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Did you know that Karak highway isn’t the only route going from KL to Genting Highland? Long before the shiny toll way was built, there was an older road from just behind Batu Caves going to Genting via a little town called Ulu Yam. That road is still there, and remain my favorite way to go up to the highland retreat if time is on my side.

There are a few reasons:

  • The scenery is beautiful, especially when you drive by Batu Dam lake.
  • the winding road makes driving a pleasure
  • coconut shrimps at ulu yam!

Okay, maybe mostly about the coconut shrimps..

Coconut Shrimp at Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
Sammy liked it!

The first time I went there was on the new year eve of 2006 with the MR2 club. Wait, I just realized that’s more than 2.5 years ago… Anyway, I went there again a few months ago with Sammy (her account) and of course, we ordered the coconut shrimps, and a plate vegetable to go with rice.

We had actually ordered the lala as well but I must applaud the honesty of the shop keeper in informing us that lala wasn’t very fresh that day and advised us against ordering it.

Coconut Shrimp at Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
prawns, slurps slurps

Coconut Shrimps is basically a curry dish where by they stuff a lot of prawns cooked much like the asam prawn style into a fresh coconut. The curry mixed with coconut creates a unique taste that is both spicy, sour, and slightly sweet of coconut taste; very unique and rather tasty. Onion, garlic and chili padi makes up part of the ingredients too.

map to Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam
Ulu Yam is some 27 kilometers from batu caves

There was plenty of prawns in that one single coconut and we thoroughly it. The ingredients were fresh and curry flavorful. Even the simple fried vegetable dish was rather delightful too.

If I remember correctly, that meal was less than RM 35 for the two of us. Value for money, and great tasting too. Give it a try if you’re up for an alternate way to Genting. GPS coordinate might not be spot on, but it won’t be far off.

14, Kampung Baru,
Ulu Yam Baru, 44300
Ulu Selangor, Selangor

GPS: 3.427212, 101.659948
Tel: 03-6075 1826, 012-228 2546

Discuss : KY eats – Coconut Shrimps at Hock Lay Restaurant, Ulu Yam Baru

  1. wah…you got my saliva dripping liao.

  2. Ya. The food there is nice. But I stopped going there as I was being “Cut Throat”.
    I know the road that you were referring too. But drive carefully especially at night. There was once I saw “something” there…..

  3. @ josephine : what did you see?

  4. David Chew

    For that price of two person that is consider to be cheap.

  5. Precious Pea

    I remember i took this route before long long ago. The ulu dam lake is such a beautiful sight.

  6. eiling,
    Eat! 😛

    OoO “cut throat”, lucky I never kena that.

    I’d be interested to know too! 😀

    David Chew,
    Very true, very true.

    Precious Pea,
    Yeah, there are people who phak thor there ok. 😛

  7. hi KY! cool place… food looks good. I rmbr ulu yam being real affordable too … btw, good to have ur food blog posts back… ! more please .. lol 😉

  8. “Cut Throat” ?? o_O

  9. Wah…looks good. We sometimes take that road to Genting too after visiting KL I know where to makan before going up.

  10. yum yum….shrimp in the coconut shell….this is super delicious…how much did your meal cost you?

  11. this looks really good! gosh, you really go out of your way for food, yeah? that’s dedication, man.

  12. cumi&ciki,
    Thanks thanks, will have more, of course. 😉


    Yes yes, very good place to try out. 😀

    Less than RM 40 for 2 person.

    Hehehe, not all the time. Petrol expensive now ok..

  13. you should thry the steam frog with garlic. absolutely fantastic.

  14. Where’s your extra bowl of soup?

  15. *adds Hock Lay to makan list* btw, great map, esp the Batu Caves drawing ;p

  16. aeroplane1234

    not bad ei, shrimp looked quite decent sized too. RM35…. really sounds good. prawn typically these fuka charge RM30/100g. so really value for money. maybe its homegrown backyard shrimp fed by the owner’s “organic” *ahem* feed.


  17. JL,
    OooO, will do that next time!

    Paul Tan,
    Who moved my soup?

    Hahhaha, thanks. 😛

  18. i wanna go ulu yam for loh mee!!!

  19. lalabeng

    +2 steam frog with garlic and their loh meen is worth my night drives there….

  20. xin,
    Yes, me too! I just need to find out which restaurant. 😀

    Night drives some more, nice! 😀

  21. prawnie… I want to go Buntal eat Black pepper crab !!

  22. foodcrazee

    nice place to eat but better place exist nearby dude . .

  23. What else does Sammy like?

  24. ahlost,
    @.@, crab!

    I have one stomach only, will ask for your recommendation next time. 😀

    Paul Tan,
    Desserts! 😀

  25. hmm.. shopkeeper’s honesty is always questionable..
    they made it sounds good by saying the lala wasn’t fresh; the truth might be he’s running out of stock, or he wanted to get rid of other leftover..

  26. Omg, feels so long ago… One of the happiest days of my life! 🙂

    Luckily we didn’t see ‘anything’ on the road. *Gulp*

  27. Lb,
    Hahaha, I don’t know, but the meal was good.

    Yah, was quite a while ago. 🙂

  28. Ya, i try it before….vary nice and the price also ok…

  29. maylee,
    Yahh, very nice right? 🙂

  30. […] of the time, I avoid this by stopping over at Hock Lay, Ulu Yam, or just give up and get something fast from Mary Brown since paying extra for McD and KFC just […]

  31. Can i knw what time is the business hour for restaurant hock lay. I m cumin frm penang

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