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A couple weekends ago I made a drive all the way to Batu Caves to finally meet Penny, someone who used to work in the next building I was at but never managed to see face to face. What made this finally happen was her effective persuasion that I should try the absolute best Wat Tan Hor at Pan Heong Restaurant near Batu Caves.

Wat Tan Hor Pan Heong at Batu Caves
a simple kopitiam setting with some awesome food

The restaurant is more like a “tai chau” style kopitiam and only opens for breakfast and lunch. For the three of us, we ordered the wat tan hor (literally smooth egg flat noodle), fried noodle (mee goreng), deep fried nam yu pork, and a “fu yu” vegetable dish.

Although pretty packed, it didn’t take too long before the first dish arrives. The wat tan hor was absolutely fabulous, seriously the best I’ve had by far. The sauce thick and very flavorful, and you can taste the difference between the sauce blended with egg yolk and those with only egg white. Very different but equally tasty. There were plenty of cuttle fish, meat, and vegetable in it too.

Wat Tan Hor Pan Heong at Batu Caves
wat tan hor, mee goreng, “nam yu” pork, vegetable with “fu yu”

I also like the deep fried “nam yu” (fermented beancurd) pork. The fermented beancurd marinated into the pork gives it a distinctive taste, and of course, you need the pork to be relatively fatty to have a juicy texture to go with it. Nice but of course, very sinful.

Of course, a vegetable dish is ordered to give us an illusion of having a complete meal and hence, cancel the sin. Vitamin C is good for you.

The mee goreng, on the other hand, was nice but pale in comparison with the above dishes. I think this might be due to the lack in spiciness, and the fact that I’ve had some pretty good mee goreng like from here (PJ), and here (Penang).

Wat Tan Hor Pan Heong at Batu Caves
Pan Heong Restaurant is located only a couple hundred meters from Batu Caves

The meal for three came to RM 39.80 with both the noodle dishes at RM 8.50 each, the pork at RM 10.50 and vegetable for RM 6.50. Very reasonable and I will definitely go there again. There are a few more dishes I’d love to try, like those blogged at masak-masak and precious pea, can you say Sang Har Mien?

No. 2 Jalan Medan Batu Caves 2,
Medan Batu Caves, KL

GPS: 3.233873, 101.673456
Tel: 03-6187 7430

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  1. life is not fair, u r having all the lovely girls for company and great food..want to trade places for a day? 😉

  2. bengbeng,
    Ok please get me return air tickets to Sibu! 😀

  3. i dun hv tickets for u but can trade places with u anot ar?? lolx

  4. I wan sang har mee!!!!!

    Joshua – what tics XD

  5. The sang har meen is actually the wat tan hor but with sang har ingredients, it’s really nice I just had recently with my parent… Superb taste~ 😛

    The porridge used to taste good but now a bit not nice d….

  6. aeroplane1234

    ……awsome…… pork…….. fat……*worship*

  7. power8003

    This restaurant also serve very nice porridge. I like the frog porridge here 🙂

  8. joshuaongys,
    You already a pimp yourself ok. Don’t need to exchange. 😛

    Me too!

    oOO I see I see, *slurps*

    *yum yum*

    ooo, sounds great!

  9. Precious Pea

    The Sang Har Mien is highly recommended!!! The gravy would be even nicer with the prawn flavour, and if lucky, you get lots of roes too. Try their porridge and steamed fish head…equally good!

  10. eh bring me for makan next time if u come near my place!

  11. *LOL* –> Nice but of course, very sinful !!!

  12. Precious Pea,
    ooOo I have to try that next time.

    I don’t know where is your place laa.

    Yes yes indeed. 😀

  13. jauh gila..

  14. reading your post makes me hungry again

  15. I agreed with you man. The best ever. Soo Kee or Green View can pack their bags if compared with Pan Heong

  16. Wah liao! jauhnyer!
    Petrol mahal liao le. Eat roti nia!

  17. Yatz,
    Not jauh for everyone ok! 😀

    Eat more. 😉

    Simon Seow,
    ooO Green View is very nice.

    Hahaha, what to do.

  18. I love nam yu pork a lot… Hungry jor…

    Cooking maggie mee 😀

  19. Crunch Rex

    It is just too awesome.. when one can get great food.. that are so reasonably priced. One of the incentive to come home permanently.

  20. OMG, I ate at this place twice before but I lost the address and contact. Thank you for posting this. I wanna go again….

  21. SJ,
    Hahhaha, maggie mee is no substitute for these stuff! 😀

    Crunch Rex,
    Yes yes I agree.

    You’re welcome, jom!

  22. chris tock,
    Jom, you drive! 😛

  23. You’ve missed out on the most important item in your review! the restaurant is famous for the fish it uses… Its toman… the fish slices are in the wa tan hor and the porridge…

  24. eksk,
    Ohhh really? Didn’t know that, no wonder it’s so nice! Thanks for telling. 🙂

  25. nam yu pork sounds and looks exciting !

  26. cumi&ciki,
    Not to mention tasty! 😀

  27. lovetoeat

    Do you have GPS coordinates? Batu Cave area is really blur blur for me. Thanking you in advance.

  28. Dear lovetoeat,


  29. […] as perfect beer food. The taste a little similar to the deep fried “nam yu” pork from Pan Heong at Batu Caves, but slightly more batter and crunchier, it was really […]

  30. I go try this shop tomorrow. haha let u know nice or not after this

  31. Vege is not for vitamin c fyi

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