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Iron Man the movie

Thanks to Eyeris who managed to source a pair of extra tickets for Iron Man last night, I got to watch this show before the official release this weekend. Before you ask, the movie is awesome and totally kick ass, you have to watch it when it comes out this weekend. Now lets proceed to a bit of a “review” that might or might not contain spoilers, read at your own risk.

Iron Man the movie
Tony Stark’s first armour

For those who didn’t grow up with American comics (ie: me, I was reading Chinese version of Doraemon and Lau Fu Tze), Iron Man has his super power not via genetic mutation nor being born on some other planet. Instead, somewhat like Bruce Wayne in Batman, Tony Stark is an industrialist who archive superpower-hood via his engineering brilliance. If you haven’t figured it out, he built the freaking armour that allows him to fly, shoot people, carry heavy loads, etc etc.

Iron Man the movie
2nd version in the making

The story doesn’t stray very far from the typical superhero movies, with the introduction of the main character as an ordinary person to the transformation that makes him a superhero to the final fight with the super villain. The difference is, of course, Robert Downy Jr. fits the profile of Tony Stark perfectly, and Gwyneth Paltrow played a brilliant role in being Pepper Potts.

Iron Man the movie
awesome or not?

Then there’s the absolutely awesome CG that blends it perfectly while bringing the awe factor not any less than Transformers. You’ll love the movie, watch it!

Iron Monger in Iron Man
the enemy, iron monger

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  1. The poster looks very ‘X Men’.

    And it’s definitely nice to see Gweyneth back in the big screen again.

  2. hcfoo,
    Yeah, Gweyneth played her role superbly here. 😀

  3. Just watched it 4 hours ago. Heh! Damn nice.

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  5. adry azad

    bleh u beat me to writing this ky!!!! i’m gonna get dupree to bash ur head in

  6. Wow…now we feel like watching it too! How long is the movie?? :p

  7. Jason,

    adry azad,
    Why’re you so slow DupREE?

    Do it! The movie is about 2 hours.

  8. manusia besi best..but dun think gonna watch it anytime soon..maybe later..sure packed kaw kaw one..

  9. davidlian

    Yes! I will go watch it next week!

  10. hell yeah for tony starks!!!

  11. Dabido (Ironing Man)

    Aw, you ruined it by telling me he was made of iron!!!! Wonder if he can do my ironing super fast. 🙂

    I believe superheroes who fall into the Batman / gadget type genre are called Gadgeteers. Similar to the Green Hornet and others. So Tony Stark [who was black in some of the comics] is a gadgeteer [as well as an industrialist]. I seem to remember he was often paired with Thor in a few comic books [I think they’re friends as both super heroes and as people in the ones I read].

    I guess they didn’t give Ironman nostrils to keep Robert Downy Jr off the Coke! [No offence to RD Jr. When I saw he was playing the role it was enough to make up my mind to see the movie.] 🙂

  12. My favourite Marvel comic is The Amazing Spider-man. But will watch this too. Marvel comics rocks.

  13. Yatz,
    Packed so what? You’ll get your own seat anyway. 😛

    chris tock,


    Stim! 😀

    Hahahhaa you’re nuts. 😛

    Simon Seow,
    You don’t need to have only one favorite. Hehe

  14. I’m gonna watch it soon~ hehehehe.

  15. s!mple cheryl

    Got to agree with you. The movie was pretty good.

  16. Ellone

    I wanna watch today ……..!!!
    But dunno manage to get the tickets anot ? T.T

  17. Damn “keng” this movie…. i just watched it… it roxs!!

  18. kahyeec

    Audience start laughing when the translation
    starts with “Orang Besi”. Movie damn cool but 1 kiss/sex scene got cut quite obvious just 4 minutes in.

  19. Dabido (Nuts Man)

    Please, stop mentioning my tackle!!!!

  20. keeyit

    I saw a lot of bloggers wrote this Iron man review.. I should go for it too..

  21. JuLJuL,
    I’m sure you’ll love it!

    s!mple cheryl,
    Yes yes!

    Good luck! 😀

    yah, Roxxx!

    Hahahah, but we didn’t miss much, the kiss/sex scene isn’t that important anyway. 😉


    Do it! 😀

  22. wow, many people blog bout this movie, here just on the screen, the price abit expensive, RM10/person, so wont watch it at the moment. Wait for lady nigth & movie day.

  23. Amei79,
    You see, I’m not a female, it’d be the same price for me. hehe. 😀

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