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Today is the 9th day of Chinese New Year, traditionally the day Hokkien people worships Jade Emperor of Heaven “Tian Kung” (天公). I did hear quite a bit of fireworks as midnight struck even though the government has imposed a complete ban on such celebration.

The pictures I am posting here are of “Tian Hou Temple”, a place that might not be related at all to today’s occasion. But anyhow…

Tian Hou Temple, KL
Pagoda with 8 sided roof

We went to the temple for some photography a week before Chinese New Year hoping to get some shots of the beautifully lit decorative lanterns, but luck was not on our side as it seems that conservation of electricity was the priority of the night. I only managed about a dozen different shots before the temple closed at around 10:30pm.

Tian Hou Temple, KL
3-tiered roof with guardian dragons

You can read more about this place at Thean Hou Temple wiki entry.

Tian Hou Temple, KL

You can find a few more pictures in my flickr set.

Discuss : KY pictures – Tian Hou Temple, KL

  1. KY I am first are you proud of me

  2. Woah the roof so nice but it almost made my xanga blog looks like it belongs to a monk! Can imagine some chinese ninja squating on the roof 😛

  3. dude! i went there with u! and guess what.. i haven’t emailed the dude the pictures.. :/

    I sucks

  4. Awesome shots! just wondered whether are you using tripod? The texture of the sculpture was so clear and i like the lighting too.

  5. skyler,
    Good girl, good girl.

    Very nice architecture kan?

    LOL, do it soon!

    Yeah, have to use tripod at this kinda light. 🙂

  6. Wahh nice photos man…too much food sometimes oso jialat or make me put on unnecessary weight…KY will have high expectations for his wedding photographer next time in the temple *wink wink*.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but i believe it’s “Thean” Hou Temple not “Tian”.

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