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I don’t know about you, but whenever I see this nicely wrapped bottles of soft drinks, I just couldn’t resist myself. I do this all the time at hypermarkets, please don’t tell anyone.

soft drink plastic wrappers, MUST POKE!

I MUST POKE them! *Poke poke poke*!!!

soft drink plastic wrappers, MUST POKE!

I won’t be satisfied till they’re all poked! SO HAPPY! 😀

soft drink plastic wrappers, MUST POKE!

By the way, I do the same with bubble wraps, must squash them must squash!!! But I don’t kick little kittens or small puppies. *Cheers*


Discuss : KY pokes – I just couldn’t resist!

  1. poke here poke there!!!


  2. Please! I have done worse

  3. wenqi,

    I scareeee

  4. sounds like the old lady in Tampopo who could not resist squeezing ripe peaches in the supermarket until the store detective found out

  5. Ok. Now show us the real photos. You expect us to believe you just used your finger?

  6. muhahhahaah!! i like to do this also man!! hahahah!! gimme 5!!

  7. WTF, if i see a coke pack ith holes in it i’m not buying it. you never know where KY’s fingers have been….

  8. KY, just how smart is posting incriminating evidence of yourself doing this on your public blog?

    Next time go Carrefour there will be people looking out for you…you wait lah.

  9. Kelvin,
    We’re only human..

    Wah thanks for trusting my power!

    Hahaha *5!

    Hahhahaa, at least it’s clean!

    I never said where I did it. 😀

  10. KY used his cock to poke the coke.

  11. Dr. Tan,
    Those holes are so small ok! Hmphhh 😛

  12. Used to do that when I was younger. Now seldom venture into the soft drinks area.

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  14. madeleine

    im used to this habit too since young till now towards the future!

  15. Simon Seow,
    You mean you are old now? 😛

    Hahhaha, ^5!

  16. i dun poke the coke, i used to poke the tissue rolls. hahaha

  17. itchy hand! I love smashing bubble wrappers, esp the bubble wrappers in my company which they use it to wrap the goods 😀 😀 😀 😀

  18. dcyk,
    That’s even worse! LOL

    Cannot help it maa… 😛

  19. I like to POKE too…But i dare not to poke in supermarket…hehe~

    That’s whay I POKE non-stop during chinese new year 🙂


  20. desmond,
    Hahahah fun isn’t it! 😛

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