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I received the invitation to the premier of Dunia Baru the Movie from the PR lady Nuradila (Thanks! Keep them coming) at Grand Brilliance about a week ago. Initially I didn’t think I would be going to the movie, cos 1st, it is a local production (many of them aren’t very entertaining), and 2nd, it is also my badminton night.

However, things in life usually turns out the way you never knew it would. Due to fact that I need to steal Suanie’s car for CNY, and that she wanted to catch the show, I ended up ditching badminton. BUT, before the movie starts, the Suan actually thought it might be a great idea if we skip the whole show and have a big dinner instead. I told her to be nice and just watch it in full.

We were both pleasantly surprised by our collective decisions at the end. Dunia Baru was just so entertaining!

Dunia Baru the movie
Dunia Baru the Movie

The movie is actually based on a massively popular TV series by the same name on TV3 about life in college/university. In the movie, Anizah was being kidnapped by a stalker, her university friends then ganged together and traveled a long way to rescue her. 90% of the show is about their adventure, with a lot of funny bits and a few heart warming moments.

I particularly like the performance and character of the rocky chick, played by Elyana. A very strong character who also sings very well.

Dunia Baru the movie
The stars of the movie (shot with my N82)

The movie does show a parallel to one of my favorite comedy, Eurotrip. With a lot of almost lame but very funny bits. I was laughing my butt off on so many instances it was ridiculous. The soundtrack was awesome, and sceneries very beautiful. Of course, production quality and sound quality suffers a little, but luckily they did not get into the way of me enjoying the movie.

The cool thing was, all the stars were seated just a few rows behind me during the screening!

Give this local show a try, I must say I am impressed. Much better than I am Legend that’s for sure.

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  1. wow.. coming from u.. an actual complement for local production ! and i am one of those who are sceptical abt this movie too.

    may reconsider placing this on my list as one of the movies to watch this year

  2. i meant to type compliment.. sorry my london not good

  3. fara,
    Go watch it lah. 😀


  5. Nothing beats Atonement.

    I mean nothing.

  6. skyler,
    Cos I am legend actually sucked.

    I wouldn’t know, haven’t watch it. 😀

  7. not post related.. but happy cny!

  8. Bee Nee,
    Happy CNY!

  9. Hi KY,

    Thanks for coming over to our lil preview.
    Glad you enjoyed the movie – coming from you that’s already an achievement on our part!
    I wasn’t there myself as I had other matters to attend to but thanks for your support & hopefully I’ll see you guys & Suan at our future functions.
    Happy CNY!

  10. Iesta,
    You are too kind, it was really a very enjoyable movie to me. 🙂

  11. it may be a good movie but I AM LEGEND still great in my opinion.

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