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Despite staying only 5 minutes away, it somehow took me this long to get to know about this famous nasi lemak at Seapark. Located just next to Maybank at Petaling Jaya’s Seapark (SS21), this Mamak stall opens at around dinner time till late.

Nasi Lemak at Seapark
nasi lemak with excellent fried chicken

After missing my first chance of eating at this place due to a completely full stomach some weeks ago, I decided that we should give it a try even though it was “Human Day”, 7th day of Chinese New Year. Kerol was complaining a bit, but since she just had some awesome Japanese food at Raku Zen for lunch, nasi lemak should be a perfect choice for dinner (as I explained to her). So the six of us went to the stall and each of us ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken.

Nasi Lemak at Seapark
outdoor setting, make sure it is not raining..

The nasi lemak came within a couple minutes, with all the ingredients still very warm. There’s the traditional ikan bilis (anchovies), fried peanuts, fragrance rice, sambal, with the not so traditional fried chicken and a very nicely done sunny side up egg.

The sambal was not overly spicy and carried a slightly sweet taste, which goes pretty well with the fried chicken and egg. The chicken itself was actually very delicious, deep fried with crunchy skin and very nice marinate. As for the egg, anyone who loves a runny yolk would not want to miss this.

Map to PJ Seapark, Nasi Lemak
the nasi lemak stall is located at Seapark, not far from the old KFC

Other than nasi lemak, I have heard that the mee goreng is pretty special as well. A plate of nasi lemak with fried chicken goes for RM 4.50, a pretty fair price I think. Do make sure that it isn’t raining when you go there as the place is completely outdoor.

Jalan 21/11b,
46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

GPS: 3.109920, 101.622301

Masak-Masak also reviewed this place before.

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  1. Wah…love the sunny side ups!!! I remember Pelita Nasi Kandar along Jalan Ampang used to serve these kinda beautiful telur mata too.. *drools..*

  2. omfg!! dat’s my fav nasi lemak joint and i miss it already

    wht the hell took u this long to discover the place?

  3. yeah.. here I came to eat the Nasi Lemak.. fuh, when superhero S told me that KY posted a Nasi Lemak review, I flew to your blog..

    damn nice man the Nasi.. it look very lemak.. gonna try it whether this weekend or nxt week.. thanx bro :p

  4. Nasi lemak that sits on a banana leaf is guaranteed to be mmmmm….aromatic and yummy 🙂 (*salivating liow*)

  5. Lyrical Lemongrass

    You had me at the fried chicken…my jaw just dropped man.

  6. twosuperheroes,
    Pelita & Kayu’s prices are a little too high these days though.

    Too close to home I guess. heehee

    superhero W,
    Yeah, let me know if you like it!

    Ya, look more appetizing too!

    Lyrical Lemongrass,
    The chicken is not to be denied. 😀

  7. Hmmm hungry now, it’s nearby here too haha. But not open yet anyway if it’s an evening joint.

  8. Wahlau.NET

    I like this place….

    Take a look when they marinate the chicken…they have a huge tong…which seems like semi-wet marination. The secret to the good fried chicken…

    indomee with chicken is good too

  9. Hey dude, the street name have no SS in front.

    Yup, the fried chicken is good.

  10. ST,
    Hahaha, too bad.

    I think I’ll try the indomie next time!

    ooOo, I was sourcing from google map. emm

  11. Wah!!! Nasi Lemak…yum yum…

    And since you like bak kut teh so much…there is a new stall in Sunway Mas Commercial area…right next to Chan Kee (Hakka) restaurant. This is Johor style bak kut teh…yum yum…

  12. I could really use some Nasi Lemak right about now.

  13. JL,
    ooo interesting, there are quite a few bkt places there ya.

    Mama Bok,
    Do it!

  14. their mee goreng kambing is power and their indomee is much nicer than ss2…

  15. kimberlycun

    hydrochloric acid level just up a couple of notches..

  16. Hi KY, I think it’s Section 21, not SS21 – this is actually Damansara Utama!

  17. sbd18,
    Ooo I didn’t know got mee goreng kambing. Gotta try next time.


