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Yes, you read it right! I have two very exclusive premier tickets sponsored by Nokia to The Dark Knight for you! The details of the premier is as follow:

Date: 15th July 2008
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Dinner at Paradiso, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley
Screening begins 8:45pm at GSC Signature cinemas, 4th floor, The Gardens, Midvalley

So yes, free dinner is included too, and there is more. Dressed as Batman, Joker, or any of the Batman characters during the event and stand a chance to win ze awesome Nokia N95 8GB! Plus, you get to meet some of the fehmes bloggers like Kim, Suan, Cheesie, the mysterious Eyeris, ST, and David Lian! Sweet deal isn’t it?

The Dark Knight
can’t wait to watch this movie myself!

I am sure there are quite a few of you who will want to watch the last full length movie by the talented Heath Ledger before his untimely death. The press review has been very positive on this film, and if it is as good as Batman Begins, it’ll be a very awesome film.

Now, to get your hands on this pair of tickets (twin seats too btw), instead of giving very complicated quiz like Eyeris, I’m gonna ask you to draw the Batman and Joker! Use your talent on Photoshop, MS Paint, paper, or anything, and then send me the copy at [ky at] before 10th of July. I will announce the winner with the most creative/wicked/awesome drawing on the same weekend and post it on this blog.

Limit your drawing to the dimension of 400×300 pixel, like the awesome example below that I just did, check out my talent ok!

The Dark Knight
this kinda drawing standard probably won’t win you anything

Send in your drawings to me already! Good luck!

You might want to draw some inspiration from too. Got goodies there ok.

Discuss : KY contests – Two Premier Tickets to The Dark Knight for you!

  1. OMG what an easy contest! Not… I can’t draw la.

  2. eiling,
    unleash your creativity, doodle!

  3. Damn. Your drawing standard so much higher than mine. I got no chance… argh!

  4. davidlian

    KY…did you draw that or did you download it off some six year old’s blog?

  5. Wow, your drawing is so SUPERB. I can never be able to draw like that!!!

  6. Sashi,
    Try anyway, you never know! 😛

    Shut up! LOL

    I’m sure you can, do it! 😛

  7. wicked…?? hmmm…. 😉

  8. aeroplane1234

    hey man, im good at drawing shits. sexually explicit submission ok ah?

  9. still have yet to figure out what to do for my contest

  10. davidlian

    Here’s my entry ;-0

  11. Yo, your drawing is really “good”. From your drawing, I can see you can “draw”.

  12. tom,
    Hehehe, yes. 😉

    Why not? do it!

    Think harder suan, think! 😀

    OooO awesome!

    Hahaha, I have some tricks, not talent. 😛

  13. howshouse

    darn it. got excited when i saw the post title… then came to the contest criteria- drawing! my art always ‘D’ in school lah. grrr. dont think i’ll be able to beat your masterpiece either


  14. I can see the Joker, but who is the puppy dog you drew standing next to him????

  15. Nokia N95 i already have wor….

  16. I will watch that movie too.. See the preview already..

  17. errmm.. am i invited?

  18. howshouse,
    Try anyhow laa

    Two face! 😀

    But you don’t have N95 8GB!!!! 😛

    Yah, looks good isn’t it?

    Draw! 😛

  19. cool…i want the nokia phone….free dinner sumore!

  20. OMG!! I want to go to the premier. I cannot draw but I can buy one or two… hehe anyone please??


  21. KY: oh yes, it is! Hahahah! 😛

  22. my drawing sucks… 🙁

  23. vialentino,
    Draw then, draw! 😛

    Hahaha, cannot buy, sorry. 😉

    Oh darn it!

    Learn, or pay someone to draw. 😛

  24. Will all entries be shown on your blog?

  25. Yvonne,
    I will! 😀

  26. aeroplane1234

    hei, i submitted mine to you already, gimmi the fucking ticket or else i’ll burn ur dog and rape ur house.

  27. aeroplane1234,
    You’ll have to answer to the other challengers first! 😛

  28. wah lau. who say your contest is easy. tiu.
    at least eyeris one can google.

  29. hahahah! so funny… rocks la! very informative and can also speaks our mind.


  30. FA,
    Hahaha, ask your sister to help you!

    Tenkiu, draw! 😛

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  32. I have send 3 entries, thanks for holding the competition

  33. Yvonne,
    Received, looks great!

    Simon Seow,
    Got it.

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