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After spending way too much energy and sweat on our futsal last night, we decided to head to the famous Jalan 223 nasi lemak place for some well deserved recuperation session. Even though it was already past 11pm on a weekday, the Selera Jaya 223 food court is bustling with activity, there are so many hungry ghosts packed in the area you would think there’s a sideshow going on.

Nasi Lemak at Jalan 223, PJ
futsal buddies: Dree, Jeff, Shiang, and Terence

The main attraction at this place is the nasi lemak. There are two types, the nasi lemak with blue print a little sweeter and wetter, while the red print version is slightly drier but more spicy. They come with half a hard boiled egg and some fried anchovies. Since there are so many customers dining at the area, the nasi lemak is always still hot for consumption, a nasi lemak panas is always better than the nasi lemak at room temperature.

I’ve tried both versions and they are really tasty, with no fuss and no frill. You can’t beat the value at RM 1 per packet either.

Nasi Lemak at Jalan 223, PJ
2 types of nasi lemak, otak-otak, and a set of half boil egg

Half boiled egg is another item that they do very well here. Just look at the picture above, perfect boiling, and you don’t even need to crack the eggs yourself. My buddy Shiang insisted that using the half boil eggs as gravy for the nasi lemak is the way to go. I didn’t try that myself, sinful, sinful.

Nasi Lemak at Jalan 223, PJ
the most “Kao” milo ice ever

As for drinks, the milo ice is definitely the most “kao” you can get anywhere. I thought filling 1/3 of my glass with milo powder is pretty “kao” already, over here they do it at almost 1/2 glass. It is a bit crazy if you ask me.

The otak-otak, while fresh and served hot, is really not up to par as compared to those I had in some other places (most notably those Suanie brought from Johor). However, I do eat it once in a while just to refresh my taste bud. They do taste a little too sweet.

Map to Jalan 223 at Petaling Jaya
the food court is situated just across Amway building at Jalan 223

If you’re looking for a midnight indulgence with an original local theme, this is definitely the place to be.

Medan Selera 223,
Jalan 223, Petaling Jaya

GPS: 3.100482, 101.633223

Discuss : KY eats – Nasi Lemak at Jalan 223, PJ

  1. i banyak suka itu nasi lemakkkkkk :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

    you amat thegenius!!!!!

  2. walao eh.. the nasi lemak is always still hot for consumption?? thats cool, but why so ar? dey always take back cold wan and make them hot back?

  3. mIcheLLe,
    Tenkiu tenkiu 😀

    Yeah, always hot, there are just so many customers they kept churning out fresh nasi lemak all night long.

  4. is that “shiang” friend by chance goes by the surname Ho and given name of Su Shiang?

  5. wah bro.. so long ald we didnt go there.. Hurm, yes it is very nice and hot.. They are famous with the name of “Nasi Lemak Panas Panas”.. Fuh, drool man.. drool…

  6. KY, we used to frequent this place a lot too!! haha..and we somehow call this place “PANAS PANAS”! Heheh…

    The nasi lemak is definitely to die for..and their half-boiled egg is so slurpee! Miss makaning there.. You just reminded us that it’s been quite a while since our last trip there. Haha. :p

  7. The first comment was written by Superhero W, and the second one by Superhero S..hahah..just in case you get confused! :p

  8. adryazad

    but ky u didn’t eat the nasi lemak.. u lie! u lie!!! nasi lemak panas and our supper culture.. thats why so many malaysians are BIG SIZED

  9. Nasi Lemak, Otak2 & eggs after futsal. This explains why you guys never improve fitness or lose body fat after so many months of futsal

  10. Love that place! Everytime you go there, you will be bonbarded by the waiters asking u to patroniser their stall. LOL!

    Let me tell you the differene btw the 2 Nasi Lemaks.

    LEFT – Nasi Lemak Suri, Gerai No. 2. This sambal in this is a lil bit sweeter. Suitable for those who doesnt take too spicy.

    RIGHT – Nasi Lemak Yati, Gerai NO. 6. This is of course the spicier one. Personally, I prefer this one.

    Not to forget the Half Boiled Eggs there are always made to perfection!

    Cheers to GOOD food!

  11. owh!! wahhhhhh so kua cheong… muz go someday!! lolz nice one!! NASI LEMAK MUZ BE HOT den only NICE!!