    You’re right! It’s Jalan 21/22 without the SS. Just fixed that. 😀 Thanks

  18. pegsywegsy

    me and my friends call this place ‘maybank’ haha yups since this mamak doesnt seem to have a name like murnis or williams, we call it maybank. senang.

    damn i miss mamak food. i dont quite remember what me and my friends used to have there. but their maggi/indomee goreng is good. i am embarassed to say that even though i stay a stone throw away from this mamak i rarely frequent it. i shall try the nasi lemak when i am back home next time.

    oh! they serve the best teh o ais limau in town!!! no doubt about that

  19. how come u always have so many ppl eat wif u

  20. another place to recommend to u for goood nasi lemak – damansara uptown village park..gif it a try..

  21. ahh.. i know the place… me like the maggi goreng there.

  22. pegsywegsy,
    I take it that you’re not in the country? heehee

    Friends maa.

    Interesting, interesting.

    Bee Nee,
    I have yet to try that myself. 🙂

  23. ini best. the bak kut teh at the same shoplot is also not too bad. the owner’s pretty entertaining too =P

  24. their nasi goreng + pedas and the fried chicken is the bestttttttttttttttttttt in the world!!! you should try the nasi goreng next time!

  25. Reta,
    yeah! I had it too.

    Wah looks like I have to go there several more times to cover all!

  26. ahh i am digging through your whole website for dinner ideas tonite. oh, their mee goreng is good too. i am their fans. used to go there very often. and they close on sundays!

  27. xin,
    Good to know that, I didn’t know they’re close on Sundays. Thanks!

  28. BenjaminSiew

    Uh weh~
    I tell you, this nasi lemak damn power leh~!
    I’ll go there for supper during the mid nite and it’s uber good, right down to the bones.
    Sambal is damn chun!
    Ish, KY, now u make me wanna drive to seapark!

  29. we were choosing to go to seapark or village park for nasi lemak on our recent trip back to malaysia.. now i’m left wondering which one is better. village park has definitely been the best nasi lemak i’ve ever tried so far… but maybe it’s because i’ve not eaten nasi lemak back home for more than 10 years! 🙂

    our posting on village park nasi lemak:

  30. all tak tidurkah, hahaha

  31. BenjaminSiew,
    Do it! 😀

    When you’ve not eaten at home in 10 years, everything is great!

    you too!

  32. pegsywegsy

    haha yups definitely not in the country!
    cant wait to be back for summer holidays.

    ive tried the maggi goreng as mentioned by bee nee however i feel that its nothing to shout about. its good but not that good. haha. but really the teh o ais limau…. imo, ive not tried anything better than theirs.

    and benjaminsiew, if KY makes you feel like driving to seapark, he makes me feel like flying back home this very moment!

  33. pegsywegsy,
    So come back soon! 😀

  34. Been back home more often than that.. just haven’t had nasi lemak in Malaysia for 10 years.

  35. Looneytune

    I have been to the Bak Kut Teh place before,but never knew about the nasi Lemak place. Aiya, what a waste.I didn’t have any good nasi lemak when I was back over CNY. BTW, the Bak Kut Teh place serves good black vinegar trotter and sour vegetable too. The owner is indeed a funny chap.

  36. Their fried chicken is the best I’ve ever tasted! Better than KFC 😀

  37. Designer In Pajamas,
    Yeah, really good isn’t it!

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  39. […] and Antarabangsa (which I haven’t try). Of course, there are also the very good Jalan 223 and Seapark versions in PJ for those who doesn’t want to drive to […]

  40. nasi lemak at seapark -

    […] nasi lemak at seapark found a map for the nasi lemak place….. KY eats – Nasi Lemak at Seapark, PJ – KYspeaks Rerider…. tonite got ar? I haven't receive sms […]

  41. ya, no SS in front. it’s section 21. SS21 is damansara jaya. mmm….might try it, thanks!!

  42. oh oops. SS21 is actually damansara utama 🙄

  43. best. nasi lemak. ever.

  44. Went to this place and saw them using recycled oil. Very bad for health.

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