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Just as the price increment of fuel pulls along everything else, I receive this email from the owner of Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh that I reviewed almost a year ago.

Hi KY,

We are pleased to announce that Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh @ Bandar Sunway is offering 10% discount on all receipts at our restaurant to all readers from 1st July 2008 to 31st December 2008.

To qualify, they just need to mention the magic word “KY discount” when paying their bills. Do spread the word around!

Do note that Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh closes every Wednesday.

Steven Foong
016-256 3369
Ah Foong Bak Kut Teh

Since the first time I went there a year ago, this has been the bkt place I frequent most. Partly because I currently work around the area, but mostly because of the friendly service, good bak kut teh, and reasonable pricing.

This is the first time a restaurant is giving out discounts for readers from this blog, so excited! I am going there again for lunch and claim my own 10% discount, best! 😀

Check my post on Ah Foong for the review and how to get there.

446, Jln PJS 10/11
47800 Bandar Sunway

p/s: I’ve always paid full price to eat there myself.

Haaaa! By now some of you might have already heard of the top secret Project Trafford from Nuffnang with Mister Potato, and maybe a few of you might know that I am involved in it as well. Well, wait no more as our team HoLiao (meaning BEST in Hokkien) has created something truly awesome. First, I want you to check out this video.

Mister Potato is having a contest where 30 football tour to Manchester (worth RM 15,000 each) is up for grabs. There are also football jerseys to be won monthly as well. You can find more details on their website.

To win, you need to collect as many Football points as possible from Mister Potato canister seals (3 pts), 85 gram pouch (2 pts), or 55 gram pouch (1 pt). Our videos is to show you the best ways to obtain them.

The video above of course, is only the first of 7 parts. Below are screen shots from our videos:

Project Trafford preview 1
Episode 1 to 3

Project Trafford preview 2
Episode 4 to 7

Check them out at:

This is like, better than Hong Kong series, check them out! 😀

Updated: And here is the full video! Do check out my team members as they also wrote a hell lot of crap on their blogs other than just the video itself. Cheers!

Last Thursday I rushed to town right after work to attend the Made of Honor movie screening event, some of you might remember how I challenge Stewie on the fishing game (you owe me CKT, Stewie!) to get to this event. I was so excited for the 8 course meal at JW Marriot, and thought the movie was going to be a boring chick flick. However, the night didn’t quite turn out the way I expected.

Before I go any further, there are more pictures at facebook album here.

Made of Honor Event
Robb, sparkling wine/champaign?, Lorna

My long time friend Lorna accompanied me to the event, and as we walked in, the JW Marriot PR lady sort of assumed we are married. When we said no, she immediately made another mistake and tried to convince us to have a wedding dinner there.. oh well.

As with most events littered with bloggers (some 10 tables of nuffnangers), there were plenty of camwhore sessions even before the dinner starts. There were some friends like ST, Kim, Tim, Wenqi, Ringo, Yee Hou, Nicholas, FA & Bob, Skyler, Su Ann, Robb, Stephanie, Aronil; some familiar faces; and some blog friends I met for the first time such as Suet Li and Atrica. And again, I’ve forgotten many new names like I always do.

Made of Honor Event
Tim, Wenqi, Ringo, Kim, Suet Li, Nicholas, Bob, FA, Su Ann

The setup for the ballroom was excellent, better than most of the weddings I’ve attended. Flowers, candles, and everyone dressed up in suits and evening gowns. However, the food was rather disappointing. I only truly enjoy the soup from the eight course dinner, with the worst dish being the saffron risotto. I seriously didn’t know what the chef was thinking.

The champaign (or sparkling wine) with strawberry was excellent though. Lorna and I kept asking for more till the waiters gave us a funny look.

Made of Honor
Made of Honor

I was initially very hopeful for the dinner but didn’t care much about the movie. However, Made of Honor, despite getting a rather low rating from IMDB, was a very enjoyable movie. The show was funny and even touching in several moments. If you enjoy chick flicks (I think I’ve developed the taste for it, a cardinal sin for a guy maybe?), you’ll enjoy this one. I didn’t want to say this, but I’ve enjoyed it as much as I did with How to lose a guy in 10 days. Hee-hee.

Toyota MR2 out of fuel
48.5 liters plus a tin of petrol, thanks Lorna!

On the way back, I over estimated my petrol reserve by around 3km and got pwned by my car at Jalan Parliament. My car was hungry and refused to work without feeding her the new and improved RM 2.70/liter petrol. I was stranded.

Lucky Lorna drove as well, and I had to call her (who was in front) for help. My princess charming came back 20 minutes later with a tin of wholesome hydrocarbon (RM 5 for the can, 15 for the fuel) and revived the little MR2. Thanks Lorna, I owe you a dinner.

Well at least now I know my car runs 364 kilometers in the city before it’s too late.

When I first got the invitation from foodstreet for a food review session from Peony Garden at Kota Damansara, I did some searches on the internet and but was not able to find any blog entries. So I went to the restaurant with Eiling (who is going to give me some golden tickets) having little to expect.

note: tragically, this place is no longer in operation, it was one of my favorites! (20/9/2010)

Poeny Garden, Nyonya Food at Kota Damansara
seven dishes to sample, with original ingredients

As it turns out, Peony Garden serves Northern Nyonya food, which means they are actually from Penang, my hometown. The relatively new restaurant is run by a pair of siblings, Karen and Eugene Chew, whom despite knowing little about blogs and the way of cyber world, were very friendly (especially when we arrived at our common mother tongue, Penang Hokkien).

