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Being a true blue Malaysian, I love my nasi lemak. When my futsal buddy decided that we should head down to Kampung Baru from PJ after our game at 11pm on a weekday, I didn’t think it was a bad idea at all. I will happily trade a little bit of sleep for a good session of nasi lemak anytime.

There are several famous nasi lemak places around the area. The nasi lemak RA few hundred meters away, and nasi lemak antarabangsa that is even closer (I’ve yet to try) to this nasi lemak CT Garden situated right at Kampung Baru.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru
plenty off add-ons to go with your nasi lemak

The actual nasi lemak packets are rather small and pretty basic. A quarter of an egg, a small cup of rice, and plenty of very tasty sambal. The difference at this place is the availability of the huge variety of lauk (side dishes). Chicken cooked in half a dozen methods, fish, eggs, vegetable, squid, cuttle fish, cockles, beef, lamb, liver, lung, and more.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru
we didn’t leave anything behind

We had 2-3 packets of nasi lemak (RM 1) per person to go with some ayam madu (honey chicken), cockles, potato, and cuttle fish. Chicken and cockles were pretty good, but the cuttle fish was the one that caught my attention. The texture was just right, a little bit like biting down well cooked cartilage and went very well with the sambal. Personally I am not a huge fan of spicy soggy potato chips, but the other two dudes seemed to love it though.

Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru

The nasi lemak with lauk and drinks costs us about RM 6-8 per person. I guess nasi lemak isn’t exactly the cheapest meal these days, but it was worth it at this place though.

Nasi lemak CT Garden opens from 6pm to around 5am, parking is not too difficult. The place is also pretty clean and comfortable. Now I’ll have to try antarabangsa and see what the fuss is all about.

Jalan Dewan Sultan Sulaiman
Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.16246, 101.70113


Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Lemak CT Garden at Kampung Baru, KL

  1. mimid3vils

    Does the nasi lemak packet served hot?

  2. mimid3vils,
    It was warm but not exactly hot (pun intended)

  3. basic packets of nasi lemak that get transformed into a massive FEAST! lovely!… cumi&ciki will be headed thr ths wk 😀

  4. wah sapu everything cleanly. must be very delicious. now nasi lemak ayam at mamak can easily cost RM5. 🙁

  5. aeroplane1234

    woah damn. look at the plates… they are signs of spicy, cholesterol, oil and cancer….

    but WTF right?

  6. too bad nasi lemak is not that easy to find here…=((

  7. cumi&ciki,
    Great! 😀

    That’s true, I never really have nasi lemak at mamak though.

    Hahaha, correct correct correct!

    Ooo I didn’t know that it’s not popular in Kelantan.

  8. Yau Mo Kau Cho?!! Eat nasi lemak at 11pm?!! No wonder still so thin.

  9. eh..enough of 222 dy ah? or izzit 223? argh wtf..

    eiling >> after futsal ma..they burn the cal alredy..buthen add-on

  10. eiling,
    Hahhaha, yes! Jealous or not? 😛

    Ohh never enough!

  11. Maybe you should try the nasi lemak stall at wisma genting hawker centre. The Hilton corner nasi lemak is quite tasty.

  12. boon,
    Interesting, I shall keep that in mind. 😀

  13. been there.. very good selection of lauks – though was there when i already had my dindin.

    parking was a hit-and-miss affair though – was lucky that when we arrived somebody left 🙂

  14. fara,
    Yes yes, I agree. Parking at late night wasn’t too bad though 🙂

  15. my last experience at CT garden was lots of cockroaches running over your feet and stuff. I agree CT gardens NL taste quite nice, I’d prefer NL Antarabangsa because u don see those roaches running around…

  16. Bernsy,
    They’ve renovated the whole place since then though! 😀

  17. the Nasi Leman is only 60 cents if i am not mistaken, not RM1

    the nasi lemak is cheap … the lauk is expensive …

    we had 6 pack os nasi lemak, so that like less than RM4

    but the lauk, 2 portions rendang + 2 portions sotong + 2 ayam goreng + few skewers of paru …RM25++

  18. earl-ku,
    oOO you’re right I think. I didn’t scrutinize the bill though. 🙂

  19. peh..this nasi lemak i told u..kaw2 ma..i go there with my frens we all sental all the nasi lemak..almost 35packet with otak almost 50pack..syok ma..u must taste the sambal petai,paru gorebg n ayam sambal..n i told u the cost what all we eat only under rm50 with 8 people eat only..u imagine la how cheap it is..when u talking about food u must try everything without complain about fat,cancer,oily o everything..just enjoy da food dat la ORANG MALAYSIA..

  20. sentalje,
    Hahaha, I agree about the last part! 😀

  21. woi..ct garden jgl la sme kan ngn NLA.. cube ko bukak kEdaI sndiri.. patu aku kutOK gilE gaban kdai ko… ape rase…??? cmtula org laen rase.. laen org.. laen tekAknye.. skurang2nye NLA mampu bwt francais… dari ko tgn kOsOng..HAPAK.. org patutnye bangga ade org mlayu bangkit n bleh bwt ape OmputEh bwt.. xde makanan yang sesedap di syurga.. tepok dada tanye IMAN…

  22. The nasi lemak now is RM0.70.

    There is already a comment of your inaccurate reporting on the price. Are you able to edit it?

    Your pricing only encourages other nasi lemak seller to sell at much higher price at RM1.20 to RM2.50

  23. raja nadhirah binti raja kamalrudzaman

    the sedap nasi lemak saya nak nasi lemak dekat mana hari sabtu. saya ajar muhamad fadhli bin baharom dengan raja nbadhirah binti raja kamalrudzaman
    sebab saya suka nasi lemak kawan -kawan saya nak gambar- gambar nasi lemak. yes.ok

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