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Nuffnang is doing it again, and instead of just a usual movie screening (Made of Honour), this time it is something that really entices me, a movie screening with 8 course meal at JW Marriott! I am salivating just thinking of it, slurps!

I don’t care if I have to wear formal monkey suit, black shoes, or an evening gown, I just have to get my invitation to this event on 12th June, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!

FlipFlop Flippy
My FlipFlop Flippy score, beat it, 😀

Actually I was already playing this FlipFlop Flippy game from Hong Leong Bank when it was first launch, the thing is actually damn addictive. (goddamn electric eel!) So when I saw the email from Nuffnang, I know I should be able to do good enough to qualify. I tried it again and scored myself a respected 12750 grade “A” result!

Then I saw Tim online, and I figured I’ll challenge him on this, the dude was, as usual, way too overconfident and take on my Char Kueh Teow bet in an instant!

Chatting with Boss Stewie
yeay free char kueh teow for me!

And he only did a 5400. Wahahahhaaha, lets see if he can do any better before the deadline. One eye pirate!

Update: Latest Score!
FlipFlop Flippy

Update: Latest Score again!!! at 20/5/2008!
FlipFlop Flippy 16200

Update: More score!! 2/6/2008
FlipFlop Flippy 17400

Discuss : KY Challenges Boss Stewie to FlipFlop Flippy fishing game

  1. aiyoh..this FlipFlop Flippy is driving me flipping crazy..those idiot fishies are not biting, the blardy eels are freaking too many and too fast and my stupid rod’s getting outta control. nebber mind.. tomorrow i take leave to get those stinky fishies…or die trying….arrrgggggghhhhhh

  2. Yozoranitesky,
    Wahahhaha good luck! I’m gonna go to the dinner, please score lower than me!!!!

  3. KY, how long hv u been playing the game huh? Haha. That’s a really high score man!?! :p

  4. twosuperheroes,
    Not very long la, i’m just immensely talented. LOL

  5. GO KY!! hahahahaaahahaa

  6. Cis! higher than my score! Cis!

  7. your score’s high weii !

  8. Hope you can win it 🙂

  9. joshuaongys,

    You noob! 😀

    Tenkiu very much! 😉

    Thanks thanks thanks!!! I want the dinner!!

  10. i shall challenge u KY! 😛

  11. wow… higher than mine leh… how u do it ah ??

    pls pls… other ppl… dun fish too much… not good for ya health !! hahaa… lemme win, k ?? thank QIU !!

  12. tom,
    Do it! I dare you! 😛

    Hehehehe, good luck! 😀

  13. cheh cheh… my highest score was 12150 laa… slightly lower than u niaa.. heheee…

    too bad, didnt manage to save the screenshot… 🙁

  14. atrica,
    Try try again!! 😀

    Boss Stewie,
    blek 😛

  15. Jacquelyn

    Wee~~ I beat your score, mwahahaha!

  16. wah, i didnt even go thru 10k. is there some tricks?

  17. how to even get to 10k? i tried and only 5k….. 🙁

  18. Jacquelyn,
    Wah you more Keng!!!

    No trick, just have to be quick! 😀

    Hahaha you can shake hand with Stewie 😛

  19. wow.. you’re good.. any tips?? 😀

  20. Hahaha. You’re pretty good at it. May the best man win. =)

  21. Dabido (Go Fish)

    But … I don’t fish! I’m allergic to them!!!

  22. sarahliane,
    Be quick, and talented! 😛 (actually just practice a lot!)

    Hehehe thanks!

    You don’t need to touch them!

  23. Try so long till my fingers ache…finally got 12,900 so happy – look at the wall of fame…WTF someone got 17,700!

    I try so many times can’t break 13k.

  24. Alamak! Now you got higher score! I must try harder >_>

  25. ShaolinTiger,
    People over 30 reaction slower ok! LOL
    I’m not sure if the really high score one got cheat or not, apparently you can do it with older version of flash player.

    Hahhaha, good luck!

