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Ladies and gentlemen, here are the winners for Chelsea vs Malaysia tickets sponsored by Heineken! Since there are five participants altogether, we can just skip the whole voting process and I’ll award each person a ticket to the event. Congratulations!

The contest was previously posted here. I will contact you (the winner) when I found out how to collect the winning tickets. For now, please pray hard for the local players! Must support Malaysia too ok!


Entry #1: a poem by YngLyn (the only person I know whose name doesn’t have a vowel)

Although I want to watch Chelsea for Free
I actually hope they drown in pee
Thats because I am a big Gunner frenzy
But I am malaysian, hence more greedy than Thee.


Entry #2: photo by Tocklet

Chelsea Tock


Entry #3: A post by XimpliXity. Read it here. Very hardworking ok!


Entry #4: Shiang with this concoction, pak leong kam!

Chelsea Shiang


Entry #5: Yap Thomas with this overly long poem (kinda like his body length)

Nuffnangers are lucky lots..
Because they get to win free tickets..
To go watch the up and coming hottest game in town..
Its Malaysia VS Chelsea at Shah Alam Stadium..

Everyone is cheering all over town…
Because Chelsea is coming to town…
Many are waiting for Chelsea to bring Malaysia down..
But I want to to see Malaysia to bring Chelsea down..

Let me just give you a story of how Malaysia will win..
It will be the biggest historic win..
Never in history Malaysia beat an EPL team that bad..
And this is how Malaysia will beat EPL more than bad..

All thanks to Heineken for the main sponsor,
Now, I know why Malaysia strictly ban most beer sponsors,
Because they do not want these to happen,
All the flying kung fu kicks I mean…

Thank you everyone for reading,
This has to be the lousiest poem ever written,
But, it is all for the pleasure for winning a ticket,
Chelvea Vs Malaysia match ticket it is…

Match time is 8:45pm 29/7/08, see you guys at Shah Alam Stadium, go Malaysia!

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  1. YngLyn has two vowels in her surname. My entire legal name consists of consonants. Har! Har!

  2. hey i just noticed it should be:

    See No Evil: Or You No Cech!

    Wahahahah I’m so very punny! or am i?

  3. nyx,
    But I don’t know your legal name!

    chris tock,
    Punny? Not even near! 😛

  4. hahha .. you tell me your scandal, I tell you my name. Deal? 😛

  5. nyx,
    I got no scandal laaa

  6. OMG!
    Wah rao!!

    Chelsea Chelsea!! wait.. i mean

    M’sia Malaysia!!!

  7. Dabido (Amputated Brain)

    I’m torn. Who do I go for?
    My Grandfather was a Chelsea boy, but he also helped liberate Malaysia from the Japanese. If he was still around I know he’d go for Chelsea regardless … but, who do I go for? Chelsea in reverance for my Grandfather, or Malaysia in the hop some young Malaysian girl will love my appreciation for her countries soccer team?
    So torn! 😉
    Love that Lampard photo Tocklet 🙂

    Scnyxies – Your legal name is Scnyxies so it has an i and e in it! 🙂

  8. tom,

    You can go for the beer, if you can drink beer that is. 😛

  9. Yea! I won it!
    Btw, I will get only one ticket huh?

  10. a@ron,
    Yah, since there are 5 contestants. =)

  11. Dabido, thanks 😀

  12. KY – I can’t drink beer. I can buy some for the rest of you … as long as it isn’t in Aussie as the law now says bartenders can only serve two beers to people. Maybe lemonades all round might be more appropriate. 🙂


    RAH! RAH! RAH1

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  15. amirul rashid

    chelsea ke malaysia yg akan menang

  16. see you there!

  17. Dabido,
    What kinda law is that? Big Brother?


    amirul rashid,
    mana tau!

    Best! 😀

  18. cheesie,

  19. omg, you actually published my cheesy poem??? now i am gonna cover up in shame….

    hey, how do i collect ticket? lol! x

  20. Lyn aka. anti manyoo fly,
    I have the tickets by tonight, maybe tomorrow or something? 😀

  21. chelsea3!!!!win2!!!!!!!!!!huhuhuhuhu chelsea must win…hope so…….

  22. chelsea w winner !!!!! 🙂

  23. zack,
    haha, we shall see!

  24. who win malaysia vs chelsea?

  25. chelsea vs malaysia 0-0?

  26. it was chelsea 2 – 0 malaysia

  27. […] Haaaaaa! I finally can say that I have watched an English premiership team in live, not very up close and rather impersonal, but it was Chelsea FC vs Malaysia XI live, and I was in the flesh! All thanks to Heineken for sponsoring the tickets via the little contest I ran on this blog(results here). […]

  28. who win chelsea vs malaysia?

  29. rifai,
    Please see previous comment. 😀

  30. […] lol. (Oh btw next up you’ll see pictures of the Chelsea match vs Malaysia courtesy of winning KY’s challenge! Thanks KY […]

  31. Megahthiban

    Malaysian footballer is not so good..

  32. Megahthiban

    Malaysian footballer sungguh barai..Tak guna Makan babi..Tak ada Otak

  33. Megahthiban


  34. Megahthiban,
    Some growing up would be nice. 😀

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