We were served the unique “green leaves drink” that is made of seven different types of grass and leaves. It tasted pretty refreshing though slightly on the sweeter side. The owners explained to us that many of the ingredients used are sourced from Penang and other states, and Karen cooks everything from scratch, the traditional way, even the sambal is made by pounding fresh chili and shrimp paste by hand.

Poeny Garden, Nyonya Food at Kota Damansara
Penang otak-otak, asam prawn, curry black pomphret, salted vegetable duck soup

We were then served seven dishes, and I recognized what they were instantly without having to be explained! Tau eu bak (soya sauce pork), asam prawn, curry bawal hitam (black pomphret), salted vegetable duck soup, Penang otak-otak, jui hu char (fried sengkuang with dried cuttle fish), and fried spring roll. These are the dishes I grew up with, the memory of mom working in her kitchen flashes back like a tsunami wave, the familiar smell, the sound of sengkuang sizzling in the wok, and how she always peel the asam shrimps for us. I wish mom was here to have this session with me.

In the taste department, the food actually measured up very well. The asam prawn, cooked with asam and dark soya sauce carries a strong and fragrant asam taste that is slightly salty and sourish, complementing the sweetness of the shrimp perfectly. The fish curry is done the traditional way as well, with black pomphret and a generous portion of laksa flower that adds to the taste. There is no substitute with another type of fish as “lemak” (fatty) taste of the black pomphret suits the asam curry best.

Poeny Garden, Nyonya Food at Kota Damansara
soya sauce pork, jui hu char, spring roll

I personally always prefer the Penang style otak-otak, and the version at Peony, though not the best I’ve had, was not bad either. As for salted vegetable duck soup, it might take a little used to if you are not accustomed to it, sourish and slightly spicy, I liked it.

Jui hu char is a dish that is cooked by many Penang family whenever they worship ancestors (don’t ask me why). It is best eaten with some sambal and wrapped with fresh lettuce, much like the way you’d have Korean BBQ meat. The deep fried spring rolls actually shares the main ingredient (sengkuang) with jiu hu char, but served with a unique blend of dark soya source and chili that gives it a pretty interesting taste, in a good way.

If you’ve followed this blog for some time, you know that I am a pork lover. The tau eu bak here was absolutely fantastic, cooked for hours to the very soft and tender texture, the soya sauce is imported from Nothern state to get the taste just right. Coupled with the original sambal, I had to fight with Eiling till the last piece, it was as good as it is sinful.

Poeny Garden, Nyonya Food at Kota Damansara
green leaf drinks, and eiling with the Peony plate

Dishes are priced from RM 8 to RM 20+, pretty decent even though the portions aren’t big. Authentic foods are hard to come by these days, and I don’t think you can get them any more authentic than here. A family run restaurant that prepares everything painstakingly the traditional way. I am sure I will return.

map to Poeny Garden at Kota Damansara
Poeny Garden is just 5 minutes away from IKEA/Ikano/Curve

The restaurant also host private events and birthday parties. If you like it the old school way with nasi kunyit, curry chicken, and hard boiled egg for your baby’s full moon, they do it too.

Lunch: Tue to Fri 11am – 2pm
Dinner: Tue to Sun 6 – 10pm

16-1, Jalan PJU 5/10,
Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.150886, 101.593237
Tel: 03-6141 8323

Quietly tucked in a row of shop houses at SS18 is the JM Bariani House that serves traditional Johor nasi briyani. My colleague and I went there on a particularly warm afternoon for lunch as this place is actually air conditioned. It was a wise decision, not only did we not have to sweat in a kopitiam, the food was so good it reminded me of the awesome Indian nasi briyani I had at Myanmar.

JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya
illustrated menu and a comfortable interior

JM Bariani House serves all but one item (mee bandung) that isn’t nasi briyani as main dish. There’s lamb, beef, chicken, fried chicken, and even just pure nasi briyani without any meat. They also serve nasi briyani gam ayam (chicken) every Wednesday and nasi briyani gam kambing (lamb) every Saturday.

I ordered a lamb briyani and my colleague had the chicken briyani, we also ordered a tauhu bakar (fried bean curd skin stuffed with mengkuang, cucumber, and sauce) to share.

JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya
chicken and lamb briyani, tauhu bakar

The rice used is the finer and smaller grain than usual, very soft and fragrant. The meat was so tender you can cut it with your spoon, they must be cooked for many hours. The taste was just right, not overly spicy, salty, nor sweet, but just a perfect harmony that was very satisfying. My colleague was very satisfied with the chicken briyani as well.

As for the tauhu bakar, I could say that I’ve had better. You would probably want to skip this item when you’re there.

map to JM Bariani House at Subang Jaya

The lamb briyani was RM 10.50 and chicken at RM 9.50. Not exactly economical but wouldn’t break your bank either. Some might justify it with air conditioning provided, but I’d say the awesome nasi briyani more than make up for the slightly higher price.

21 & 21A Jalan SS18/6,
Subang Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.064812, 101.585866
Tel: 03-5634 4660