee

  26. LOL!! not an invite to robbery wtf!!

  27. MY EYES!! MY EYES!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……. *scratch eyes out of socket*

  28. You call that stomach sexy? I have a tummy five times as … uh …

  29. sharoning

    wow…i tink u look great le 😛

  30. i want invites! 3 please! and i repeat 3 times of
    You are sexy in this jeans
    You are DAMN sexy in this jeans
    You are Definitely DAMN sexy in this jeans

    P.S: i am not gay 😛

  31. *blink*



  32. Oih, July 23rd has come and gone, Sexay!!

  33. Eh crap. Read wrongly. Paiseh.



  34. long time no see! ur 6 in 1 packs still sexy! adobe photoshop may help dude! i borrow my 6 packs to paste on ur’s? 😛

  35. VaLz,
    It’s real!!!! 😀


    Cis! 😛

    Hahaha you’re 5x as sexy!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence. 😀

    There’s nothing wrong being gay nowwwww, heehee.


    Hahahhaa, you were blinded too!?

    Not exactly 6-1.. YET! 😛

  36. hahaha… can we all have a pinch on your tight ass??? cute ass…. LMAO!!

  37. wah KY, that’s is you ar? Not bad, you have a good body wor..

  38. Fake oneee 😛

  39. wow hotie…are you available? 🙂

  40. Rachel,

    Yes yes thanks for the vote of confidence 😀

    Real oneeee!!

    Hahahhaa, depending on for what. 😛

  41. only #5 unbutton is sexy..what’s next?

  42. Lb,
    oOOo sexy? Thanks thanks, I don’t think there’s any next. 😛

  43. LOL @ LB. Its fake. =

  44. VaLz,

  45. *gulp* thank god you dont have a belly ring. 😛

  46. potatoe,
    I’m not as cool as you laa. :p

  47. ya..u are sexy..

  48. pewitt.. jealous!

  49. shun2u,
    Hhaha thanks.

    Look at VaLz’s comment on top 😛

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