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Hello everyone, how many times have you read a particular awesome food find that made you want to go there so bad, just to be frustrated by the lack of address or direction to get there? When I started writing about food, I wanted to make sure readers could find the place, hence the hand drawn map was born, in addition to address.

Over the years, I’ve received some feed backs with regards of the little maps that have gathered a little bit of recognition. Some said it’s very helpful, while others told me it’s absolutely useless (mostly female, hee-hee). To get a more concrete answer, I put up a poll that was answered by over 200 of you. The result:

  • 61% loved the maps
  • 21% requests for GPS coordinates
  • 16% said the maps are useless

So, to keep up with technology and in an attempt to make this the most friendly blog with food entries, I’ve added most of them with GPS coordinates. I’ve spent the last few days adding that to almost all the articles under PJ, KL, and Penang, and will try to complete the rest pretty soon.

For the uninitiated, GPS, also known as Global Positioning System, is free as in free beer. It is a system that simply tells you where you are. With GPS software, you can input where you want to go (via address or GPS location), and get routing information or live turn-by-turn navigation to the destination. Very nifty.

Various devices now have built in GPS supports, such as my trusted Nokia N82. You can also buy standalone GPS receivers like those from Garmin. Most devices now come with Malaysian maps, you can also get free (and very updated) maps from MalSingMaps.

Nokia N82 with Garmin GPS Software
Garmin GPS software on Nokia N82

If you have a GPS device, simply enter the GPS coordinate (like 3.156649, 101.700965 to nasi lemak RA). When the device has a lock to the satellites and creates the routes, you simply follow what it says: turn left in next 200 meters, turn right, etc. It will get you there, how cool is that?

For those without GPS device, you still can use the GPS coordinates in mapping sites such as google maps. Enter the coordinates into the search bar and you’ll get a detailed map of the location. Cool, right?

Google Map
Google Map

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  1. Wicked shit dude!

  2. KY speaks technology now!!

  3. Dr. Tan,
    Heehee, thanks. 😀

    WOohoo! 😀

  4. cool stuff! now all i need to do is tell my hubby i wanna go to makan!!!! LOL

  5. sorry can you delete the earlier one cos it din came out properly, here it is again…

    cool stuff! now all i need to do is tell my hubby i wanna go (insert coordinates) to makan!!!! LOL

  6. kyspeaks so high tech now ah!

  7. babe_kl,
    If I delete the earlier comment, it’ll make the more recent one not right. So I guess I’ll leave both of them. Hee-hee 😛

    Thank you very much. 😛

  8. walau…very canggih ler!


    think I’ll go do the same thing with all the KFC outlets in Malaysia and Singapore. Then everyone will be able to find their fav. KFC outlets without resorting to low quality McD’s chicken. :p

  10. Nah, I don’t have a GPS. Like your maps better.

  11. I also got GPS in my N95 but I still dunno how to use it. Can teach me? I belanja you yum char okies?

  12. easily can go if u put the coordinate..and let the GPS tell u the direction..before this, my father’s old GPS brought us to dead end..*old tech*

  13. hmm .. so geng ady ar?! lol-ed
    i guessed .. if those who got no idea abt that particular area .. its useless for them
    but .. i guessed most malaysian are fine wit the map

  14. vialentino,
    Thanks. 😀

    Michael Yip,
    Hahahaha, do it!!!!

    Simon Seow,
    Buy! 😛

    Hahhaa, sure, come!

    Or old maps? 🙂

    steph k,
    You’ll be surprised! Hehehe

  15. The Faux Fashionista

    Canggihnya! Hahaha now if only you can customize your website to be like GoogleMap whahaha…type in starting address and destination, then come out with complete driving directions so people like me can find our way there…

    Ok la I know is too much to ask, but keep that in mind ok? 😀

  16. reallybites

    Hey how do I enter the coordinates if I’m using the useless Nokia Maps 2.0? I don’t know how to install Garmin on my 82 la.

  17. Wow so cool. I think I belong to the directionless female version! haha…you owe me a h_m_ cooked meal!!!Espana!


  19. The Faux Fashionista,
    Hahhaha, really too much to ask! 😛

    Go to Tools, Landmarks, Options, New Landmarks, Enter Manually. Good luck! 😀

    Hahaha, okay!

    chris tock,
    You too! 😀

  20. Very thoughtful indeed! Maps have been helpful but with the GPS now, it’s even better! Keep it up.

  21. Aiseh man …. now going high tech like my blog also liao. Keep up the good work. I will come to your blog more frequent for more good foods. Now it make me even more handy to verify the good foods location.


  22. hmmm..any dog-friendly restaurant??

  23. I don’t trust on GPS anymore… so, whenever I heading to a place to eat… just give a ring to the KY Master! hahaha…

  24. But I like your little squiggly maps. It’s got all the important landmarks… (most times la)

  25. CK,
    Thanks! 😀

    Great! 😉

    Er.. I’m not aware of any restaurant embracing that concept around here just yet.

    You noob! 😛

    That will continue to come, fret not! 😀

  26. Giant Sotong

    What? How dare they diss the KYMaps(tm)! They work, OK?

  27. Giant Sotong,

  28. Wish to have one but Just too expensive to own one…

  29. DSvT,
    Well, a GPS phone isn’t that pricey now, just around RM 1k. 🙂

  30. THANK YOU man! This is better than any map 🙂

  31. Friedbeef,
    Especially for geeks like you! 😛

  32. […] of last year, I embarked on a little project to the KY eats section by spending quite a bit of time geo-tagging (almost) all the food entries for the GPS savvy […]

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