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Nasi lemak RA at Jalan Raja Abdullah is one of the original famous nasi lemak places in KL city, alongside with Tanglin and Antarabangsa (which I haven’t try). Of course, there are also the very good Jalan 223 and Seapark versions in PJ for those who doesn’t want to drive to KL.

I had the chance to try it out a while ago when Kelvin and I went to the city one particular weekend morning.

Nasi Lemak Jalan Raja Abdullah
plenty of dishes to choose from

There is always a crowd at this stall with customers arriving in their latest luxury Mercedes as well as the 12 year old Honda EX-5. At this place, you are treated the same whoever you are, line up and self serve.

The choices of lauk lauk (toppings) for the nasi lemak is probably the biggest here, curry chicken, deep fried chicken, beef rendang, tripe, lung, prawn, squid, fried egg, and so forth. Of course, peanuts, anchovies, 1/2 hard boiled egg, sambal, and sliced cucumber come standard.

Nasi Lemak Jalan Raja Abdullah
rendang, sambal, egg, excellent!

I had my plate with plenty of sambal, a piece of beef rendang, and a fried egg. The meat was very tender and the redang very flavorful, I also particularly like the fried egg that is done just nice with the yolk still half liquid, very sinful. The rice was warm and didn’t stick together, and of course, the sambal did not disappoint either.

map to Nasi Lemak Jalan Raja Abdullah
the nasi lemak stall is a short walking distance from Dang Wangi LRT

Despite being at a prime location, the price was very reasonable at the time of eating. The standard nasi lemak was RM 1.50, with extras ranging from RM 2 to RM 5. Nasi Lemak RA opens every morning and weekday evenings.

No. 15, Jalan Raja Abdullah
Kampung Baru
Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.156649, 101.700965

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Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Lemak RA at Jalan Raja Abdullah

  1. wow u got me drooling for nasi lemak right now!!!

  2. Wow…you sure put a LOT of sambal in your nasi lemak huh! Is it the sweet type or the spicy type of sambal? Haha.. Looks really delicious… :p

  3. looks good…me hungry man

  4. eiling,
    Eat! 😛

    Hehehe, I love it. Ya you’re right, the sambal isn’t too spicy.

    Just about lunch time now, I am hungry myself!

  5. The sambal:- sweet or non-sweet style?

  6. “At this place, you are treated the same whoever you are, line up and self serve.”

    Even if you are TheKY

  7. shag,
    It’s slightly sweet. 🙂

    Or TheKelvin! 😀

  8. izzit the 1 near Heritage Row and u would pass by if u walk over from Dang Wangi LRT station? i’ve eaten once before..not bad la..

    and it’s lauk for toppings..not laut..laut is sea..

  9. Miss Qian

    Hey r u sure its nice, the photo look so not appetizing..maybe because u put too much sambal on it…….

  10. RealGunners

    I know that 1.. used to tapao from there back when my dad still have shop in Central Market, we all absolutely love that nasi lemak ;D

  11. Go Spain! espana espana!!!

  12. Yatz,
    Correct! That’s the one. 🙂

    Miss Qian,
    Hahaha, that is because I love it with lotsa sambal. 😛

    Very nice, very nice.

    Go Germany!

  13. May Zhee

    Gah! I don’t like it when the yolk is half liquid! In fact I don’t like yolks at all!

    Btw I concluded that my exorbitant phone bill is YOUR fault hor!!!!

  14. May Zhee,
    It’s always only your own fault, deal with it! 😛

  15. aeroplane1234

    wasai…. look at the sambal u put on the plate…. I CANT SEE THE RICE ANYMORE!!!

  16. aeroplane1234,
    Best right? 😛

  17. The sambal looks red and spicy, great accompaniment for nasi lemak for sure. How long did u have to wait in the queue?

  18. lol!! ky iknow that nasi lemak!!! woooo!!! hungry d… =(

  19. The Faux Fashionista

    Man that Nasi LEmak looks sooooo goood!!!!! Grrr ok I’m linking your blog so when I go back I can use it as a guide to where to makan.

  20. […] you have a GPS device, simply enter the GPS coordinate (like 3.156649, 101.700965 to nasi lemak RA). When the device has a lock to the satellites and creates the routes, you simply follow what it […]

  21. Pureglutton,
    Only a few minutes. 😀

    Great! 😉

    The Faux Fashionista,
    Do it, and try not to gain too much weight when you’re back. 😛

  22. The Faux Fashionista

    Ehhh, evil la you! Of course I will bring my boyfriend so I can order 10 dishes and eat one mouthful of each then he can sapu the rest bwahahaha I’m so smart *pats self on back*

  23. The Faux Fashionista,
    Hahah you are the evil one!

  24. wow i want rendang!! it’s been long since i had some really soft and tender beef rendang

  25. xin,
    Ahh, yes, rendang. I can use some right now!

  26. jessica

    Kaya bun! im coming back soon. Can u bring me go eat delicious food? Heres what i wanna eat so far, Hokkien Mee, Bak Kut Teh, Oh Chien, Curry Laksa, Nasi Lemak, Curry Puff, Asam Laksa, Ramli Burger, Mee Goreng, Maggie Goreng, Roti Canai… the list goes on… (research for me k? i onli want the best of the best) im a gal deprive from “real” malaysian food for 4 months after all =P TA!

  27. jessica,
    Sure! Call me when you’re back lah. 🙂

  28. undeniable!!
    indeed the best nasi lemak i have eaten my whole life!!!

  29. kim_me,
    I agree! 😀

  30. awww man!! i just left malaysia for like less than 3 days… now i missed RA nasi lemak!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. kim_me,
    Hahah that’s most unfortunate. 😛

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  33. chipmunk

    i stay very near to this nasi lemak stall…it doesnt taste as good as last time anymore…the sambal now sometimes has a burnt taste in it and the rice not as fragrant anymore…

  34. chipmunk,
    OoOo interesting.

  35. wow…rendang make me droolingggg

  36. agnes sim,
    don’t remind me now! :X

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