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One of my main aim going into the Bangkok trip was to taste some of the weird and wonderful foods the land of smile has to offer, something that is very difficult or impossible to get from Malaysia. This of course, would be the infamous deep fried worms, insects, and alike.

Deep Fried Worms, Insects and Frogs
for a few ringgit, we got all these wonderful snacks

I was expecting fried insect stalls to be on every street corners. In actual fact, they are not very common. We weren’t able to locate anyone selling this for the first couple days of our stay. It was only on the 3rd night at Bangkok that Terence managed to buy a plastic bag full these weird and wonderful food from the streets near Pantip Mall (the one that is famous for selling Amulets, not the IT mall with the same name). Myself and Dree were overjoyed!

Deep Fried Worms, Insects and Frogs
McBugs, McFrogs, and Worm Fries

Inside the goody bag there were worms, crickets, grasshoppers, dragonflies, praying mantis, and of course, those little fried frogs in whole. Not knowing exactly how to start, we first arranged them into McBugs, McFrogs, and Worm Fries combo meal. A couple minutes staring at these creatures, we decided to bite the bullet bugs and go straight to it to get the maximum taste instead.

Deep Fried Worms, Insects and Frogs
having a feast!

I attacked the worms first. I don’t know if they were just worms or some insect larvae, but the slightly yellowish exterior sure looked a lot more inviting than the dark brown insects laying next to them. As it turns out, the worms were actually pretty good, slightly crunchy and tastes a lot better than the bee’s pupae I had in Vietnam. They were seasoned with salt and some spices, I believe.

Deep Fried Worms, Insects and Frogs
my god, we were so proud of ourselves!

Next in line were all the different types of bugs. It was a bit weird chewing down grasshoppers, crickets, and so forth, but actually they too tasted quite ok, very crunchy and tasted a bit like having deep fried small prawns with shells on. Again, it was a little salty and slightly spicy. The different bugs basically tasted the same except but with slightly different textures, you can make out the long arms of praying mantis and the grasshopper’s legs in your mouth, neat.

Deep Fried Worms, Insects and Frogs
naturally we finished the whole serving

The more difficult part of the snack attack session though, were the frogs. Unlike the familiar big fat frogs served in Malaysia, these are tiny frogs the size of fifty sen coins. They come with everything intact except for innards, so you get the whole head, the eyes staring at you, the legs, spines and all.

We threw it into our mouths and start chewing off, amazingly there were actually pretty tasty! Crunchy with slight taste of meat, it goes well with the seasoning and not too salty like the bugs. Once you get over the fact that you have to chew the entire head, it was all good!

Of course, we finished the entire serving and like little kids we just finished their vegetables, we were proud. If you’re going to Thailand, this is a must-have!

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  1. Next time, tapau for us lah! hahaha go open a stall here in M’sia then we come support you ok? LOL

  2. kimberlycun

    wish i were there! 🙁

  3. Haha I’d eat the frogs if it weren’t for the head T___T

  4. foodcrazee

    hahahahaha ! looks like u are ready for some tarantula in Cambodia . . .taste like some mushy chicken dude . . . .

  5. KY,i cant believe that u find it tasty! oh god!! maybe, next time, u tapau in put into sushi cicah with the’s that?

  6. David,
    Mushy already if tapau all the way to M’sia. 😀

    There’s always next time. 😉

    The head is the interesting part!

    I would!

    wasabi? Why spoil the natural taste? hehe

  7. KY, then which one you enjoyed the most – the frog, worm or praying mantis?? :p

  8. twosuperheroes,
    I like the worms & frogs the most, they are pretty different in taste and texture tho. 🙂

  9. adryazad

    aisay.. why u take picture of me in my underwear.. apa laa

  10. welcome home! 😀

    erm… dunno if i can stomach the food u tried other than the worms. haha.

    those bugs with legs, wont the legs get caught in ur throat or something?

  11. O M G….speechless……..

  12. aaaah..exotic food..friend frog bout ‘kung po frog’ instead 😛

  13. adryazad,
    Hensem kan? lol

    Nay, won’t get caught in the throat. The key is to chew them throughly. 😀


    Friend frog? Are you one of the princes? 😉

  14. davidlian

    I once tried the locusts / grasshoppers / crickets in Cambodia. Needless to say, one chomp and I spat the rest out. That’s enough experience.

    A poor kid was passing by so we (Lydia and I) gave the kid the whole bag remaining.

  15. Yum! Wish I could have myself a McWorm now!

    Ok, time to go puke first…

  16. wenqi,
    I feed you ok?

    Noob!!!! 😀

    Hahhahaha, teruk.

  17. u guys look like you’re in ur element. should take up part time job as horror movie extra’s… lol.. great blog.. love the Mac Insects.. VERY creative/effective !

