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I want to wish everyone a prosperous rat’s year. Since you can already find a picture of rat/mickey/minnie/mighty on every other blog, I thought I’d just post some pictures I shot at Penang’s Kwan Yin Temple last weekend.

Kwan Yin Temple
pigeons at the sacred temple

This Kwan Yin temple is the oldest temple in Penang island. Located at Pitt Street (now renamed Jalan Mesjid Kapitan Keling), it was constructed at the early 1800s by Chinese migrants.

kwan yin temple - roof line
the roof line

The building follows ancient Chinese architecture with carvings at every corner and beautiful dragon statues on the roof line. These creatures the guardians of the temple.

There are hundreds of wild pigeons around the temple everyday, casting a holy and surreal atmosphere. The birds are fed by devotees.

kwan yin temple - dragons
the dragons

Every year during Kwan Yin’s birthday, there are thousands of devotees flooding the temple to worship this Goddess of Compassion and the other deities in the temple. Thick smokes from josticks and the quite murmurs of prayers can be heard, it’s a sight to be seen, but I suggest you bring your goggles.

kwan yin temple - jostick holder

If you find yourself in Penang, do give this temple a visit. The wonderful architecture not to be missed, furthermore, there’s a stall selling awesome loh mee just next to the temple (I will post about that soon).

kwan yin temple - the lion guard
the lion guard

More information can be found at Tourism Penang’s website.

more photos at my kwan yin temple flickr set.

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  1. I really like Joss sticks. Happy Chinese New Year *mwahs*

  2. Valz,

    I like it too. Happy Chinese New Year *smooch*

  3. Dabido (Has own Hockey Stick)

    Happy Rat Year! 🙂

    Wow! That temple really is old. It’s still in black and white. We have temples in colour in Australia! 🙂

  4. Dabido,
    Wah, so advance at Perth, I gotta visit soon

  5. I was there taking pictures on Jan 23rd 2008. I’m totally agree with you on the architecture of the temple. Indeed, this is a very beautiful temple with the unique architecture.

  6. I see some really good pictures~

  7. TZ,
    Yeah, very unique indeed.

    Thanks. 😀

  8. no pics of your cooking this year?

  9. KY, have posted more photo of double lot parking drivers at my blog at this link,

    some thing must be done to stop this type of parking

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