  12. wth is terence doing there on a futsal night?

  13. JL,
    Spot on!

    Hahaha, thanks for clearing up. 😀

    I ate last week! I didn’t say I ate last night!

    I have no baby fat laa.

    Nice description!

    Yeah, hot stuff is always best, kan? 😀

    Terence actually scored a goal ok!

  14. your map is sooo cute!! How accurate i dunno la 😛 But Next time i’l go try that.. Have you tried the Pantai seafood restaurant? It’s hidden somewhere in pj lol

  15. hahaha…tell him that Tuck Wai says hi, when you see him the next time. Knew him since Primary school…

  16. Not you KY, I’m referring to the other 3 regulars + 1 newb.

  17. jeng jeng jeng, next time I get stuck on Fed Hiway, got someplace to eat NL….

  18. aronil,
    Hehehe, of course the map is accurate! 😀
    I haven’t tried the Pantai Seafood restaurant yet, it is always packed!

    Ahh, cool cool.

    Hahahhaha, okay. 😀

    This place is open at night tho

  19. is the otak2 that good ? Can fight MUAR’s ar ?

  20. mike,
    If you read carefully, I actually said it is not exactly good. 😀

  21. oh goodie.. nuther good plc 2eat! incidentally me and hubby took ur tip and ate at lisa spg! it was value 4monies ! aunty chan rmbrs u coz i sed i read ur blog and showed up to eat her food! she was pleased 🙂

  22. sowwie . . .didnt really read carefully. . . .lolz

  23. i miss the milo ais kao!

  24. Mei,
    Glad you like the place. 😀

    haha, no worries. 🙂

    Can’t get them there?

  25. nocturnale

    You really know how to live to eat!

    Lucky man!

  26. nocturnale,
    Thanks thanks, I try. 😛

  27. the pantai restaurant is not bad. a tad expensive though. will post it up later on when i remember 😛

  28. adryazad

    eh.. shag.. i know i fat la.. AND I didn’t eat also.. ishk… apa laaa…

  29. Terenceg

    yeah kevin..i scored a goal..then pancit for the whole damn game !!! mahai..damn taxing…is worse than grinding salt on wounds….

  30. Wah the half boiled eggs is very tempting. I already had two eggs today. No more eggs, cholesterol too high.

  31. aronil,
    Ooo, let us know!

    Nobody said you eat. hahaha

    Noob! 😛

    Simon Seow,
    There’s always tomorrow! 😀

  32. omg I MISS ss223. i used to go to sch in pj (kdu) and ss223 used to be my supper everytime I had to burn the midnight oil. =( the cheapest n second best nasi lemak!! (first is still Murni)

  33. Parvin Kumar

    You guys should try the nasi kukus from stall no. 3. Its quite good.

  34. sha,
    You can always do it again!

    Parvin Kumar,
    oOO thanks for the tips. 😀

  35. […] with Tanglin and Antarabangsa (which I haven’t try). Of course, there are also the very good Jalan 223 and Seapark versions in PJ for those who doesn’t want to drive to […]

  36. love jln 223 otak otak

    sadly to say, i am this spoil kinda girl that never actually taken to the street side stalls, but when i read this post, i have to make an exception. love the nasi lemak, the half boil egg is good, the milo ice is great! i recommend the stall at the conner, in front of amway building with open air seating. they make better half boil egg compared to their neighbor.

    i have very little expectation on the otak-otak after reading this blog, but i try it anyway, surprisingly, i love it. it taste good. i dont know how good Johor otak-otak taste like, but jalan 223 otak-otak definitely not disappointing. i like the fact they always keep the otak-otak warm! they will place the otak-otak basket on your table regardless if u ask for it or not, and when u dont eat them and it gets cold, they will replace with warm ones.

    my other half and i had 4 nasi lemaks, one milo ice, one teh o ice, 4 half boil eggs only cost us rm9.80 (super cheap) plus 7 otak-otak at rm4.20. so full already, cannot walk. and the nasi lemak is rm1.20 now, but still cheap man!

  37. love jln 223 otak otak,
    Glad that you like the place. 😀

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  40. Last year i went there the entire lot was close. has it been reallocate?

  41. I used to frequent this food court when I was studying in UM back in the early 90s. After revising my lecture notes, then my friends and I headed to this popular eatery to fill in our hungry stomachs.

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