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Just before heading to Bangkok, I had the chance to do a review at Pearl International Hotel’s Sunday Japanese Buffet. Being a fan of Japanese food, I naturally accepted the offer without any hesitation.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
glorious oysters, mussels, and crabs

The Sunday buffet is actually something new for Pearl International Hotel. I was a little skeptical on the quality and choices of food as the hotel does not have an in-house Japanese restaurant. However, I was proven wrong on both assumptions when I reached the hotel at around 12pm. A writer from NST was joining us for the review session as well.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
wide variety of food, including desserts and fruits

The buffet is set up at Deli Corner, the restaurant right by the main lobby with seating capacity of around 200. The setting is rather large, with almost every type of Japanese food on the various buffet lines. From raw oysters, sushi and sashimi, to tempura and sukiyaki, the selection was impressive.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
the raw stuff: sushi, sashimi, oysters, and chuka idako (baby octopus)

The proper way to start off with a Japanese buffet is, of course, by attacking the raw bar. I got myself a few pieces of raw oysters, some mussels, and a couple steamed prawns to go with a serving of sashimi. This is to ensure that the taste buds aren’t contaminated by the stronger flavored cooked item.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
soba, sukiyaki, tofu, and green tea ice cream

The oysters, mussels, and prawns were very good. As for the sashimi, the standard is rather normal. Then again I’ve never had really outstanding sashimi from a buffet. The finer cuts are usually only catered to ala carte menu where a plate of sashimi moriawase costs more than a ticket to this buffet, so I guess it is only fair.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
noodle, tempura, chawanmushi

I then moved on to sample some chuka idako (baby octopus), tempura, tofu, vegetables, and terikyaki sticks. I particularly like the way they serve chuka idako in a soup spoon. Very exquisite and yet easy to take, easy to eat, and without the chance to make a mess. These cooked food didn’t disappoint me, they are at least on par with the midrange Japanese restaurants.

Pearl International Hotel Japanese Buffet
ahh, some sake to go with everything, perfect

I had the chef made me a very delicious bowl of sukiyaki with beef too, and another serving of raw food before calling it a meal. At the end, I couldn’t resist the green tea ice cream for dessert, 2 scoops of sweetness, bliss!

map to Pearl International Hotel
Pearl International is situated right next to Plaza OUG at Old Klang Road

The meal is priced at RM 48++ per person, seniors can get in for RM 40++ and kids at RM 30++. Pretty decent price for the amount of offerings you get to have. Currently it is only on for Sunday buffet lunch, but do give them a call as the F&B Manager Lawrance Khoh told me they are planning to expand this operation looking at the strong demand. Give it a try!

Invitation arranged by FoodStreet.

Batu 5, Jalan Klang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

GPS: 3.084701,101.67322
Tel: 03-7983 1111

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  1. first! haha~! -.-”

    ooooh~ sashimi~~~ sushi~~ yum!!

  2. Wah, cheaper than Shogun. Must go try. Did you mention Sunday? T_T

  3. Ticks of this sunday’s lunch

  4. rachel,
    RAwwwwww @.@

    Simon Seow,
    Yes yes Sunday. 😉


  5. ooh i love japanese buffet. I hope they will have it on Saturday too!! But the price should lower down abit if they wanna attract more crowd cos for RM48++ many would go to seisaki or shogun for the wide variety of selection.

  6. wah…something that’s close to home! haha..hey, RM48++ is not bad huh. :p

  7. fashionasia,
    I’ve never tried saisaki nor shogun yet, but I think the prices are not very different right? 🙂

    Ooo didn’t know you live near Old Klang. 😀

  8. wah best..when wan go again? 😀

  9. wow… RM48 for that variety of Japanese food is NOT BAD!!! good la u get to eat hahahaha.. why la u not fat one O.O

  10. From the variety shown in the pictures… RM$48++ sound like a good deal… I also wanna to give it a try… :->

  11. adryazad

    please find some proper malay foood la. always babi, jepun , haram all.. aiyo.. apa daa.. not that i’m complaining.. haha

  12. Yatz,
    One of these days, one of these days. 😀

    Variety, and not quantity, that’s the secret 😉

    Yeah, not a bad deal at all right? 😀

    This is a halal entry ok! 😀

  13. %#&)&*$@& BAKA )r(#&)%&%#@!!!!

  14. Wow. Looks nice. I shall go try one day. =D

  15. sotong,

    One Sunday. 😀

  16. Hi KY…So much food. Make my mouth water!

  17. soohsia,
    Slurps 😀

    Hahahh, eat!

  18. David Chew

    Looks delicious.

  19. David Chew,
    They were! 😀

  20. Crunchasarus Rex

    Looks like a great spread..!! was it ex..??

  21. Crunchasarus Rex,
    RM 48++. 😀

  22. KY!!!! u said u were gonna bring me buffet T____T went without me again! notti

  23. jessica,
    Hahaha, next time you fly back from Melbourne ok!

  24. oooooh yeah baby! thanks KY for the intro yet again. i missed the previous Crystal Crown promo coz they shortened the promo date, am gonna try this out! am not gonna miss it again!!!!

  25. yahui,
    Hopefully they make this one permanent too, response has been pretty good I heard. 🙂

  26. i stayed at the hotel once, and i was surprised that their breakfast was quite good too compared to other hotels 😀 😀

  27. xin,
    Didn’t try the breakfast, glad you like it. 😉

  28. how long is this buffet? from what time to what time?

    is there any time restriction?

  29. jess,
    It starts from 12-3pm. 😀

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  32. Chris,
    Good luck in your endeavor.

    Yasuyuki Maeda,
    Do you reside in Malaysia? 🙂

  33. i wan to ask now still got?

  34. kent,
    I’m not sure, perhaps you can call them? 🙂

  35. After checking out the Saturday Japanese hi-tea a few days ago, here are my thoughts about this place. It could be true that the buffet will turn out to be good, but my experience on the hi-tea tells me that this is unlikely. The selection was very limited, and the teppenyaki was just awfully salty. The sushi was not memorable as well. For RM39++, and with such selection and quality, it is hard to believe that paying another 10 bucks for the buffet lunch will make the problem go away.

  36. TF,
    Well I had a good experience then, I’m not sure if the standard’s been reduced lately though. 🙂

  37. Just had the RM38 Sunday Japanese Brunch Buffet instead of RM63.80 (purchased the deal from @ Deli Corner, Pearl International Hotel. I can only say their food quality drop tremendously over the years. The sushi rice was hard and dry and even out of shape. I couldn’t find the sukiyaki stations so I guess it was no longer there anymore. And the miso soup was cold (can u imagine that, sigh). Limited choice of tempura (3 types of vegie, which were the eggplant, lady finger, and sweet potato that’s all). Tepanyaki so so but still edible. The choice of desserts also quite limited, and I was super disappointed by the quality of its dessert as well. Nothing more that I can say from my dining experince, it’s all bad. I am actually regret to pay RM38 for the deal….

  38. Jen: was it really that bad? I am considering to get the deal

  39. Booking still available?

  40. I just want to say…

  41. Any booking stilll available this Sunday?

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