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Just came back from a fabulous trip to Krabi and Phuket in the land of smile. Awesome food, good companions, and absolutely friendly and wonderful guide in Mr. See Tho.

KY at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand
Patong Beach, Phuket

What I did: Island hopping, snorkeling, visiting cloth dying and soap factories, checking out fish farm, soaking in hot spring, admiring fire flies, shopping, partying. Busy, tired, but very satisfied. Plenty of photos to go through, will update very soon!

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  1. Lalabeng

    did u had fireflies there for snacks/meals? raw bug…chump chump! yummy

  2. elfiejane

    i wanna go too!

  3. oh i really miss phuket.. the beach, the sun n snorkelling!!

    hot spring and fireflies ? faster post and tell us more!

  4. ruehyinn

    Get some rest and talk about it QUICK…haha!

  5. welcome back

  6. aeroplane1234

    im expecting to see some tittie photo bro.

  7. How’s first day at work?

  8. Lalabeng,
    Hahhaha, unfortunately no.

    Do it! Ask for SeeTho travel. 😀

    Yes yes, very nice. Will update soon. 🙂

    Will do! 😀

    Thanks. 😉

    Hahaha, damn it.


    So far so good. 😀

  9. May Zhee

    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  10. Pole dancing! Pole dancing! Haha! =P

  11. I went there two months before Tsunami @.@

  12. May Zhee,
    Get well soon!


    Wah, lucky, lucky. 🙂

    chris tock,
    Make more $$

  13. Why do I have a strange feeling that going to Thailand is very similar to going to Penang? Except, no one eating Fire Fly in Penang [not on purpose anyway!] 🙂

  14. How come you don’t have a photo posing like Kim?

  15. Dabido,
    Hahaha, not very similar.

    Cos i’m not in the business of scaring people? 😛

  16. You are going to tell me all about it now aren’t you muahahahah! 😛

  17. Hi there,
    That’s a trip full of adventurous activities, eh?
    Sounds fun.

    About the same time as you, I headed off to Hanoi for my very first time. That’s kinda an exploration one.
    It’s hard to believe how a trip can actually build self confidence and get us connected to others. Was a good one in terms of self development.

  18. foodcrazee

    welcome back bro . . . . .

  19. nyx,
    Hahaha, what to tell! 😛

    Oh it was fun. Hanoi was great I bet. 🙂


  20. Wow… Krabi.

    Everytime Air Asia is having a promotion, I keep thinking whether I should go to Krabi or not…

    Maybe I will know after I read your updates on your trip. 😀

  21. joyofood,
    Do it! 😀

  22. LOL, I have exactly the same photo there, posting the same way! Phuket is a nice place, happening and wild. haha..

  23. jessie,
    Hahaha, I guess it’s like one of those hollywood walk of stars kinda photos, everyone has one. 😀

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