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One of my favorite shopping mall parking lot is at Sunway Pyramid. They have installed this nifty little light with a sensor on top of every parking spot. If the spot is occupied, the light is red, if free, it is green. A quick glance down the isle will tell you if there’s an available spot so you don’t have to navigate the whole parking lot aimlessly to find an empty space.

So I went there for lunch the other day. The parking lot was almost filled, but I spotted 2 green lights very close to the entrance, must be my lucky day I thought. I quickly drove there just to find this idiot.

A Toyota Vios parked right in between 2 handicap parking spots. The sensor missed the car.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
WPK 6393 the idiot.

I don’t know if this guy is genuinely handicap, the vehicle did not display a handicap sticker or anything. However, there is no excuse for parking right in between two spots even if you are disabled. Patients with that kind of spatial disability shouldn’t be driving anyway.

I took the opportunity and snapped the driver’s name card that was hanging on the rear view mirror inside the car. The N82 did a decent job getting the face, but unfortunately the gentleman’s name is obscured by the furry crap right next to it.

Idiot Toyota Vios Owner
Mr. Lim with Sense Health Solutions

Apparently the guy (Mr. Lim) is a member of Sense Health Solutions. I tried to check more on this particular “club” online to no avail, anyone knows about this?

I want Peter Tan to beat this guy up with a stick.

Discuss : KY saw – Idiot at Sunway Pyramid parking lot

  1. memang idiot betul park until like that -.-

  2. mofo sungguh.. double idiot for parking not only in the disabled spot (if he ain’t disabled) and hogging two spots at the same time.

    this ups the ante from ST’s post on idiot parkers (

    love the sunway pyramid car park system tho – able to detect free parking bays from far – then it’s a race who gets there first! saw one car actually go against the recommended traffic flow just becoz the free bay is closer to him that way!

  3. i had the same experience as you but at my office car park. Whole mood spoiled by idiots like that..definitely deserve a box in the ears for that..selfish idiot.

  4. Perfectly retarded driver.

    Pyramid should also install and paint more signs to direct B1 drivers to the upper level parking. Right now, there’s this really hard to find ramp that leads you up, and once you’re there, it’s parking nirvana.

    – Visitor who got stuck in a TRAFFIC JAM in the basement parking area.

  5. Please don’t be so mean with Mr Lim – probably he’s handicapped… with only half a brain working.

  6. esther,
    No kidding!

    Hahaha, true. ST’s post was about a Kancil.

    Yeah, sometimes we just have to laugh it off, or blog about it. 😛

    Parking nirvana, now that sounds like SS2 during CNY.

    I’m not sure if JPJ should allow people with half their brain working to obtain a license.

  7. KY, can I just pass the stick to you and watch you beat him up instead?

  8. nice job..i damn hate stupid people like this 1..take a pic of them and blog it out..

  9. Peter Tan,
    OK pass me the stick!

    Yeah, I am hoping the guy’s friends or family members read this.

  10. yongkailoon

    People like this are really spoiling the reputation of us Malaysians.

  11. I agree.. can i help you whack him as well?

  12. bring along a spray paint can… if u see a**holes like this, spray a little bit here and there. Teach them a lesson.

  13. yongkailoon,
    Yeah, very unfortunate.

    Be my guest!

    Don’t la, vandalism is a crime. hehe

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  15. Dammit the key! The key man!

    Well, that guy looks damn lala from what I see in the picture.

  16. Sigh. Please, no, KY, don’t unleash the fury of Peter Tan!

  17. David,
    what fury lar? If you meet me, you will agree that I am a nice person… ahem.

  18. test

  19. Egads! Now that’s what you call kopi-o license.

  20. Nicholas Chay

    Plain dumb!

  21. Send the picture and thumbnail to The Star la. best.

  22. You know what, he’s handicapped.

    Handicapped in his mind.

  23. that kid seriously need to be taught a lesson. Pathetic fella indeed. And good job KY for exposing this.

  24. i m wif u, ky

  25. Well, go grab a stick and make a honest man out of him.

  26. Dabido (Has own Hockey Stick)

    I say we share the fun a little.
    First, to stop him parking anywhere we tie him to the front of his car, left leg on the left front, right leg on the right front and then roll it down a hill to a tree so it smashes all the front of his car in and [with luck] will dent the front of the car enough to remove his testicles.

    THEN, we all get hockey sticks and smash the crap out of his car. [Other sticks can be used as well]. Now, if a few of the hits happen to miss the car and hit him in the head or the nuts or something … well, that’s not our fault, he shouldn’t have been parking under our whacking tree in the middle of whacking season anyway.

    Then we post his a photo of his car parked between two handicapped bays on the internet … oh wait, that’s been done.
    But, would be nice if you can send this sort of thing to the police and have them do something about it. I’m pretty sure in Australia they can.

  27. Dabido, you missed your meds huh! Such violence.

  28. yup ky… send it to “the star”… this guy really stupid…

  29. ahh.. he sucks! btw where’s the guards? put off all of his tyres air!

    Happy Chinese New Year y’all!

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  31. Some ppl donch have brains..!

