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I’m all packed up and ready to go for a long deferred trip. Bangkok here I come! This would be the first time I go to the land of smiles since I have my own passport. Can’t wait!

Packed for Bangkok
all packed up

This blog will be left to it’s own device until early next week while I’m away for my 5 day trip. In the mean time, go play with yourself! 😀

Discuss : KY travels – All Packed Up and Ready to Go

  1. Terenceg

    LET’s RIDE !! !

    invasion begins !!

  2. Dabido (Anarchist Extraordinaire)

    Okay, lets turn this blog into a Chat site and Punk Song!

    We’re so pretty,
    Oh so pretty,
    Pretty Vacant!!!! 🙂

  3. Safe journey. Shoot more good food for us. Never been to Bangkok before.

  4. I wanna go too!!!PUT ME IN YOUR BACKPACK! I haven’t been there for two years!Travel safe and enjoy to the M@X!

  5. “the first time I go to the land of smiles since I have my own passport”

    meaning the first time since puberty… hehehe…. big boy oredi… can be naughty in BKK…. hehehe…

  6. Buy pocky for me ah!

  7. awaiting KY Travel’s post 😉

  8. Mama BoK

    Have a great trip.. KY..!!

  9. Have a nice vacations & bring back more nice stuff for us ler 😀

  10. happy traveling!

  11. foodcrazee

    Bon Voyage . . . makan until you fed up of THAI FOOD bro . . . . . . enjoy sakan

  12. dude, are u trying to say ‘go play by yourself’ or seriously meant it in a naughty way telling ur readers to ‘play with yourself’???? 😛

    yet to reach bkk but already thinking like a tourist HAHAHAHA

  13. soon there will be

  14. have a good trip! 🙂

  15. Wahsehh KY~ I see a manfrotto~

    Have a safe trip mate.

  16. hahaha…..i just love to travel to bangcock…enjoy ur trip….bcareful of the city air pollution….bring more facial tissues…

  17. Have a safe trip yeah! Eat hard, play hard. :p

  18. have fun! we are excited to see your findings there! 🙂

  19. have a good trip there…

    hope you enjoy watching those cats pouncing around…. they dont call em siamese cats for nothing.. ngehehehehe

  20. Terence,


    Thanks, I had fun! 😀

    Simon Seow,
    Will post soon 🙂

    Air Asia limit us to 15kg. hehe

    Naughty? nooOoooo

    Pocky? Too bad I read this after I got back. 😀

    Will post soon. 😀

    Mama Bok,

    Will post soon, lotsa pictures. 😉


    Hahhaha thanks.

    I am a good boy ok. 😀

    You can do that yourself with hehe

    Thanks. 😉

    Yes yes, manfrotto. 😉 Thanks.

    Pollution was quite bad, you’re right.


    Big Boys Oven,
    There are some interesting finds, will post soon. 😉

    Cats? @.@ haha

  21. Welcome back! 🙂

  22. Bangkok are heaven of spicy food. Enjoy all the food there.hehe

  23. adryazad

    ky, u talked in your sleep during the last night.. something about accident, partly in english and hokkien. u almost scared the hell out of me..

  24. Sammy,
    Thanks! 😀

    You’re right! 😉

    Yes, loud snorer! Hehe

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