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Audi came up with the A3 Clubsports concept car that really shines not only in the way it looks but also in terms of the overall performance package.

In the heart of this compact 2-door 4-wheel drive sports sedan is a heavily tuned 2.0 liter TDI diesel engine that churns out 221 bhp with a massive 332 lb/ft torque that you would expect from a diesel. A six speed gearbox completes the package. The car is capable of 0-100km in about 6.6 seconds.

Audi A3 Clubsport quattro concept car
Audi A3 Clubsports quattro

The car was built specifically for an annual VW and Audi get together in Austria, lets see if Audi will bring this baby to the market. With that kind of performance and look it should be able to sell very well alongside popular offerings such as the VW GTi

Discuss : Audi A3 Clubsport concept car

  1. The car is cosy. For those with $$$ could only afford to buy.

  2. Hi,
    Cool concept car. Is this concept car the one in the IronMan movie?

  3. JK,
    I’m sure it’ll be pricey, yeah.

    I don’t recall seeing it in IronMan.

  4. revenda de hospedagem

    1 comment, i have a audi and i love this car!!! i happy with this car and not change for other.

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