  18. Hahah… I want the worms!

  19. taste like chicken?
    LOL….i wonder if i’ll be brave enough to stomach them when i go to Bangkok in June >.<

  20. A Married Man

    A Married Man feels queasy

  21. I had grasshoppers, crickets, birdlings, scorpions and silkworm larvaes before.

    The only thing I didn’t like was the scorpion because it had that hint of latex-cum-chlorine smell in it… the rest tasted pretty awesome

  22. Cheesecakeerian

    MmM… Yummy… *_*

  23. Terenceg

    micheal, it takes a brave man to explain the latex cum chlorine smell to us… u relate i don’t think i’ll ever wanna know

  24. aeroplane1234

    i tell ya… u looked exactly like one of those thais…… sawadecup KY.

  25. My god, not sure I have the courage to try these out. However, McD might like your ideas!

  26. Dabido (Anarchist Extraordinaire)

    I think I still someone to pass me a McBucket to chuck in! 🙁

  27. KY – Gross lah …. *green*

  28. you guys are gross… Unbelievable!!!

  29. Omg lah. Can’t believe you actually ate those icky and disgusting insects. Haha. Bravo!

  30. Mei,
    Yes please intro some pro producers to us! 😀

    You’ll have your chances! 😉

    Not exactly like chicken, more like fried shrimp instead.

    A Married Man,
    Why so weak? hahaha

    Please don’t use the word cum in there.. hahaha

    Best! 😀

    Me neither.

    Hahaha, Dree looks more like Thai than me.

    I’m not too sure about that. 😛

    LOL, noob!

    Hahahah, good idea. 😛

    Best maaa, gotta try everything.

    They’re best!!! 😀

  31. Terenceg: maybe bite a condom and wash it down with a cup of water from the pool? just joking, don’t kill me *scurries to a corner*

  32. ewww… *vomit*

  33. KY, you gotta check out what’s your ideal career here 🙂

  34. Never knew that they had fried frogs that looked like this…(goosebumps rising)..eeeehh.. it looks more like a frog squished by a car… I salute u guys for eating them!

  35. smashpOp

    oh noooooooooooooo bugssssssssssssss.

  36. the bugs still looks very disgusting

  37. Precious Pea

    O H….M Y……G O D !!!! YOU ATE THE ENTIRE FROG???!!! I just couldn’t overcome my fear when I see insects; dead or alive.

    You are right, during my previous trips, can rarely see any fried insect stall on the street (not that I want to try). But i heard there is a permanent fried insect stall in their Tesco.

  38. Holy worms. *cabut*

  39. angel101,

    You noob! 😀

    Galvin Tan,

    Thank you thank you 😛 *bows*


    But delicious. hahaha

    Precious Pea,
    Why not? 😛 Hehehehhe

    Holy best. 😛

  40. You didn’t pack some for us? Whatler. -_-

  41. Simon Seow,
    Hahaha, I don’t want to scare the customs! 😛

  42. OMG> I have been to Bangkok more than 10 times, but I never had the courage to try those worms, insects thingy. U guys are so brave.

  43. those fried insert and frog were not my cup of tea… I’m not as adventure as what i could be when come to food…

    I’m curious how’s those fried insert and frog taste like… :>

  44. Marc,
    I’m sure you can, just be brave! 😛

    whateverthing inc,
    Something like that. 😀

    Tastes great, try it next time, keep your eyes closed. 😉

  45. oh man, do i miss those worms…. look so yummyyy….. did you bring some back ? can I come get some.. hahahaha

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  47. Bernsy,
    I heard they have it at pet stores. 😛

  48. KY….jialat ler…each time i visit ur blog….u make me hunger and crave for food….the siu yok especially….nice to see u have a wonderful trip to bangkok.

  49. vialentino,
    Except that there’s no siu yok in this post. Must be the next post you’re referring to. hehehe

  50. I’ve wanted to try fried insects even since I saw them on tv when I was a kid!Didn’t had the chance to go thailand though:(

  51. evolna,
    You can always buy them at pet stores and cook those insects yourself! 😛

  52. Ugghhh….looks like Fear Factor to me! The frog looks like roadkill! Now, if it were to look more delicious, I might even give it a try…It is all about presentation!

  53. Foong,
    Of course you can always dress em up before eating them. 😛

  54. OMG! U really had that?
    I’ll be going to Bangkok this September and will seek seek around to try.

  55. Joshua,
    Yeah, you shall do the same! 😀

  56. omg i think i’m gonna barf

  57. liyuan,
    Don’t be so weak!

  58. […] whole idea actually started right after Terence, Dree, and I went to Bangkok and had our weird and wonderful creatures including insects, worms, and frogs. Kim was protesting the fact that we did not bring back […]

  59. woowww..sangarrr…

  60. escoret,

  61. Person who thinks this is awesome!

    OMG THAT IS SO AWESOME! I have to try some!

  62. Person who thinks this is awesome,
    hahaha best!!!

  63. This is a good page to look at when ever trying to diet. loose your appetite. No offence to those who consider these a delicacy.

  64. 😐 if you eat that you are mad we dont to that in poland or uk

  65. and why would you that if i will eat that i will be sick for a day

  66. Thats cool But I wouldn’t like to eat a frog but i would eat bugs! P.s Bugs are in peanut butter and in chokolate and outher foods we eat!

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