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I had a food review at Bruno’s last week, and pinkpau Su Ann was the partner in crime. The appointment was on 8pm, and knowing how well this girl is with punctuality, I had told her to make it 7:30pm, but it didn’t deter her from arriving at my place only 5 minutes before 8 though…

Anyway, lets get back to the topic.

Bruno’s is one of the new Western restaurants that serves non-halal food, a trend that is slowly emerging in the market, following the good receptions of places like Jarrod & Rowlins and Bermuda &Onions. A trend that I particularly welcome! The restaurant actually shares the same owner as Food Foundry (one of the only places that sells Mille Crepe)

Bruno's at Jaya 33
classy deco, and Su Ann, the very hot and cute thief of time

The unique thing about Bruno’s is the Iberian pork they serve. The black Iberian pigs are allowed to roam in the oak forest and raised with a diet of grass, herbs, acorns, and roots. A few months before slaughtering, the animal is fed only acorns. As a result, higher level of oleic acid is found in the meat, which is supposed to be a good thing that lowers your bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing the good HDL.

Now who said eating pork is necessarily a bad thing?

Bruno's at Jaya 33
Spanish ham, glorious pork ribs

Our host of the night was none other than the famous Daphne Lee (who hit off with Su Ann in a long and amusing gossip session) of the Drams Project. We started our dinner with a plate of Spanish Ham and Sausage Platter. The meat were slightly salty and tasted something between dried meat (bak kua) and ham, they go very well with some bruschetta in between. A good selection as appetizer, though a taste that needs a bit of acquiring.

Then it was our main dish, the BBQ pork ribs. I’ve had BBQ ribs with beef, but nothing came close to having it original, pork, as it was meant to be. The portion was huge and it came with potato, french beans, and salad. The side dishes were meant to give your taste bud a chance to refresh, alternating between the juicy and meaty ribs and the freshness of vegetable. We finished the entire rack without much trouble at all, it was good. I think next time I should have some beer to go with this.

Bruno's at Jaya 33
Zarzuela (soup), dessert, and linguine with prawns

Zarzuela, the name of the soup I probably won’t remember in the next 5 minutes, was very nice. There’s scallops, mussels, clams, squid, and prawns in the clam and tomato broth. Very sumptuous, very delicious, and probably nullified the effect of the whole oleic acid business.

We also ordered the linguine prawn with spicy white wine butter sauce, unfortunately it was a too spiced up and the prawns were a bit overcooked to my liking. Despite the very nice presentation of this dish, it was a disappointment for the night.

Bruno's at Jaya 33
the dessert, the girl, and the wine

Dessert was the very sinful Valrhona chocolate lava cake, with this little orange fruit that I absolutely love. The chocolate cake went very well with the white wine we had.

It was a very good dinner, and with the most gossips I’ve heard since forever. I’m sure I’ll see you again somewhere, Daphne!

map to Jaya 33
Jaya 33 is just a couple minutes off Federal Highway

While not cheap, prices at Bruno’s is still fairly reasonable. Entrees are from RM 30+ onwards and you can have gourmet sandwiches or salad for RM20+. Of course, that huge rack of pork ribs costs a bit more than that. They also serve steaks, seafood, paella, and a selection of tapas.

More pictures can be found on my flickr set

PG-01 A, Ground Floor, Jaya 33
Jalan Semangat Section 13
46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.110274, 101.637139
Tel: 03-7960 2663

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  1. little orange fruit is called physalis 🙂

  2. Jules,
    Thanks!! 😀

  3. Miss Qian

    Wah, u got free food again lar!! The food look nice, maybe should go n try sometime, thanks for introducing!! 🙂

  4. foodcrazee

    all i want is the HAM . . . . . aniother name for the orangy thingy is Chinese Goose Berry

  5. lotsofcravings

    aiyah the review i got was all the way far far away at come they dun send me to somewhere nearer? haha

  6. Looks good. Pork I like. Btw. You’re photography is so good.

  7. from foodstreet lagi..hmph..
    iwan pork ribs *drools*

  8. Miss Qian,
    You’re welcome. 😀

    Ham is good!!!!

    KLIA good maaa, can drive longer, use more petrol. 😛

    Simon Seow,
    Thanks. 😉

    Eat eat eat, you’re too skinny!

  9. David Chew

    Those food looks tasty.

  10. walaueh….now i know where to eat healthy pork meat liow. for rm 30+, is quite reasonable price for the portion and the food quality they serve.

  11. Good Food and Hawt Chicks, Man this is life. So envy…

  12. RealGunners

    blog hopping..

    and.. is this Bruno new?? Last time I went to Jaya33, I didn’t notice such a place…

  13. David Chew,
    Ooo definitely. 😀

    Well they do have higher priced items. 😉

    Hahaha, don’t envy la they’re just friends. 😀

    Just a few months old, the restaurant is tucked at the corner on ground floor facing digital mall.

