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It is no secret that Japanese food is one of my favorite international cuisines. Sashimi, sushi, tempura, hand rolls, teriyaki, teppanyaki, I like them all. The culinary experience I had when I visited Tokyo 2 years ago is still fresh in my memory, as I lick my lips again…

update (11/10/2010): Rakuzen has moved to GTower at LG-05 & LG-06, GTower, 199, Jln Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur

Luckily, there are many good Japanese restaurants in this part of the world, and one of my absolute favorite would be Rakuzen, a place I visited on a regular basis ever since I came back from the States. In fact, the blog entry on Rakuzen at Subang Jaya is one of my first food articles. I bet you can imagine my enthusiasm when I was invited to a food review session at Rakuzen @ Chulan Square.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square
Sashimi Moraiwase

According to the friendly host and restaurant manager, Jack, Rakuzen Subang is where everything started, and this Chulan Square location is the second branch. Then there’s the Pyramid Zen, and I found out that they also run my favorite conveyor belt sushi place, Zanmai Sushi! I believe there is also a Zanmai outlet at Gardens, you can check it here.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square
the really zen like ambiance

Chef Ah Fai at Rakuzen is one of the top apprentices of the bald Japanese chef heads the Subang branch and has been making sushi & sashimi for more than a decade. For this review, he prepared the signature dish sashimi moraiwase, a sashimi salad, dragon roll, and assorted tempura. I was already drooling while taking these photos.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square
sashimi moraiwase, sashimi salad, dragon roll, tempura

The sashimi includes sake (salmon), maguro (tuna), otoro (tuna belly), ika (squid), tako (octopus), amaebi (sweet shrimp), uni (sea urchin), and a Spanish mackerel, everything imported from Japan and properly stored in their special -15 C fridge to ensure freshness. Order individually, everything would totaled to over RM 200, so the RM 150 dish offers very good value.

The raw fish were very very good, especially the otoro, fatty savory tuna belly that melts in your mouth; of course, the sea urchin is always one of my favorites too, texture of raw brain but with the tastes of that unique sweetness. It was very very satisfying, everything tasted perfect, with proper cuts and the right temperature too.

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square
chef Fai and his creations

As for the sashimi salad, there were plenty of raw fish, squid, and a generous portion of ebiko (fish roe) on top of all the fresh vegetable, tomato, and cucumber in a creamy topping that tasted slightly sourish. This is perfect for someone who loves to have raw fish but doesn’t want to have the rice to go with it. (you can choose to fill your stomach with just sashimi and break the bank at the same time).

The dragon roll is made by deep frying a big tiger prawn and wrapped it with seaweed sheet, sushi rice, avocado, and topped with some Japanese mayonnaise. There were carrots, prawn, egg plants, and even the mint leaf in the tempura dish. I find the half fried mint leaf having a very interesting taste with a unique texture. I always eat the mint leaf served with sashimi anyway, try it!

map to Chulan Square, Rakuzen
Rakuzen at Chulan Square is just a short walk from Pavilion KL

It was a very sumptuous and satisfying lunch that is second only to the hospitality by the good chef and the restaurant manager Jack. The invitation was arranged by foodstreet.

Block B Lot 2A Chulan Square,
92 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 KL

GPS: 3.148518, 101.716114
Tel: 03-2145 6200

Discuss : KY eats – Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant at Chulan Square

  1. hmmmm everytime pass by there but never thought of trying lol

  2. wah! I wannnnnn…. *drool*

    Got voucher to gimme kar, KY? 😛

  3. David,
    OoO it’s a nice place. You should try it when you have a chance!

    Danny Foo,
    What kinda voucher? LOL, I have no voucher.

  4. now i have a sudden urge for japanese food 😛

  5. )#%&@)%&@#)$!@#($%#(!@

  6. The ingredients, with captivating colors were presented in such beautiful way. It’s art of food!

  7. suanie,

    That’s a good thing. 😀

    ngek ngek ngek 😛

    True, true. 🙂

  8. sigh… so pretty…

  9. hows the price like? the food’s making my tummy growl

  10. hmm..not a japs food lover but look at the pics makes me stim..

  11. I hosted a TV program for about Rakuzen at MiTV while I was still in M’sia…

    Sashimi and sushi tasted superb to me!! And you’re right, the Dragon Roll rocks…

  12. *about Rakuzen for MiTV

  13. Bee Nee,
    More like, so delicious!

    Price is surprisingly reasonable, you can get a very good set lunch for RM28 – RM30+. One of my favorites for lunch is their Chirasi Sushi set at RM28++, try it!

    Beverly’s Secret,
    ooO, interesting, yah the food is awesome. 😉

  14. I have been wanting to go. Recently they opened one at Desa Park City…. ish… now itchy liao… wanna go

  15. The word fish reminds me of the “sakana, sakana” song playing at the sushi section at Jusco MV yesterday. *LoL*

  16. you’re worse!! you never call me, then take pictures and show me before blogging about it RARGHJ!!!

    tomorrow i’ll stick a banana up your @ss and throw u into the elephant den >)

  17. Bernsy,
    Ohh, yeah that is a pretty new branch. Let us know when you try it. 😉


    chris tock,
    Ngek ngek ngek. 😛

  18. japanese foor FTW..woot~
    me gonna go to sake i guest..dunno where..the sis wanna went there to treat me..

  19. d2z,
    Sake? I heard it’s a bit pricey?

  20. Is the Zen in Pyramid same as Rakuzen? I’ve always love Zen. 🙂

  21. yawen,
    Yes, you are right. That’s the 2nd or 3rd branch if I’m not mistaken.

  22. Crunchasarus Rex

    I wanna be food blogger too..!!
    wait i come home first ya.. 🙂

  23. Crunchasarus Rex,
    Hahaha, I’ll welcome you to the club with open arms! 😀

  24. end up going to lyp again and bought the samsung 22″..dont have much time to go to sake..mayb next time..*sigh~

  25. d2z,
    There’s always next time. 😀

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  27. wow! lucky you. damn i am quite into korean and jap food lately. how about the price there? affordable?

  28. xin,
    Price is very reasonable for the quality that you get IMHO. 🙂

  29. KY, have you tried another jpn restaurant called “Yoko” located at changkat b. bintang? What do you think about the food there?

  30. ven,
    Haven’t, too many places, too little time and money. 😛

  31. KY, what do you think between the two Rakuzen? Bukit Bintang or Subang Jaya better? Do you been to Rakuzen Subang Jaya recently since your blogged about it two years ago.

  32. boon,
    I think they are both comparable. The sifu chef from Japan is at Subang, and his number 1 apprentice is at Bukit Bintang. I like the ambiance at Subang more, and I do go there pretty often as it is also closer to where I stay.

  33. Thanks KY. Your answer is definately help me to decide which Rakuzen to go. I agree with you as I would prefer the Subang outlet since I live in Klang. Its nearer to my place.

  34. boon,
    You’re welcome! 😀

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  36. lkhamsuren


  37. Ikhamsuren,

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