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The streets of Bangkok is dotted with many hawkers selling all sorts of food for those with an appetite for adventure. While noodles and rice dishes are mainly found in food courts and small restaurants, many hawkers offer bite size snacks at road side. From the more mainstream sausages to cold drinks to fried insects, you can find virtually anything.

Bangkok Street Food -
Bacon Stick for 20 baht each

I noticed that many snacks choices consist of pork. There are pork sausage, bacon sticks, grilled fried pork, deep fried pork skin, roasted pork, ah, it was good for the pork lovers, maybe not exactly so great for health, however.

My favorite would be the bacon stick we had at the Chatuchak weekend market. For 20 baht (around RM2), you get mini sausages wrapped with bacon on a skewer. The union of sausage and bacon was a match made in heaven as the juice and slight saltiness from bacon compliments the texture and taste of the sausage oh so well. You have to try this if you manage to find the stall!

Bangkok Street Food -
grilled pork strips on a ring

Grilled pork strips on bamboo string is a pretty common snack that can be found at many places. The meat is marinated and carries a pretty salty taste, while pretty good, eating too much of these will make you very thirsty.

Bangkok Street Food -
deep fried pork skin

Another sinful snack would be this little bowls of deep fried pork skin that goes for 10 baht that we found at Chatuchak. These are very crispy and goes well with a little bit of Thai chili sauce. Now imagine having this with a cold beer watching your favorite football teams on a big LCD TV, with the air-cond full blast, and maybe a hot chick dancing on the side…

Bangkok Street Food -
roasted pork (siu yok)

Roasted pork isn’t usually served on rice over here, you just have it as snacks to munch while walking around the weekend market. I guess we deserved it since we were getting enough exercise from walking under the searing hot April weather in Bangkok anyway, right?

Bangkok Street Food -
colorful Popsicles

Then there’s the Popsicle stalls. The popsicles are actually made on location, usually with bottled fruit juice poured into a metal mold. A wooden stick is added as the handle. The mold is placed in a contraption consisting two parts, a top with little holes to hold the molds, and the bottom container filled with dried ice.

The seller often stirs the top part of the popsicle maker attempting to freeze the products faster. A stick costs something like 5 baht, and they were perfect for the weather.

Bangkok Street Food -
fried mini banana (including the skin)

Other than the meat items, I also tried this curious little deep fried banana Terence bought. It was basically some species of mini banana sliced down in the middle, deep fried. While they look rather uninspiring, these things were actually very sweet and rather tasty. It is similar with our own “pisang goreng”, but sweeter and more concentrated.

Bangkok Street Food -
Of course I enjoy every bit!

You can do a fair share of walking and eating in this city. Next up would be the various type of meals I had to sit down to eat. Stay tuned!

Discuss : KY eats – Bite Size Street Food at Bangkok

  1. why you eat until like that :S HAHAAHAHAH I want the pork skin ahhhhhh 😀

  2. OMG, KY sucking it hard on the lollipop I mean popsickles LOL *Mika’s song plays in b/g*


  3. kimberlycun

    omg look at those siu yuk, man…

  4. mIcheLLe,
    Eat keropok and imagine looo. 😛

    Why are you so weird, David? hehehe



  5. this must be the world best cuisine!

  6. oh no the grilled pork strips look itchy

  7. Wah, the pork skin should goes well with Hoegaarden White.

  8. the porky skin really looks like some keropok lekor from afar huh. Deceiving.. Bad bad. Haha.. :p

  9. Big Boys Oven,
    Yah, good stuff!

    Itchy? What a way to describe! 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Hahaha, no kidding!

    Memang like keropok. But keropok lekor is actually a bit different. 😀

  10. Terenceg

    seems i am in pain !! why ?

  11. did you try their mango with chilli asam?
    i love that when i went to Bangkok few years back. and seeign your post makes me crave for their mango with chilli asam. hahahaha!

  12. Terenceg,
    Searing heat from the sun?

    Oo, I didn’t. But I did have some awesome mango salad tho!

  13. photos of street food… worth 100 bucks.. photos of u guys consuming street food… PRICELESS :P:D

    tooooo cool

  14. Chan rak thai..can’t wait for the songkran pics!!

  15. Ooooh! I wanna go i wanna go i wanna go!!! So much fun~

  16. Mei,
    Mastercard? hehehe

    Too bad I wasn’t there during songkran! 🙁

    Go! Do it! 😀

  17. Precious Pea

    Yum Yum Yum…i love the bacon with sausage too! Now i feel like going to Bangkok again.

  18. Wah, so much pork…cholesterol lo…

  19. wah so many porcine delights! *drool*
    just looking at the pix n reading bout it is enough to make my cholesterol level shoot thru the roof man. 😛

  20. Precious Pea,
    That’s my favorite too!

    Hahaha, no doubt we can’t do this very often.

    LOL! 😀

  21. sei la, come back sure gain tons of weight… drink and eat like that.. wakakaka

  22. Bernsy,
    But it’s all worth it! 😀

  23. Dr. Carolyn

    OMG… the PORK SKIN!!!!

    THE BACON!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!

    I’m now sooooooooooo hungry 🙁

  24. got any sauce for the pork?

  25. adry azad

    the pork was goood ya?? but why no pictures of me.. why! why! .. oh forgot.. i don’t eat pork.. siennes

  26. Carrie/Ichigo

    Bangkok foods are very nice. Chatuchak has a lot of irresistible snacks. But i just hate Chatuchak cos i lost my wallet there…

  27. Dr. Carolyn,
    I miss the bacon stick the most!

    No sauce needed, eat straight! 😀

    adry azad,
    No good to eat pork being a Muslim ok! 😀

    Yeah, you are right. Always have to be extra careful with personal belongings in unfamiliar places though.

  28. whoa…pork skin. looks real good

  29. Genova,
    Pork skin is always good. 😛

  30. omg he fried banana looks tempting

  31. jessT,
    It was very sweet and juicy!

  32. Lawrence Rozaeio

    amazing stuff guy ,great job you r too cool guys would love to visit ur site man too….good…………..

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