  14. i wana be partners in crime also!!! hahaha

  15. I must also say, the Girl is Hot (as always)

  16. Wow it’s Valrhona Chocolate! I’ve gotta give it a try to make sure they don’t short change my chocolate. Yummy…maybe I outta try it out tonight.

  17. ruehyinn/blueepinkk

    Seriously sweet for you to eat at Bruno with Su Ann 🙂

  18. KY, I just woke up and i feel very hungry now! Pork Ribs & the Valrhona chocolate lava cake….ZOMG!!!

  19. cumi&ciki

    cute chick! lucky la… 😛

  20. The great thing about Malaysians is that despite increases in commodity prices we still won;t compromise on food.

  21. joshuaongys,
    Hahahaha, one of these days, we shall see! 😛

    Hahaha, you should thank their parents.

    Did you did you? 😀

    Interesting comment… hehe

    Eat then, eat!

    Having to wait for her was lucky? emmmm. 😛

    Hahaha, true, true.

  22. i didn’t la…. maybe next time la. I’ll bring you k?

  23. eiling,
    Wookie we shall see how it goes. 😀

  24. Mon dieu.. no wonder this review didn’t mention the prices at all.

    The pork ribs is RM120++ (supposedly enough for 2). Granted, pork ribs in Malaysia is expensive (Dave’s Deli is around RM50 for 1 person). The paella as featured on Ho Chak! is RM70++.

    The grilled pork chop is RM38++ (before taxes) is not bad. But definitely not filling enough for even a small-sized guy. Will need to order some of the tapas or appetizer to feel full. This place doesn’t serve free bread, unlike Italian restaurants.

    Zarzuela soup was good. Price is RM19++.

    Service is passable, but I guess when I walked in there with shorts (but presentable khaki shorts what) I was greeted with an unfriendly, *atas* face as if I can’t afford to eat there. Only after I started speaking proper English then the manager started to warm up slightly.

    After reading your review, didn’t order the overcooked prawns. The pasta was a little too sourish too. Our plain water was also never re-filled even though we were the only other table there.

    Overall the food and ambience is not bad, but not light on the wallet.

  25. Oh yeah, also, it was quite amusing to notice this atas place has their menu with liquid paper all over and handwritten corrections…. Some of the items like pork rib with Guinness also not available any more.

  26. CH,
    Ah, I guess they need to work on the service. There should be no excuse for not refilling an empty glass. 🙂

    I see, the place is rather new though, so I think they are still in the process of finalizing their menu.

  27. […] want it splurge a bit, there’s always Bermuda & Onions at Cangkat Bukit Bintang, and Bruno’s at Jaya 33. If you love pork, either one of these places would be pretty […]

  28. i had bad experience in this restaurant. 4 of us went,
    – the food comes in “tiny” portion,
    – and the ham with melon is more like “melon” serve with shreds of ham.
    – and its like eating 6 course dinner, our orders don’t come together, we have to finished a dish, chat for a while and then another would come after many “inquiries”.

    A better and more value for money place for Spanish pork is El Cerdo in Changkat Bkt Bintant.

    This is just another “looks-hip, expensive but taste bad” place that seems to be more and more common nowadays in KL.

  29. pork lover,
    Sorry to hear that you’ve had a bad experience. Perhaps they treated us better as reviewers?

  30. pork lover

    hehe….may be next time you should go “under cover” or “plain cloth” to get the real picture 🙂

  31. pork lover,
    But I was invited.. hahaha. 😛

  32. kyspeaks, have you heard?
    punctuality is the thief of time

  33. pinkpau,
    Hahaha, shut up 😛

  34. I took a good friend there for a birthday celebration. I reserved a table for that day in advance so I wasn’t treated unfriendly though I went there in tee, shorts & sneakers 😀

    Anyway, we ordered two dishes – Pasta con Jamon Iberico (pork pasta) & Iberian Chop, and two glasses of warm water. While the portions were just nice for us two girls the bill was a bit too pricey, I thought. Came up to slight more than RM100. We loved the Iberian Chop!! The pork was flavourful, tender and a bit of a charcoal smoke smell. Birthday brownie with a candlelight was on the house 🙂

    I would go back there to try out other pork dishes, only when I have extra cash to burn 😀

  35. Liyin,
    Glad that you had a good experience there. 😀

  36. […] kitchen is located on the ground floor of Jaya 33, right next to Bruno’s, and a few shops away from the Nagomi Shabu Shabu. The restaurant has a pretty nice alfresco dining […]

  37. I went to this restaurant about a month ago. The menu has changed and not to mention the dont have a real menu nor any deserts accept Bananas Foster. The wine selection is great. But the food and there Red wine chicken dish needs work. Hardly any flavor in the dish. The alfredo dish was perfect. I also noticed roaches in the restaurant crawling on the floor. I hope it has improved. From what i understand they didnt have a chef in the kitchen at the time i was there. Only cooks. I hope in the future this restaurant will succeed.

  38. Pei Nie Lim,
    Yah I think thye’ve changed quite a bit since, different owner already probably

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