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Ever since I came back from the States, I’ve been having a tough time finding good steak. The “western food” hawker stalls are usually pretty good with their chicken chop and perhaps fish and chips, but the steaks are about as thick as a notepad and tasted equally disappointing. I’ve also tried some of the restaurants like cafe chinoz at KLCC but the steak was not exactly up to standard, I couldn’t even finish the filet mignon there. I’ve heard that Le Meridien’s Prime Grill serves very good steak, but the price is a bit out of reach. I’ve almost accepted the fate that I shall just forget about having steak, until I went to Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square last week.

Argentinian Steak, Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square
excellent interior, chef Kamaruddin and yours truly

Gaucho Grill is one of the very few Argentinian restaurants in Klang Valley. Chef Kamaruddin explained that Argentina is actually the 2nd largest consumer of beef in the world, just after US (with 7.5x more in population). Vegetable is not exactly popular, the south Americans love their meat. Gaucho Grill imports all their meat from herds raised by gauchos (cowboys) of Argentina.

Argentinian Steak, Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square
starters: garlic bread, seafood soup, escargot, mixed crunch

The three of us that attended this review session by foodstreet were first served with some really nice garlic bread, Escargot, their Sopa Oceano (seafood soup), and the rather large portion of Mixed Crunch.

The seafood soup has the texture between that of a minestrone soup and pasta sauce, very thick and packed with the sweetness from the scallops, prawns, and mussels that swim in it. It was good. The Mixed Crunch is a dish of finger food that would go very well with beer. Crispy prawn with garlic mayo, mussels, fried mushroom, onion fritter, salmon floret, bruschetta of tomato and feta cheese, and seared scallop with balsamic oil, it was actually pretty hearty for a starter.

Argentinian Steak, Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square
main: t-bone steak, salmon and half lobster, beef tenderloin, lamb rack

Next came the four main dishes for the day, we had the La Boca (T-bone Steak), Peublo (Prime Steer Beef Tenderloin), El Codero (Lamb Rack), and El Rey de Mar (Salmon and half Lobster). Two beef, a lamb, and a seafood dish, perfect!

Both the T-bone steak and tenderloin were some of the best beefs I’ve had for a long time. While our dishes were prepared in medium, I personally would like it in medium rare for an even juicier experience. The T-bone is a whopping 450 gram (1 pound) of steak served with rosemary butter. No other sauce is used to distract the natural taste of beef. It was really good.

For the most tender cut served at Gaucho Grill, the good chef prepared the Peublo, a very thick cut of prime steer beef tenderloin that is served with mushroom gravy, zucchini, and fries. The meat was very tender and juicy it brought back my filet mignon (the good one at States, not the lousy version at KLCC) experience.

Argentinian Steak, Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square
juicy meat, almond crumble and choc madeleine desserts

As good as the beef dishes were, the El Codero (lamb rack) was equally delicious. Three pieces of very juicy and tender ribs (280gm) served with ratatouille and pesto, I don’t think I’ve had lamb this good before. Even better than the marinate Jaime’s mom made during one of our BBQ sessions.

Other than red meat dishes, we had the El Rey de Mar (roasted salmon and baked half lobster). The salmon was roasted just nice and lobster, well, it was how lobsters taste like, very succulent and never disappoint.

We managed to sample 2 desserts after all these food, the Choc Madeleine is perfect for chocolate lovers with apricot on moist choc, ice cream, and warm choc fudge. The Panna Cotta is similar to creme brulee, but served cold with dark cherry and raspberry stew. The desserts are made in house as well.

Argentinian Steak, Gaucho Grill at Chulan Square
Chulan Square is adjacent to Pavilion KL

Steaks are priced at around RM 68-80, desserts are RM 13-16. There’s also a very good deal for set lunches on weekdays between 12-3pm, for RM 26 you get soup, salad, ice lemon tea, and a main dish (rib eyes, burgers, etc).

The food was really good, and I have no doubt I will go there again. 🙂

More pictures of this place at my flickr set

Block B, Lot 5 Chulan Square
92 Jalan Raja Chulan,
50250 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.148518, 101.716114
Tel: 03-2145 4268

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  1. wtfbbqsos..expected for such nice grills and thrills for that price..i was expecting in the range of chillis or somewhere there >.<

    and what a detailed descriptions on its taste, flavour and ingredients..

  2. Wah say! Invited for free meal, eh? 😀

  3. “The food was really good, and I have no doubt I will go there again.”

    Salivate….don’t forget me, ya.

  4. Yatz,
    Ah, but they are of different class, my young padawan. 😀

    Once in a while, once in a while. 😉

    Come! 😛

  5. bestnyer
    i want!

  6. suanie,
    Jom! 😛

  7. Thanks to the pics, my keyboard is filled with my saliva now… LOL

  8. Real steaks man. Comparable to those at the States.

  9. ohhh…so now we know what Gaucho Grill serves. We used to pass by there very frequently, and never fail to notice the cow “statue” in front of the restaurant!

  10. hao,
    Hahaha, they tastes as good as they look!

    Simon Seow,
    True true.

    Now you are in the know! 😀

  11. u made me have plans of using up all my money even before i get it… i’m currently in industrial training and get a very lil amount of “allowance” only… and ur posts are like making me *gahhhhhh*



  13. joshuaongys,
    Hahaha, money is for food, what else do you want to use it for? 😛

    cos the lobster’s not crazy! 😛

  14. you should try tony roma bro. they have good steaks there…

  15. fairuz,
    Oh really? Haven’t heard many people talk about their steaks. Will have to try one of these days. 🙂

  16. just-tin

    i have tried many steaks all over kl too, but i still prefer the one in jake’s charboil in damansara heights.. Have u try it?? they have the best steak.. must order the australian ones. .

  17. lolz to save up and buy other stuffs?? haha and yea nice meeting u at MDG Finale!!

  18. just-tin,
    oOOo I’ve heard good things about that place, but haven’t had the chance to go there yet! Thanks!

    Nice meeting you too! 😀

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  20. Hi KY! Argentinian steak is REALLY good! In Buenos Aires, u can cincai walk into any cafe or pub and get an excellent steak for only ~RM20-30.
    Once I ordered a steak for AGP20 (about RM20) in a bar/restaurant. When it came I was a bit disappointed as it has no sauce. Just a dry piece of grilled meat. I tot it must be crap. But the moment I chewed it.. waaah.. so damn good! Very tender, juicy, with a thin crispy layer on the outside (it was ‘medium’). So much better than the RM60 steaks in Msia!!
    I hope the steaks in this Gaucho place will be as good as those in Argentina. Will definitely pay a visit when I get back.
    Btw, i stumbled upon ur blog at the photomalaysia site.

  21. Jerome,
    Thanks for commenting. I have no doubt that food at its original place is usually be better than exported. Would really love to have a chance to visit South America myself one of these days! 😀

  22. Yet to try Gaucho, but I would like to recommend Tony Roma’s. They have the best ribs I ever had. I’ve heard from my cousin, who was a chef at Victoria Station, that La Cigone at Colmar Bukit Tinggi had the best steak in town, but I’ve yet to try it.

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  24. Dear KY and all, is the food still good at Gaucho Grill? Please advise. TQ. ❓

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