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After having a blast at ST’s big 3 Oh birthday party (thanks Kim, and Happy Birthday old boy!) last Friday. I dragged myself out of the bed the next morning to get some photography done. The dudes had some nasi lemak Tangling and we were off snapping happy after that.

Here are some of the photos I feel comfortable sharing, more at my flickr set.


busy bees
busy as bees

the hard worker
the hard worker

I’m also heading to Bangkok next week for a short photography and eating trip. Can’t wait!

Discuss : KY pictures – KL Flower Garden

  1. kimberlycun

    omg this set is too awesome!!!! 90mm ftw

  2. wow.. neat shots! v impressive.. what camera?

  3. kimberlycun,
    tenkiu very much. 😀

  4. Lyrical Lemongrass

    Very nice, KY!! Taken with a macro lens, I presume? Love em all!

  5. adryazad


    go see mine also lah..

  6. beetrice

    Loving the photos…absolutely fabbo! (I particularly love the ‘hard worker’ one – the colours are unbelievably good)

  7. Beautiful shot… that ‘fresh’ pic needs some chinese calligraphy beside it, “KY, no equal under heaven”

  8. Lyrical Lemongrass,
    Thanks. I use the Tamron SP90. 😀

    Yeah, just 1 more week to go!

    Thanks thanks.

    Under the SKY! lol

  9. You shot those???? wow!!! they’re gorgeous!! Not with the lumix right hehehhe. it’s gotta be a canon

  10. aronil,
    Yea, the Canon 400D 😀 Thanks!

  11. So nice. I especially love the droplets of water on the leaf.

    Sawadika. Bring back some good food from Bangkok.

  12. Those pictures are really nice. I like the ‘fresh’ and the ‘hard worker’ pic.

    Have fun in Bangkok, i’m also heading there in June for my graduation trip =D

  13. Woo~ Very nice set Ky. Must get the Tamron oredi.

  14. i know nuts about photography, but DAMN, those are GOOD!

  15. fwah..macro kaw kaw..

  16. Simon Seow,
    The food will be processed by my stomach before bringing back. 😀

    Thanks, will do!

    Yeah, a nice lens, great value.

    Thanks. 😀


  17. Very nice shots! Can I join you guys for photo outing? I’m keen about photography but most of my friends aren’t. I own a 350d and would love to pick up some pointers from fellow enthusiasts. And I’m also a “Wei Sek Guai” hehehe…

  18. woahhh… power ky!!

  19. wahhh NICE!!! got higher resolutions ones?? den i can put as my desktop wallpaper lolx

  20. Oh this is heaven!

  21. Nice!!! Tamron SP90 is a macro lense? How much does it cost you?

  22. KY, the pics are GORGEOUS! (Hope i spellz it right)

  23. Howdy KY, thx for visitng me blog.
    Wow, impressive and breathtaking photo shoots you have! Bravo! Will definitely come back for more.

  24. Hermanc, I have 350D too. Don’t forget to ajak me if there’s a shooting. 😛

    Btw KY, did you crop the 1st pix? Coz the background looks damn white.

  25. Btw, don’t mean to advertise or anything, but I’ve recently took some scenery shots, so if you don’t mind I share it with ya so that you can give me some comment as well. 😛
    Here’s the link.

  26. very nice pic… well done.. !!

  27. omg. awesome shots!

  28. hermanc,
    Hehhe, we’ll see we’ll see!


    You can find slightly higher res pics on my flickr set! 🙂

    Big Boys Oven,
    I thought there are only clouds in heaven!

    Yah, a Macro lens. A new SP90 should be around 1.5k I think.

    Thank you.

    Thanks! 😀

    Ah, there was no cropping done in the first pic if I remember correctly. 🙂



  29. Wow! Nice macro shots, nice colour! I like the first one most, maybe because I don’t really like flowers, plus the first one really brought out the ‘freshness’!! Whatever it is, they are all just so great. Are you taking part in any competittions?

  30. wow…beautiful… did you learn photography from professionals, KY??? :p

  31. LOVELY PIX!!! you’re good!!
    mind me asking, which lens didja use?

  32. Suzette,
    Thank you very much. No competitions yet. 😀

    I’ve had pointers from very good photographers.

    Thanks thanks. Those pictures were taken using Tamron SP90. 😉

  33. KY,

    How much did you buy your Tampon SP90? Know where I can get a 2nd hand one?

  34. hermanc,
    I got a very good deal from a friend (less than 1k). You can try to search for them at FTZ

  35. Thanks for the tip! Wah less than 1k… you lucky mustard! Eh sorry for the typo in the previous comment… Tamron lah..

  36. hermanc,
    Hehehe, yeah it was an opportunistic purchase for me, and a very good bargain from a friend!

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