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Updated (12:30am 15/07/08): The results are out!

Dark Knight competition results

#4 won by quite a big margin, followed by #5. The good news is, both of them are going go walk away with 2 tickets each. Yes it’s a surprised! I’ve been given another pair of tickets!

So congratulations to Yvonne (#5) and Kua Woon Chiun (#4), see you at the event! I’ve already sent emails to you. I would also like to thank everyone for participating! It was a lot better than what I had expected!


These are the drawings submitted by readers of this humble blogs for a chance to win two exclusive premier tickets to watch The Dark Knight sponsored by Nokia. Response has been great, and instead of me choosing a winner all by myself, I’m gonna let you guys vote on it.

Do pick vote for the best submission, and not because one of your friends told you to vote for him/her. The poll is at the bottom of this post. Voting closes on Monday midnight (14/7/2008). Winner will collect the ticket on the movie screening on Tuesday (15/7/2008). Lets get it on!

Some participants submitted more than one pictures, but I am only putting the best one instead. Good luck!

Entry #1:
The Dark Knight

Entry #2:
This one’s very dreamy..
The Dark Knight

Entry #3:
The Dark Knight

Entry #4:
Batman, Joker, or Two Face?
The Dark Knight

Entry #5:
I won’t be able to draw this!
The Dark Knight

Entry #6:
Animated gif, emmm.
The Dark Knight

Entry #7:
This one is a photoshop work more than a drawing, but why not?
The Dark Knight

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  1. adryazad

    i wanna sue entry 3 for using my picture!!!!

  2. Woohoo! Entry 7! My work actually made it here! =)

  3. elfiejane

    I think no.3 is funny =P

  4. I vote for entry 6! Too cute!

  5. adryazad,

    Soon Seng,
    Good luck! 😀

    Hmph. lol

  6. Vote on the Dark Knight Drawings!…

    Check out the hilarious and cool drawings submitted by participants for The Dark Knight contest organized by KY Speaks….

  7. i like 4 and 5

  8. Cheesecakeerian

    Number 3 Number 3!!

  9. Thanks for voting #6 Neo.

  10. Rice Blogger

    #6 is cool..haha

  11. suanie,
    Yah they’re gooood

    Shuttup! 😛

    Simon Seow,
    No cronismmmm!!! 😛

    Rice Blogger,

  12. davidlian

    I voted 5. Kickass…

  13. Vote for me vote for me! I worked really hard at it!! entry 5!! >_<

  14. can i vote all?

  15. I like 4 & 5 too, but I think 5 should be disqualified la. Your topic was batman AND joker, but the drawing’s lacking of the latter. 😛

    wah, gonna kena flame. *cabut dulu*

  16. I did… but it was in separate pieces, and he choose the best, which was batman… I asked if he was going to put all entries in and KY said yes, so I seperated them because if I put them together, it would be too small to see the details in 400×300. I don’t mind then if KY will put the Joker next to my piece just so everybody can be happy that we all follow the title.

  17. Kayson123

    funny how entry 4 rise up slowly one by one in the pass 1 hour… This is a drawing competition, not a who has the most friends or who wants the ticket more competition… play fair abit la friend!

  18. davidlian,
    Good choice!

    Good luck! 😛

    Only 1. 😀

    Actually she submitted more than one, but I only chose one lor. 🙂

    The post would be too longgggggg

    I don’t know if there’s any foul play, but I don’t think I’m gonna worry about that now. Whoever gets the most vote wins! 😀

  19. Terenceg

    hahahahah….number 3 rules….

    damsel had a new nose job

  20. Wow. I am seriously outclassed.. haha.. A lot of good work here!

  21. well, I thought this was a drawing competition too… didn’t know you have to vote for it… /sads… it’s oklah, we’ll see how it is tomorrow, but seeing from the pole, we can tell who’s the winner already la, and wow.. in less than 5 hours, 120 votes!! He must have really good friends.

  22. I vote #5. really brings out the character of batman – the anger behind the mask

  23. Terenceg,
    Hahaha, damn it.

    Soon Seng,
    Try harder next time! 😛

    Well, it was really hard to judge a winner all by myself..

    #5 is very good.

  24. Well, Yvonne…Like chen said….i think yours is off topic.
    I mean sure you can try to justify by saying u had 2 separate images….but then again the title is “Batman and Joker”
    If you submitted the other picture, it’ll only be regarded as “Joker”.
    I like #4 cuz it has the ‘half face’ element in there…and we know hald face is going to appear in the movie…can’t wait!!

  25. I feel so sorry for entry #1, but ppl please give me some pitiful marks for his ability to draw!

  26. jonnah,
    You’re right! 😀 Instructions instructionsss 😛

    #1 is awesome, just not awesome enough for the readers I guess? 😀

  27. vote for entry5…good job.yvonne

  28. damn…mine was not selected.
    i vote no. 4

  29. #5 Batman among bamboo shoots, hahaha….Batman should be in gotham city la.

  30. emmm i actually voted for #1 and #6 – and discovered that they’re not popular choices? WHY?

  31. kelly,
    Yah 5 is good!

    ooO good choice!

    Very cool kan?

    Hahaha, different tastes from the masses I guess? 🙂

  32. Err…KY…there is an error, I am #4.

  33. kua,
    fixed. 😀

  34. Sigh, too bad you don’t have another ticket for no. 3.

  35. Simon Seow,
    Oh well, better luck next time. 😀

  36. aeroplane1234

    kanasai, i lost to a low budget animation !!! who’s that asshole ! 🙂 he must be from Rembau with last minuite postal vote flew in.

    hey, KY, next time do some competition which is my core competencies la, like “draw 200 pairs of titties in 5 min” malu lost with so much difference.

  37. lololol .. ky rocks!!!

  38. aeroplane1234,
    Hahhaha sore loser! 😛

    steph k,
    Best! 😛

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