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After SeeTho brought us to the fantastic duck noodle place for our first meal at Krabi, I thought it’d be pretty difficult to follow up with an equally impressive dinner, but I guessed wrong. We spent some wet time at a hot spring waterfall and walked around Krabi town (more on those in upcoming posts) in the evening, then we were brought to this curious little place that looks more like a garden/forest reserve, which incidentally also serves as the entrance to Ruenmai Thai Restaurant.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
beautiful garden setting

The restaurant is also a garden, with huge trees, small streams, little nicely decorated huts, and plenty of plants and flowers everywhere. Hidden among the vegetation were statues and antique objects, very nicely done. We were seated on one of the slightly elevated platforms right in the middle of the garden.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
chicken with cashew nuts, ulam, and mango salad

Food was served by the friendly waitresses while we were busy snapping pictures of the beautiful place (and the food too, of course).

Appetizer was the classic mango salad with generous amount of lightly grilled cashew nuts. Then there’s also the Thai style ulam (salad) with cencaluk (preserved shrimp sauce). These two dishes definitely got our saliva flowing.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
wild leave vegetable, siakap fish, clear tomyam soup

The main dishes were deep fried siakap fish (baramundi) with sweet and spicy Thai sauce and plenty of cilantro on top. The fish was very fresh and the sauce went well with fragrant steamed rice. There’s also stir fried chicken with onion, spring onion, and cashew nuts.

Of course, there is the rather delicious clear tomyam soup (similar with normal tomyam sans chili oil) laden with all sorts of seafood. However, the one dish that captured my attention was the stir fried “wild leave” that tasted very different from any other vegetable dishes. The leaves were slightly tougher to chew but carries a pretty unique ‘raw’ and authentic taste which I really like. You should try it if you have the chance.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand
Kim & myself, Nicole, Kel Li, Nigel

It was a really good Thai meal that ended with some mangosteen as dessert. SeeTho had it all planned out nicely, we got there just before sunset but half way during dinner, the sun retired for the day and the whole place was lit up with incandescent bulbs giving it a different and more romantic feel.

Ruenmai Thai restuarant at Krabi, Thailand

A more high end place, definitely costs a bit more than the duck noodle. Then again, it would be probably be half of what you’re expected to spend for an equivalent meal in Malaysia.

GPS: 8.07725, 98.90829
Tel: +6607 563 1797
Tel: 07 563 1797

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  1. already bookmark this post…will keep it as my reference when i go to krabi next time….really nice food pics….

  2. wah i want to eat mangosteen

  3. yummy, i feel so hungry, next time can u tapao ?? i pay delivery charge to u 😛

  4. OMG, I love this place and the food that night! The leaves is super sedaps!

  5. kellster

    i remember vividly the size of their mosquitoes there. lol.

    and the clear tom yum was to die for 😀

  6. vialentino,
    Good luck! 😀

    A bit harder to find them in Malaysia nowadays though…

    Hahaha, delivery charge will be hefty! 😛

    Yah, agreed!

    Lucky they put repellent!

  7. PenangTuaPui

    mangosteen looks great… should taste well too?

  8. PenangTuaPui,
    Oh, it was good. 😀

  9. aeroplane1234

    the fish looked very uniquely cooked, seldom i see them soak fish in “chicken rice chillie sauce” kind of soup. must be mega spicy

    the small “monkey brains” looked cute, the way they serve em.

  10. how much is the airport tax?

  11. The dinner looks great especially the stir fried ‘wild leave’. Hopefully this new vegetable will make its way to our dining table soon. If you come across the name, do share it with us.

  12. aeroplane1234,
    Hhahaha monkey brain. lol

    It’s included in the air ticket. 🙂

    ck lam,
    Oh, I sure hope so too, but doesn’t seem very likely I think.

  13. you snap a very nice picture 🙂

  14. iCalvyn,
    Thanks. 😀

  15. waisikmiao

    Hey KY… I m going Krabi Soon, anything else abouit the trip u can share?

  16. waisikmiao,
    I’ll be posting up more! 😀

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  18. Thats great! thank u very much…
    waiting .. ^^

  19. waisikmiao,
    You’re welcome. 🙂

  20. hw much per person 4 tis trip?

  21. sy,
    I’m not sure, but I think it should be around RM 1k or a bit less. Check with seetho travels. 🙂

  22. Hi KY,

    I am interested on this restaurant i missed this place last trip there. Will will be going again this year. This place if i took Tuk Tuk fr Aonang, is there any other tuk tuk will be waiting around to fetch tourist back to aonang?

    I am afraid that the tuk tuk i hired will not come back to fetch me after my dinner.

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