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Got back from Bangkok late last night and all I could do was to download a tonne of pictures off the memory cards. Here is a preview of things that I have done during the rather interesting trip to Thailand from the few snapshots that I hastily processed late last night.

Bangkok Trip 2008 - tuk-tuk
the ubiquitous tuk-tuk

We had our fair share of tuk-tuk experience across town. These little 3 wheelers are everywhere around the city. With total disregard of traffic pattern and sense of speed limitation, it was a ball of fun and excitement. One driver even did a wheely when we were on board! (perhaps due to the weight of Terence & Dree?)

Bangkok Trip 2008 - temples and shrines
the holy temples

We also visited a lot of temples around the city center as well as the outskirts. The particular picture above was captured when I purposely cleared my throat louder than usual, hee-hee.

Bangkok Trip 2008 - diving kids on choo phraya river
the diver on Chao Phraya

At the various piers along Chao Phraya River, you can see kids whose job title are “divers”. Their job is to re-catch creatures (cat fish, frogs, turtles, etc) that were let go into the river by pilgrims to be re-sell at the various stalls along the pier. The kids did not let work gets in the way of having fun.

Bangkok Trip 2008
thai boxing!

Of course, I did a bit of practice on my Muay Thai on a proper rink at Pantip Mall (the King’s Cup competition was on)!

Bangkok Trip 2008
the red light district

What’s a trip to Bangkok without going to the red light district. I have a very good story on some 3 stupid fellas getting conned by a bar owner and a pimp. Stay tuned!

Bangkok Trip 2008
McWorms with a side of insects and the optional fried froggy

Last but not least, how can we forget about food? Weird and wonderful creatures that went into our mouth. I’ve had tomyam, pad Thai, pad see yew, pork dishes, and of course, the fried insects!

Full posts on the trip will be coming to your nearest computer monitor shortly.

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  1. worms and frog must have made you strong!

  2. the last pic is gross. I ain’t touching all that when I fly end of this month to bangkok!

  3. hehe had you been ‘slaughtered’ by tut-tut driver? I mean the fare..

  4. Can’t wait!!!…

  5. eeek… yeow… my god… wonder what are under the nutrition details of a mac worm -_-

  6. Reta,
    But you have to experience all that Bangkok has to offer! 😛

    Hahahha, not by tuk-tuk drivers.

    Soon, soon. Tired…

    Hahaha, I have no idea. Who would be on a diet going into a trip?

  7. wtf McWorms???!

  8. yer mc worms.. got mc frog some more and mc hopper. X_X

    i just had lunch and i can feel my lunch at my throat bah.

  9. Yer the frog super creepy O___________O

  10. -___-” the frog look creepy, can even see the eye @_@

  11. Very tasty looking leh! Nice anot? LOL

  12. Yatz,

    Don’t waste food ok! 😀

    Hahaha, it’s niceee

    Eyes are nice ma. :/

    Not bad at all! 😀

  13. aiseh… all the pics were so nice lidat till the last one… =(

  14. eek! me no like creepy crawlies… !

  15. joshuaongys,
    Last one best right? 😛

    If you don’t like them, eat them! 😀

  16. OMG.KY, you purposely arranged the bugs to look like they are all waiting to jump onto the worms isit?? Haha.

  17. Welcome back. Burger from McD’s and insects from the street?

  18. walau….when i go to there, i see those insects also make me no appetite to eat. I wanna tried the worms but dun dare.

  19. Dabido (Anarchist Extraordinaire)

    Pass me the MacBucket!!! Bleuch!!!! :-)ooooo>

  20. my god. those real ?. the worms

    nah, these were wat i had in bangkok, a stall near sukhumvit soi 4. the ants are the best among other. i tried a tasty crocodile meat too =)

  22. twosuperheroes,
    Nice ma wasn’t it? 😛

    Do it next time!

    Hahaha, weak!

    Yes they were real. 🙂

    Ahh, I shall try that next time!

  23. Terenceg

    those bugs were munching macD’s PORK burger…fucking awesome !

  24. Nice pix on the diver boy. Interesting trip you have. Waiting for your photo gallery.

  25. ewww. That burger is grose. Looking forward to red light district report.

  26. Terenceg,
    That’s right! 😀

    Thanks, would update soon. 🙂

    Hahaha, that’s where we got conned :/

  27. more pics..please. i will b back to read abt yr travels. thanks!

  28. Everything’s so nice except.. the MCWORMS!! that’s just soooo disgusting.

  29. EEEUUUGGGHHHH!!!!!! So wa-tat!!! Talking about the frog and praying-mantis-lookalike there! Eugh!!! Gawd, really wanna go puke now….

  30. Bengbeng,
    Soon, soon! 😀

    Hahahha, that’s the best part isn’t it? 😉

    look alike? they are frog & praying mantis! 😀

  31. aeroplane1234

    my humble opinion…. the burger looks like gonna taste more worst than the cacing….

  32. welcome back!

  33. aeroplane1234,
    Pork burger always tastes good! 😀

    Thanks! 😉


  35. skyler,
    Ok okkkk coming!

  36. bugs…i cant eat!

  37. rebekah,
    Bugs eat you?

  38. KY, your experience in bkk was an eye opener to me especially patpong, phew!
    any advise for a good budget place to stay perhaps something like guest house?

  39. shirley,
    Glad to be of service!
    I’m not sure about guest houses, but I think lonely planet would be a good guide for that 😉

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