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A little over a week ago I had the chance to eat at Nikko hotel for the second time. The first one was a Guinness St. Patrick’s day event about 2 months ago with the awesome lamb shank, this time it was hi-tea at their Cafe Serena Brasserie, arranged by foodstreet. I was again greeted by the friendly host Azira for this occasion.

Update 18/8/2013: Nikko Hotel is now Intercontinental Hotel

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie
choices of pastries

To be honest, this was the first time I had hi-tea anywhere. I initially thought that hi-tea would actually involve some sort of really high class tea, but apparently it is just a buffet style late afternoon meal that can be quite substantial. Oh well, learn something new everyday – never to simply assume.

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie
may I have a bowl of that please?

The hi-tea at Cafe Serena Brasserie serves quite a lot of dishes, from a huge selection of pastries, raw oysters, mussels, clams, wantan soup, mee goreng, cheese cakes, ice kacang, to mini potato, mee hun soup, satey, and even chocolate fondue. Definitely more than enough for anyone’s stomach. I was spoiled for choices.

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie
raw oysters, mini wantan soup, baked mussels and more

I started off my meal with a serving from the raw bar, a few fresh raw oysters, mussels, prawns, and clams. As with any buffet, you should always start with things that aren’t very strong tasting and work your way from there. If you started off with satey and plenty of peanut sauce with extra chili, the taste buds will be desensitized to dishes with subtler tastes.

Between chatting with Azira and taking some photos, I had a mini wantan soup, salad, some pastries, pancake, and moved on to satey, fried chicken, and the very very good meehun soup (my favorite). Then of course it was chocolate fondue and some fruits for dessert. But I did sneaked in another serving of oysters as I simply cannot resist.

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie
a bit of noodle, chocolate, raw stuff, fruits, healthy meal ya.

In all, it was a very satisfying and hearty meal. While the food was very good, the hospitality from Azira was even better. We throughly enjoyed the session. Thanks!

More pictures can be found at my flickr set.

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie
Sammy enjoying her meehun soup, and the friendly Azira

Other than Hi-tea on weekends and public holidays, Cafe Serena Brasserie also serves buffet breakfast daily, as well as lunch and dinner on Mondays to Fridays. Buffet dinner has an even wider selection of food, including sashimi from their Japanese kitchen as well.

Nikko Hotel Hi-tea, Cafe Serena Brasserie

165, Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.159767, 101.718045
Tel: 603-2782 6228

Discuss : KY eats – Hi-tea at Cafe Serena Brasserie, Nikko Hotel, KL [Closed]

  1. oysters, mussels, wantan mee.. fondue?? wa.. sounds more like dinner man! nice spread:)

  2. KY, can u please bring me along with you at least one?! Boo Hoo!! 🙁 So many nice and yummy food! Me want too!

  3. WAHH you are so lucky? BRING ME TOO! haha How come with all these nice food you are still so skinny? :p

  4. AhDave

    KY: Next you should try the Japanese restaurant upstairs. Personally, i think its better taste than Serena

  5. i love high teassssssss

  6. sotong

    Rachel: KY only bring hotchick along….

  7. cumi&ciki,
    most definitely. 😀

    one of these days, one of these days. 😉

    Hehehe 😛

    I have yet to try that, I think they’ll go for a renovation on their Japanese restaurant soon too.

    tea that gets you high? 😀

    ngek ngek ngek.

  8. all the food makes me hungry

  9. Hi-Tea is always my preference.. Good food always.. mostly at any hotel lah..
    But this Nikko hotel’s one is nice.. from the pictures..

    OMG!.. Azira is working there now!

  10. hwchua,
    Eat Eat Eat! 😀

    Ops, you actually know her?

  11. carrie

    how much per person? from what time to what time?

  12. how come how come u never get fat wan… ><

    dun reply hehehe like how u replied sheryl =) hahaha EXPLAIN!! its really a pain for us peeps who will get fat if we eat much..

  13. carrie,
    Hi-tea is 55++, dinner is a bit more if I remember correctly, but menu will be different too. 😉

    see Sammy’s reply below. lol

  14. dragon fruit..i love that fruit..have 3 dragon fruit plans at the backyard of my house..hee~

  15. Sheryl & Joshua, I can answer for u 😀 Cos he has an adequate appetite! Variety, not quantity is teh key.

    Btw, Azira’s mom is so cool! XD

  16. d2z,
    ooO, plants you mean? 😀

    Hahaha no doubt! 😀

  17. yeah..plants..not plan..typo..hee~

  18. reta chants: “put on more weigh!”

  19. I’ve tried their hi-tea when they first open many years ago, and had very high regards to them. Now that you’ve reviewed, guess its time to pay them another visit!

  20. d2z,
    Hahah no worries 😀

    You also never put on any weight! 😛

    Do it! 😀

  21. yes.. i know her from Taylor’s College…
    She was a lecturer there before.. 😉

  22. tom,
    Haaaaaaaa! You’re absolutely right! Small world.

  23. ky’s hands not spotted in this post!

  24. Paul Tan,
    You’re too free, paul. lol

  25. Wei, no fair one! You gorge yourself all d time and the fondue **gasps, drool, drool** and you still skinny. Ceh.

  26. brought my mom to this cafe for buffet dinner on mother’s day. food variety / selection is not bad but still prefer shangri-la’s lemon garden for buffet dinner

  27. Foong,
    Exercise, and eat in moderation! 😛

    johnny ong,
    oOOo I see, Shangri-La’s slightly more pricier right?

  28. somebody who knows about price for hi-tea per i want make reunion for my class..

  29. Samantha Phua

    hi…i would like to have high tea not the buffet…where else i can have high tea with my parent?any recomman?

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