  32. agree with reta
    can win $$ some more


    ok la least another kancil, kelisa masih boleh i parking kereta then nak balik ade org parking kat tak bleh nak kluar..kena tunggu mereka..lagi takde otak itu org!!!! 😀

  34. I googled Sense Health Solutions and it came back to!
    Just kidding.. but you should’ve left him a “note” or “love letter” on the car or something

  35. there are more of such ppl around
    please visit my web for more photo of creative parking and others …..

  36. Dr. Tan,
    Looking lala isn’t a valid reason to act like one though.

    david & Peter Tan,
    Don’t worry, Peter knows what he’s doing.

    Test what la..

    Most probably!

    So unfortunate.

    That’s a good idea.

    I guess that is one explanation.

    I am hoping someone he knows would read this.

    Thanks. 😀

    Cool down dude. hehehe


    Don’t la put off his air, then his car will be there even longer!

    Mama Bok,
    So true.

    Even a small car can park, but the driver (a handicapped person) would not be able to get out easily.

    Hahaha, love letter written by a coin?


  37. Peter, I have met you. 🙂 At the AMBP gathering thingy in Starbucks…but then again, I’m like kuchi rat lah…

  38. lotsofcravings

    as idiot as it can get..

  39. howdy neighbor.

    amazing what some idiots can do. I saw something similar on a Saturday night at Pyramid as well, with hundreds of people trawling for parking spaces, some idiot simply parked and took up two spaces as well.

    the nerve! if you’re gonna beat that person up with an ugly stick, I’d like to join in.

  40. davidlian,
    Don’t be so humble.

    No kidding.

    Hi neighbour! Didn’t know you have a blog too!

  41. Dabido (Has own Hockey Stick)

    Peter – My meds stop me killing myself and laying about sulking all the time. If anything they’d probably make me more violent as they block seratonin in order to increase the dopamine in my brain. Violent people often have higher dopamine levels than normal people. [Though, anyone who’s met me will tell you I’m still rather passive and laid back].

    KY – was comic violence. I don’t expect anyone to take it seriously. Think of it in terms of Itchy and Scratchy. 🙂

  42. you should leave a nasty note and tell him that you are goin to publish his stupidity in the net.

  43. Lim Chian Wei

    Oi bruder,
    Buay song ah?!

  44. Also by the name of KY

    You should’ve reported this fella and get his car clamped. If such Ah Beng is not punished thru his pocket he will find this a very convenient act (inconvenient to others unfortunately) to be repeated.

  45. Also by the name of KY,
    Too bad there’s no law against this is Malaysia. Maybe we should do something with our votes.

  46. thelastcry

    serves him right! actually blogging its a nice way to release your frustration towards drivers like Mr. Lim, the member of Sense Health Solutions.

  47. theslastcry,
    True true. 😀

  48. Now I know that you are the guy who spotted this car and the news spread from here. 8=)

    I received a forwarded email yesterday, almost 2 months and 3 weeks late. haha but still not too late. It has reached my inbox without a doubt. I’ve posted it in my blog as well.

    I wonder if the culprit has received it in his inbox or he already knows that he’s made famous by his infamous inconsiderate act.

  49. Joshua,
    Hahha I never knew there would be such a big reaction in cyberspace. I do hope the guy got to see it! 😉

  50. here the sense health website

  51. alex,
    Thanks. 😀

  52. Hey, there’s a copycat caught in TheStar. Hope it’s not contagious.

  53. I think the selfish driver park like this because he can avoid being detected by the car park management people to clamped his car’s tyre.

  54. Jim,
    Hope not! 🙂

    I think you might have a point there. 🙂

  55. DanielMark

    LOL KY looks like Mr.Lim (maybe and most probably the owner of the Vios) replied and asking you whether you buay shong ah? HAHAHAHHAHAHAAA……KY Why didn’t leave a love letter?

  56. DanielMark,
    Hahah don’t need to waste my keystrokes la

  57. DanielMark

    KY can I ask permission from you to use this picture and upload on my facebook account, I wanna tag friends. this is such an awesome picture. Oh yeah, KY did u go for the Manchester United match against Malaysia? I saw you and I think I was the one who checked your ticket 😀 You’re wearing Malaysian jersey right? Why the sad face? hahahhaa

  58. DanielMark,
    sure, you can go ahead and use the photo, and yes I was at the game and wore the jersey. Sad face? hahaha maybe cos so many ppl were supporting MU instead of Malaysia maa! 😀

  59. DanielMark

    Oh I ingat you argue with GF over which side will win 😀 Lucky you went in early cuz there was chaos outside the stadium because some blokes with other ticket colors tried to get in and there was a heated argument between some foreign workers and the Marshall. And I had to get stuck between them =.= Anyway, sorry for off topic but if you’re at Cheras do check out my neighbor’s Malay food stall at Cheras business center at Taman Desa Aman. Its called Sufi Station. Nasi Lemak taste great, and I think the ikan bakar will not disappoint you 😀

  60. DanielMark,
    Hahaha, maybe I did. lol, exgf by the way :P. Thanks for the tips!

  61. I always bring my dad to shopping mall. He is using wheelchair.. I found out Malaysia is not wheelchair friendly. I wanted to ask, my dad doesnt apply for OKU so our car doesnt have OKU sticker.. But can we park at disable parking so that we convenient to dropoff him?

    • soulesscloudy: well, it’s just like driving without carrying your license, or L/P license holder not putting the sticker.

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