  26. Ah, you’ve set the benchmark. Now must beat you.

  27. Hey.. KY… I bet another Char kueh teow that Tim will lose… Can ar?

    Btw.. teruk as if????? <<— my blog…

  28. Shaolin, maybe you should use some of your kungfu skills to catch some fish too :p

  29. Mission accomplished 🙂

    Now aiming for higher marks! Go go go!

  30. Simon Seow,
    Do it! 😀

    Hahhaha, you bet with who? 😛

    That one only river fish. hehe


  31. Just played the game.. Now I’m sure Tim will lose…. I Buy you win with lifetime char kueh teow as a bet… Tim spend us all… LOL =X

  32. hmmmmm i still got time to play this game (procrastination again). 40 places to fight for.

  33. J-5on,
    Hahahhaha, as long as he agrees!

    johnny ong,
    Hahha, good luck!

  34. i’m trying… and i wanna beat ur score !!! heheee… 😛

    *how i wished*

  35. Yah honestly I suspect they cheat by slowing down the timer or something, because I’ve run the whole game missing only a few fish and still get only 13-14,000.

    17k seems vaguely possible, but a little far-fetched.

    Then the people with 24k…not possible.

  36. eh eh… what if other people go to your blog and save ur screenshot ?? den how ??

  37. atrica,
    Good luck! hahaha

    I suspected that too, should be possible with old version of flash.

    Karma will get to them! 😀

  38. so this is wat adults do when they are free huh?

  39. rachel,
    Hahhaha of course! 😀

  40. Buahahaha I beat you LOL

  41. David,
    Arghh not fair you use gaming mouse!

  42. very sad ok.. only can get 5k… ai~… i hate those eels..

  43. haha..i just got 9K..average 6K only..tell me the secret laa..i’m using gaming mouse also cant beat u..

  44. Emily,
    Work harder!

    Try harder! Or maybe hopeless already 😛

  45. i did work a bit harder but i only got 7k.. hahaha… i quit..

  46. Emily,
    Do it again do it!! 😀

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  48. hehe.. now that exam’s finish i have tons of time to play…. hmm… should i? should i not? haha

  49. Emily,
    Do it! Cheap entertainment too! 😛

  50. @_@
    Can’t get those fishes out of the water…

  51. angel101,
    Jerk it up jerk it! 😀

  52. wah.. this is too much!! 16200g!!!
    wtf man..!!!

  53. tom,
    I have even higher score haven’t posted. 😛

  54. Matthew

    I’ve only managed 13650 so far…arggghhh!

  55. Matthew,
    Try harder young man! 😛

  56. Matthew

    Looks like someone is altering@hacking@causing mischief to the hall of fame |||>_<

  57. Matthews,
    Yeah, I believe there’s no way anyone could break 20k without hacking.

  58. NOT GOOD… haha i just 14k nia *sniff sniff*

  59. Will,
    hahaha try harder!!!

  60. power8003

    someone just got a score of 32k yesterday. it is quite impossible.

  61. power8003,
    I don’t think that’s possible without hacking the application. 🙂

  62. If i meet you in dinner i will tell you how to get 32K 😛 But i think hlb already banned the scores that ever 30K…

  63. SJ,
    hahhaha okay 😀

  64. that top scorer in HLB contest is u!! haha..nvm, i just got the ame score as you!! will try harder too!! 😛

  65. YM,
    I will soon upload another slightly higher score! 😛

  66. As Suanie Sees It » fishing my way to ‘made of honour’

    […] know it’s not as awesome as some of you, but… bah maybe I am just not made for […]

  67. u freaking crazy 1 la!!

  68. Robb,
    I pro, what crazy? Pro ok! 😛

  69. at the time i’m reading this, i’ve seen higher deities than u in fishing. lol

  70. Robb,
    Well I’m not sure how many of them cheats the game! 😀


  72. tom,
    This one’s not cheating ok! 😛

  73. Upgrade again 🙂

  74. SJ,
    Hehehe, competition too stiff!

  75. hey hey… i won… see u at the dinner !!


    *excited* 😛

  76. atrica,
    Congratulations! See you there! 😀

  77. […] the Made of Honor movie screening event, some of you might remember how I challenge Stewie on the fishing game (you owe me CKT, Stewie!) to get to this event. I was so excited for the 8 course meal at JW […]

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