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I was invited to an exclusive Guinness St. Patrick’s day Food Creation event at Nikko Hotel last Thursday thanks to Celine. All I knew about this event was that I get to sample a Guinness infused food, I was quite intrigued, as the only type of Guinness infused food I’ve ever had was Guinness pork ribs served by many Chinese tai chau places.

Update 18/8/2013: Nikko Hotel is now Intercontinental Hotel

Guinness lamb shank at Nikko Hotel, KL
Guinness infused Lamb Shank

For the uninitiated, St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast day which celebrate the patron saint of Ireland. It is traditionally observed on the 17th of March every year. Since this is a celebration of food and drinks, and Guinness is from Ireland, they came up with this Guinness infused Food Creation contest that runs until the end of the month. There are 9 outlets participating in this contest judged by celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant of Chef in Black. The results will be out on the 25th of March.

KY and chef at Nikko Hotel
chatting up with Chef Halil

This particular food tasting event was held at Bentley’s pub on first floor, a very cozy English pub setting with classy deco that seems so fitting for this occasion. I was greeted by Azira, the communication person at Nikko (who incidentally worked at the same place I am working now), the resident manager Ron Brooks, and of course, the very friendly Chef Halil. Besides all sorts of drinks (alcoholic or otherwise), they serve dishes such as fish and chips, steak, shepherd’s pie and so forth. However, until the 30th of March, the special addition to the menu is the Guinness Braised Lamb Shank on Sauteed Arrow Root Chips with Onion Jam, the very dish that is the competition. Best thing is, I get to eat it!

Christian from KL Lifestyle and Celine enjoying their lamb shank
Christian from KL Lifestyle and Celine enjoying their lamb shank

As we were waiting for the lamb shank, chef Halil explained to me how the dish is cooked. First marinated with salt and pepper, the lamb shank is browned with vegetable oil on a flat pan. Then came the celery, carrots and onion, and then garlic cloves, tomato paste, then a whole bottle of Guinness stout. After that there’s the brown sauce and so forth. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, the dish is done. (I actually have the recipe from this friendly chef, but I guess I am in not hurry to try this myself just yet).

The lamb shank was very tasty and very tender, with a very subtle hint of bitterness from the stout but masterfully balanced with the sweetness of onion jam. The use of arrow root (ngaku) and other vegetables compliments the texture and taste of the lamb. It was very gastronomically satisfying, I think it’s a winner! Naturally, I had the lamb with a glass of Guinness Draught.

Guinness Black Beer
I just had to have a glass of this!

To try this dish, you have until the end of this month. It is available at RM 30++ at Bentley’s pub, Nikko Hotel (just right next to Citybank at Ampang Park).

GPS: 3.159767, 101.718045

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  1. until end of this month only? Arrrgghh.. i want try it too. But recently my job not able to let me come down KL for a try on it.

  2. Akira,
    You can always quit. Hahahha, but the pub opens from 4pm to midnight. I’m sure you can make it in between.

  3. don’t lie, half of that would get you drunk 😛

  4. Paul Tan,
    I’m pro now don’t praypray, I can handle 2 bottles ok! (cos I took the LRT and didn’t drive :P)

  5. I’m broke 🙁

  6. Simon Seow,
    Can always eat maggie mee! 😀

  7. EH. Where is your hot date!!!

  8. thanks for replying on Kim’s blog. 🙂

    btw, RM30++ for that dish? enough to feed 2? 😛

  9. mIcheLLe,
    On my flickr account got! LOL

    I don’t think you can really feed 2 person on that dish. Just nice for one though.

  10. davidlian

    KY! I also want to eat can? Next time invite me come eat lah…. 🙁

  11. davidlian,
    But you don’t like foie gras, how can you appreciate the finer things? 😛

  12. Looks like you had a jolly good time! Those guinness creation look awesome, just like heaven! I miss my stay in Ireland!

  13. Other than this special lamb shank, it there any good choice available there? mean the lamb shank available till end of march right?

    Ok la, i quited my job already, just to go for it. 😛

  14. Big Boys Oven,
    Yeah it was really good. 😀

    I haven’t tried the other items though. But the ambiance is nice and I’d expect food from Nikko to be at least decent judging from their other restaurants.

  15. adryazad

    woo lamb.. woo guiness.. both my favouritess things. damn..

    simon, u broke.. ky ask u go eat maggi mee.. maybe u can infuse the maggi with some guiness.. and you’ll be fahmes

  16. like to see u cook that dish and c how it turns out. . . .better pepare a deep dish for braising dude

  17. adryazad,
    Guinness is haram, on top of that you can’t even spell it properly. 😛

    Hahahah, I don’t even know where to find lamb shank.

  18. i hate coming to ure site, each time i do, i get hungry. 🙁 but then again, i juz cant resist~

  19. Jess,
    Hungry? Eat! 😀

  20. KY, ur lambshank pix is teh gud. Clear and crisp. How many secs of pix exposure?

  21. Alvin,
    Ah, that was taken at 1/60s with a flashgun. 😀

  22. With flash? Nice… It’s really hard not to let the flash spoil your pix. Nice!!!

  23. Alvin,
    With a bit of practice everyone can do it. 😀

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