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Teow Chew porridge is always one of the de facto comfort food to me, whenever I have a case of bad stomach or running under the weather, this would be my food of choice. Not overpowering, light yet can be flavorful, and best of all, pretty economical.

The teow chew porridge at Sun Fat Kee kopitiam is one of the more traditional establishments, with quite a variety of choices and steaming hot watery porridge every afternoon.

Teow Chew Porridge at Restaurant Sun Fat Kee
Teow Chew porridge, the ultimate comfort food

For a single person, I usually take a cincaru fish (leather jacket, like at Mum’s place) kembong, luncheon meat (spam), and a piece of tofu. At this stall, everything is done right, the kembong is fried/seared with plenty of chili padi and just enough amount of salt. The texture of the fish and it’s saltiness goes very well with the porridge.

Of course, luncheon is always one of my favorite dishes to go with porridge. They deep fried it with a thin layer of egg batter to add to the meat’s flavor as well. Then there’s the tofu to provide another type of texture from the other two dishes. Nice.

Teow Chew Porridge at Restaurant Sun Fat Kee
cincaru fish, spam, tofu, slurps

The meal costs less than RM5, healthy (to a certain extend) and guarantee to not upset the stomach. If you’re looking for comfort food, this is the one.

Teow Chew Porridge at Restaurant Sun Fat Kee
Sun Fat Kee kopitiam is located at Seapark

The same kopitiam has one of the better nasi lemak at night, and opposite it there’s the Soo Kee Ipoh kueh teow soup during the day time.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Discuss : KY eats – Teow Chew Porridge at Sun Fatt Kee, PJ Seapark

  1. that’s kembong and not cincaru lah

  2. Kelvin,
    No? I think it is cincaru… always confuses me. :S

  3. it’s kembong lah nabeh

  4. Kelvin,
    ok kembong it is then. 😀

  5. how to differentiate between kembong and cincaru?

  6. adry azad

    aiyar.. kembung ka.. cincaru ka.. but was it best!?

  7. Both also the same, as long as can eat lol.

  8. i love porridge! but now this type of teocheow porridge is overpriced too, fish usually costs rm3 or rm4/pc. i must go try it one day at seapark other than eating the nasi lemak only hehe.

  9. Jolene,
    Cincaru has thicker skin. 😀

    adry azad,
    All best!

    Hahhaha, true. 😛

    Yeah some of these places are charging too much!

  10. Have you eaten steamboat porridge before? I absolutely love it! =)

  11. Nice and simple meal..We love it too..Been wanting to try out that nasi lemak you’ve mentioned abt as well..Must make it there one of these days! Haha. :p

  12. Princess Shin,
    Yeah I did, too filling. :S

    Do it, do it! 😀

  13. aeroplane1234

    my father used to say this was poor people’s meal. and now turns out to be so expensive.

    that explains why teo chew people are some of the richest on this planet.

  14. Reminds me that my father used to bring me to Jln Raja Laut for teo chew porridge supper .

  15. aeroplane1234,
    Yeah, just like mamaks!

    Simon Seow,
    ooO, porridge for supper is better than having roti canai. 😀

  16. adry azad

    ky… roti canai pwns all, ok!?

  17. adry azad,
    By all you mean your heart, your liver, kidney, etc etc?

  18. there is one teocheow porridge with branches too, called ‘jian fatt’ or something. their stuff are not bad, but overpriced already

  19. xin,
    Yeah, these days a lot of the teow chew porridge places are getting pricy!

  20. the fish…the fish!!!! looks yummy!!! meoooow…


    yes indeeed has been their regulars for many years already. Their pricing is reasonable especially always ordered single serving but at least 5 items…multi choices with economical $ price.


    but if ever u wanna try pandamaran porridge with ordered tai chow style then heads over to Wah Yuan reatoran in pandamaran. baudget for 3-4 less $50.

  23. serena,
    Yeah it is! 😀

    oOOoo pandamaran, I don’t even know where is that. :/

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