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KY on New Straits TimeIt’s been a while I bought newspaper, but I couldn’t help myself but to get yesterday’s version of New Sunday Times. Unlike the “celebrity bloggers” who appear on printed media every other week, this is something a bit rarer for me. If you haven’t check it out, here goes!

KY on newspaper

Here is the link to the full article online, you can also click on the image on the right for a screen captured version. This article is in conjunction with my involvement in the Nokia Nseries Soul of the Night project.

To be fair, I was on Kosmo newspaper a couple years back with an interview about my koi pond, and another article on NST that has something to do with the now defunct monsterblog project. Oh, not to forget a mention on Star Metro about an article regarding the local hawker scene.

Keep them coming, keep them coming. =D

Discuss : KY – Look at what’s in Sunday’s NST!

  1. KY will be distributing free copies of the NST from his house this whole week.

  2. fuwah fehmesnya korang~~~~~

  3. kelvin: you mean he didn’t already?

  4. kimberlycun

    nice hair in Kosmo! lolololol

  5. Kelvin,
    Hahaha ya right.

    Noooo, just a small fry. 😀

    Yes of course, I already do.

    Don’t praypray! 😀

  6. wahhHHhhhHHHH…..KY, you look so hamsom! :p

  7. davidlian

    Wah… you is getting more and more femes. Lol!

  8. twosuperheroes,
    Hahaha you’re a liar! 😛

    Thanks to you who set this interview up! 😀

  9. to be frank i really preferred the picture much more if it was a chick behind that N82… but thats a cliche isn’t it…

    We get KY once in a blue moon, ok la… lol !!

  10. wahse, hahaha. ganas man, appeared a few times some more 😀

  11. lolz handsem and femes! jeles!!!

  12. Haha… your hair rockz on kosmo! lol! Now the KY trying to be more hip n happening huh?!

  13. Bernsy,
    I’ll wear a skirts next time? haha

    Small timer ok 😛

    You’re another liar. LOL

    What do you mean trying? Memang hip n happening ok. 😀

  14. Wah 2pro! Nice pic 😀

  15. Terenceg

    his area’s paper on sunday are gone in 60 seconds and seen distributing with a pack of chipters attached !

  16. wow.. celebrity !

  17. tabik YB..i mean, KY 😀

  18. SO lengjai!!!! where my copy of free NST la?

  19. ShaolinTiger,
    Ya don’t praypray, pro photographer!


    LOL not really.

    Cis 😛

    Can print yourself, own ink & paper. 😛

  20. hehehehehehe ! u frame up ar ? lolz

  21. but but but…you ARE a celebrity blogger ma..

  22. Lyrical Lemongrass

    That’s a very nice photo! Congrats! 🙂

  23. wah, famous wei. haha. 🙂

  24. congrats! =D

  25. Dabido (Hemaroids by the butt load)

    Yay! I have another Femes friend! 🙂
    Me almost femes by association … again! 🙂

  26. mike,
    Hahaha, I’ll keep the paper.

    Blasphemy! 😛

    Lyrical Lemongrass,


    Thanks! 😀

    But you are famous yourself!

  27. You’re so famous. Can I have your autograph?

  28. Just want to get notification.

  29. fuyoh, your face in the papers, so cool~ 😀

    btw KY, Crystal Crown PJ does have a Jap buffet promotion hor? i passed by the building, looks a bit empty and lifeless to me. no banners promoting the buffet, so a bit reluctant to go. -.-

  30. gratz~
    and looking great too.

  31. Simon Seow,
    Hahaha don’t be ridiculous 😛

    Ya, I believe the promotion is until 15th April. 🙂

  32. wow, gratz you’re featured and nice pics, hehe 😛

  33. Itu gambar macam last time aku jumpa kau je 😛

  34. Well done – by the way, what did happen to monsterblog anyway??

  35. pinkpainter

    It seems that u become famous lo! Congratulations!

  36. kahpeng,
    Pics with my face not in focus usually very nice! 😛

    Asyraf Lee,
    Hahaha, betul kee?

    Thanks thanks, MonsterBlog? Consult and you’ll find out!

    Hahhaha, not really not really, but thanks!

  37. promised you yours will first HAHAHA!!
    Sememangnya BEST =D

  38. Thanks, was an interesting read.

  39. chris,
    Best! 😀

    You’re welcome!

  40. Congrat KL! We need more young people like you!

  41. Big Boys Oven,
    er.. Young? 😛

  42. Agaknye lah.

    Kita pergi lunch dengan Dree what, and you wore that.

  43. Asyraf Lee,
    Hehehe I only have limited amount of shirts.

  44. now i regret not taking ur autograph before u became insanely famous!

    oh well.

  45. fara,
    Hahhaa, what! I’m not famous at all ok! 😀

  46. Dabido (Not femes)

    KY – Why everyone tell me I am femes? I don’t feel femes!!! Not everyone knows me yet! Even my blog is getting less hits now that I’ve been to Malaysia [maybe everyone knows what I’m really like now! ha ha ha! I’m a cross between a Rambutan and a Durian!!!] 😉

  47. haha my neighbor famous already, appeared in newspaper. just make sure any paparazzi stay on your side and not on mine, eh? hahaha ;p

    you still got all those chipster packs in your house! are you gonna sell them off?

  48. Dabido,
    Traffic doesn’t equate fame! 😀

    Hahaha, I’m planning to give away to charity!

  49. Chea Yee

    wahhhh….Not bad huh.. featured in NST some more..

    *kow tow* *kow tow*

  50. Chea Yee,
    Hahaha *bows*

  51. i didnt realize my blogger fren is a celebrity 🙂
    congrats ! first on NST tomorrow on Playgirl 😉 keke

  52. Bengbeng,
    *bows* 😛

  53. […] is actually the first time I appear in a magazine, previously there was a little article on NST for my Nokia N82’s Soul of the Night involvement, and then of course there’s the old […]

  54. […] article featuring the koi pond, but not about this blog. Other beaming worthy moments include the article on NST with N82, a mention in Star Metro, and a few appearances in magazines such as TELL (blogged by suanie here), […]

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