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Well well, finally here’s the first post for the FAM trip to Krabi, and yes, it is going to be a food entry. The trip was sponsored by SeeTho Holidays and organized by Nicole, thanks thanks!

The trip went much much better than I had expected, and the hospitality of Mr. See Tho himself was really overwhelming. Despite having 3 offices in South Thailand to run (Krabi, Phuket, and Hatyai), See Tho actually spent time with us pretty much the entire trip. His funny stories and friendly smiles will be missed. He also made sure we had the best foods during the trip, which is just mighty fine for someone like me. Look no further if you are planning a holiday to South Thailand.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
a classic dish, Thai style duck noodle soup

It was just after noon when we touched down at Krabi airport, we were greeted with fresh flowers around our neck. First agenda of the trip was lunch, we were very eager since none of us ordered anything from Air Asia’s in-flight kopitiam service.

We reached this curious little place after some 20-30 minutes drive from the airport. See Tho introduced it as the “raining duck noodle place” as they constantly have water showering from the roof (for cooling purposes). The restaurant is built on stilts over a small lake, very old school.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
the restaurant is built on a small lake

We ordered duck noodle soup for each of us, and patiently waits while sipping some bottled green Fanta that I haven’t drank since before puberty. Food did take a while to be served as it was a pretty busy afternoon, but boy it was worth the wait.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
two drum sticks with some flat noodle

The duck noodle soup came with two duck drumstick, flat noodle (hor fun), bean sprouts and some spring onion on top. The soup is darkish and reminds me of koay chap I had in Penang, only this one was better. Despite drumstick being dark meat, it was really tender and required almost no effort to peel off from the bone. They must have stewed it with some herbs, the taste was superb especially with a bit of chili powder. I emptied my bowl with great satisfaction.

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand
Mr. See Tho himself, and Kim enjoying the noodle

Since Krabi is still relatively underdeveloped and not overly commercialized as a tourist destination, each bowl only costs around 40 baht (RM 4), a very good deal don’t you think?

Thai Duck Noodle at Krabi, Thailand

If you think this is great, the food only gets better and better along the trip, stay tuned!

GPS: 8.10854, 98.90387

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  1. RM4 is really a good deal. Wantan mee here also cost RM4 without the duck drumsticks.

  2. aeroplane1234

    RM 4… looks tasty, comparable to the bidoh’s RM8.50 duck noodle? but why kim eat with chopstick with plastic wrap? is that the culture there?


  3. eiling,
    Yah, no doubt!

    And this one tastes better too. 😀

  4. Hmm… I still think duck is best roasted. Hehe doesn’t really look appetizing leh.

  5. nice! i must mark this point down. me is going krabi in august 😀 😀 pls post more place for nice food!

  6. *drool* i’m hungry now…….. *drool*

    I would prolly lick the bowl clean too….
    That’s it then….i am going to krabi this coming september and search for that mouth-watering dish !!! :D:D:D

  7. Sedap! I emptied my bowl! The soup was amazing. Yum!

  8. The duck noodle looks great…the best part is you get a whole drumstick and the idea of adding in bean sprouts. Would be nice if Penang hawkers do that.

  9. hcfoo,
    Wait till you actually eat this! 😀

    Yes, make use of GPS. 🙂

    Good luck! Get SeeTho, he brings guests to this place.

    Yah, agreed!

    ck lam,
    Not whole drumstick, there were 2 drumsticks! 😀

  10. man.. i miss that burning hot chili! lol

  11. KY,
    Everything is expensive la. DO u have any economical nice vegetarian food to recommend ?
    Kim, is getting prettier.

  12. Wooohooo looks delicious… with chilli powder somore!!!! SYOK!!!!!

  13. cumi&ciki,

    Ooo you can try kuan yin at seksyen 17.

    Yes yes, very nice! 😀

  14. foodcrazee

    omg ! that is absolutely delish looking dish . ., . . . .any recipe ?

  15. It’s look so so so so yummy, what a meal, Jealousnya….

  16. your Paint-drawn map of Krabi boleh pakai ka? LOL

  17. foodcrazee,
    I wish I know the recipe too!

    Yeah, very good!

    Hahhaa, try it! The GPS also correct ok! 😛

  18. Do you have any other places to recommend for great street food in Krabi? I’m going over next month. Tks!

  19. Sharon,
    Yes! They were be more! Stay tuned. 😀

  20. PenangTuaPui

    OMG.. look at those duck noodle? look at them…

    looks yummy and tempting, anyone can “ta pao” for me?

  21. PenangTuaPui,
    Good luck! hahaha

  22. Great! I’ll be looking forward to your posts!!! Btw, is there a specific address to this shop? I don’t have a GPS. Is it in Krabi town or elsewhere?

  23. Sharon,
    Well it is supposedly the most famous duck noodle house in Krabi, I don’t have any specific address though.

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  27. Do you have any idea about the shop opening hours?
    I am planning this for breakfast but wonder what time it opens

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