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Haaaaaaaaa! Yes, you read it right, I am heading to Krabi just 3 months after visiting Bangkok. I’ve got my snorkeling gear ready, camera fully charged, cloths packed, undies tucked, and very ready to go!

all packed up for Krabi, Thailand
all in the bag and ready to go

I’ll be away from 6th to 10th, so keep yourself busy drawing batman & co to win movie tickets and dinner; or go through the whole 577 posts in this entire blog.. or something. By the way, I’ll be back on Thursday, just in time to start work at KLCC (again) on Friday. Kthxbai

Discuss : KY travels – Krabi not Crab-i

  1. foodcrazee

    Enjoy dude

  2. have a enjoyable and safe trip.

    oh good, you will near to my work place.

  3. WHAT do you mean KLCC (again)????!

  4. Matthew

    KY works as a pak guard there, don’t you know that?

  5. Enjoy!!!!

    P.S Where is Krabi btw?

  6. THe apple version are i-krabs! 🙂

  7. howshouse

    krabi’s in thailand


  8. what you packed? your bag like empty loh

  9. Enjoy yourself 🙂

  10. Enjoy your trip KY… Post more Crab-i food porns for us.. haha 😛

  11. Changed job already ?

  12. oi coming back in time for footie or not?

  13. Halo, DUDE, you dunno me, but i am your not so loyal reader. Just want to check if u r interested in having a durian trip to my dad’s durian farm? More like kampung durian, with no brand. Email me, going on this Sunday!

  14. foodcrazee,
    Thanks, I did! 🙂

    Thanks. Ooo great, ajak me for lunch! 😛

    Yes yes, at KLCC again.


    South Thailand. 😀


    You’re good in geography. 😛

    The bag is huge ok!

    I did! 😀

    Criz Lai,
    Will do will do!

    Simon Seow,

    chris tock,
    Of course! Warrrr!

    Will email you, might be too busy though on this Sunday. 🙂

  15. sang_buragas

    ky..any Krabi’s beach pic? can share aaa

  16. sang_buragas,
    I’ll post some up when I have time. 😀

  17. Dude… Nice trip huh? How did u travel from krabi to phuket..? Heard price varies greatly for taxi, ferry and speed boat…

  18. Geno,
    We used a van. 😀

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