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This is the best issue that SURF magazine has published so far, why? Cos you there is a 2 page story on yours truly as well as articles on my buddies ShaolinTiger and Boss Stewie from Nuffnang. Remember, remember, go get Issue #9 of SURF!

SURF Magazine's best Issue
yeay KYspeaks is there!

This is actually the first time I appear in a magazine, previously there was a little article on NST for my Nokia N82’s Soul of the Night involvement, and then of course there’s the old Kosmo article on my Koi Pond. Now anyone wanna get me on TV or radio? hee-hee

KY on SURF magazine
Mouth Wide Open

The article carries quite a narcissistic tone, it is mostly about myself and this blog. There’s how I started the blog, what sort of food I like most, how I do reviews, and even my age is revealed *gasp*.

Of course, there is a similar 2 page article on the mat salleh ShaolinTiger, and a pretty good article on the two local blog advertising firms including Nuffnang, with yet another photo of Boss Stewie plastered on main media.

ST on on SURF magazine
Boss Stewie on SURF magazine
Tim of Nuffnang

Get a copy yo!

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  1. yay!~ 1st .. ish ish .. popular ady la now .. masuk mag .. 😛

  2. u look gheyishly hensem, now u will have to tahan against the barrage of young nubile girls coming after u!

  3. kimberlycun

    ST and u have the overdone ‘im contemplative and c00l’ (read: hide me second chin) pose. learn from tim mah so merry and innocent!

  4. “with contrasting taste and texture” some more

  5. can we have your autograph?? :p

  6. steph k,
    Best. 😀

    christ tock,
    Hahahha stop it tock!

    Wah I have to learn! 😛

    Best or not? hahaha

    I charge 1 nasi lemak for an autograph! 😛

  7. Yah we need to learn new cute pose from Tim 0_o

    This is definitely the best issue of Surf! ever, everyone should go buy it now!

  8. wah can kembang now! in mag already

  9. where to get the magazine

  10. Wei, u can’t. sold out. KY bought all of it

  11. ShaolinTiger,
    Yeah, have to learn the cute pose, not easy ok!

    Best! Hot magazine wanna interview or not? 😛

    Hahhaha thanks thanks.

    Any magazine outlet should have it! 😀

    cis! LOL

  12. Ok ok, if it’s less than RM 10 I’ll buy.

  13. wahh so femes d… lucky linked you long time ago just to tumpang glamer kekeke

  14. Fuyyyoohhhhh KY big big picture in mag. LOL go and buy this month’s Mobile World as well, my picture there!

    But mine small small only nia hahaha

  15. Eh! Get me a copy! Then pass to my mum can ah? Let her see a bit lol 😛

  16. Simon Seow,
    It’s RM 9! 😀

    Hahahha, you yourself also FEHMES ok!

    Wahhh I think I can get Mobile World for free my housemate works there! 😛

    hehehe ok ok! 😀

  17. sure i’ll buy one!
    mmmm….. how come u eat and eat and eat and won’t get fat?

  18. Dabido (Femes by Association)

    Congrates guys! I’m femes by association! I know all three of you! 🙂

  19. Whateverthing Inc.
    Eat in moderation and exercise is the key! 😀

    Hahaha you are already fehmes by your own self!

  20. yitweng

    Oh so cool..! :). dude, you came along way hur. We sort of like know each other, but sort of like dunno also. any chance we go yamcha together gether, call fireangel as well 🙂

  21. ky is your mouth wide open for …. salad?

  22. yitweng,
    hahaha, you are right. Not easy getting her free time these days tho!

    Why not, lets eat together! 😉

  23. smashpOp

    fuyoh… tahniah, abang ky! 😀

  24. haaaaa! teh fehmes!

  25. How come a blogger interview suddenly turned into a food show eh =/ The headtitle is about foods or blogs? =P

  26. can i have your autograph, please?

  27. *LOL* –> mat salleh Shoalin Tiger

  28. smashpOp,
    Terima Kasih!

    LOL I’m trying I’m trying 😛

    Wannabe Economist,
    Buy a copy and read 😀

    That’ll cost you 1 teh o ais

    Hahaha, he’s memang a mat salleh what! 😛

  29. Mama BoK

    Congrats.. KY..!!! i wished i could get a copy too.. 🙂

  30. `JeromeFo

    Wow! *Respect*

  31. wah fehmes

  32. Mama BoK,
    Available everywhere magazines are sold! :

    Thanks thanks. 😀

    You too! 😀

  33. Wah so many times come out in papers – i’m so jeles la…. veli powder ful

  34. aeroplane1234

    man i tell ya, its a good start. i wish someday i see ur face on Hustler.

  35. Friedbeef,
    Hahaha you’re fehmes in your own right!

    I think we might see you there first! 😛

  36. tbh the issue with me was better 😛

  37. Wah……. dun forget to autograph when u drop by Fatty duck rice…… and u may got free stuffs from them…….. kakakakaka…

    Anyway, thanks for the tips on the map…. shall try to figure how to draw map…

  38. Paul Tan,
    To you, I’m sure. 😛

    Innocent Witch,
    Hahahaha, thanks thanks. 🙂

  39. Anonymous

    […] Source:KY’s SURFing with ST & Boss Stewie Filed under food | […]

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