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There are many blogs like this, but this one is mine. 🙂

It all started on 1st of February, 2005. 1095 days and 503 posts later, this blog is officially 3 year old, please do wish a Happy Birthday to!

KY speaks is 3 years old
happy 3rd anniversary!


Discuss : KY speaks is 3 years old!

  1.’s no longer a public holiday for you NYAH…

  2. Happy besday!

  3. I thought you’re going to blog about something else with this entry….

  4. happy anniversary!
    lulu is jealous that you can makan and makan and makan and still be so kurus. not fair…

  5. Happy anniversary 🙂

  6. Suertes,
    Yah, dang it!


    I can think of another date. 😀

    I eat variety, not quantity. 😛


  7. Camwhore! You’re working today!!

  8. Gong Xi Fa Chai!

  9. suanie,
    Heehee, not bad indeed.

    Dr. Tan,
    Somebody has to keep the economy running.

    Hong Pao Na Lai!

  10. Happy 3rd anniversary..!

  11. crap, i almost wished u a happy birthday. happy birthday KYspeaks!

    anyway, congrats on making it this far 😀

  12. Dabido (Kiwifruit)

    Happy 3rd Birthday KY’s Blog!!!! 🙂
    You’ve been going longer than me and have less posts … so, who doesn’t update enough?
    [Or do I just write too much!] 🙂

  13. Waisikmiao

    Happy Birthday!!!
    Come, make a wish, blow the cake…

  14. What’s with that sleazy look? u minta hutang 3 ringgit ka?

  15. happy bday

  16. happy the birthday my friend:)

  17. eh, ur hair so cute la lol

  18. Mama Bok,

    hahah, thanks!

    you have more time? 😛

    thanks thanks.

    what sleazy, cool ok. hehe

    jason & cass
    thanks, thanks. And my hair nice kan? 😛

  19. Happy Anniversary KY! This blog of yours helped me to discover Sarawak Laksa in Bangsar! Woohoo!

  20. Holy shit, first time see you in formal wear. Anyways, happy 3rd anniversary to The hair looks newly cut 🙂 Okay hapi CNY too.

  21. Happy birthday. I’ve been trolling your blog since 2006, and my stomach is so much better (and bigger) because of this blog.

    Happy CNY as well.

  22. happy birthday la..

  23. so cute lol

  24. kimberlycun

    happy birthday! nice hair wor..

  25. I want to comment on the hair too! Much better than your budak high-school look before hahahaha anyway, appi birday!

  26. Happy Birthday! =D

  27. pablopabla,
    Glad that you like the place.

    Working maa

    Bigger stomach? Exercise ok!

    Thanks! 😀

    Ya while I still have hair. hehe

    Thanks 😀

    Best, thanks!

    Bee Nee,
    Thank you!

  28. Congrats and Gong Xi Fatt Chai!

  29. Happy Birthday bloggie! You’re 3. I’ll get you powdered milk. =D

  30. Wow, 3 years in this and still counting ….

  31. whoa tat is a longtime u blog !!
    happy birthday to u~~ ahem, i mean, ur blog

  32. Happy Birthday…to you are the blog?

  33. happy blog anniversary to u!

  34. Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to you…
    Happy birthday to KYspeaks…
    Happy birthday to you…!!

    Haha. Hope that we can enjoy even 10% of what you have achieved over the years too, KY! :p

  35. Dabido (Kiwifruit)

    Now that I think about it, my blog started in 2004 … so I guess that’s longer than 3 years.

    No, I don’t have more time. I just read and write fast. lol

  36. Congrats man! 🙂

  37. hapie hapie anniversary to ur baby bloggg! xoxo

  38. Congratulations and happy birthday to So, it was the right timing for me to do this post at this time LOL, it was a coincidence, I didn’t know was 3 until today.

  39. Congrats – and keep the good food reviews coming!

  40. hcfoo,
    Thanks and gong xi fa chai to you too!

    I want dumex ok!

    James, MinnYDinO, teckiee, amy,

    Wah got song some more!

    Not to mention you comment a lot 😛

    davidlian, yammyliciois,

    Simon Seow,
    OoOO cool! Thanks


  41. happy burfday ky! 😀

    why aren’t u online??

    and wahhh.. u wear a tie when u work? i dun seem to remember that the alst time i saw u

  42. happy anniversary! 😀

  43. Wahlaau.. happy birthday!

  44. wenqi,
    Cos I need to work?


    Thank you. 😀

  45. Hey man I very much like your blog laar. Happyy Birthday KY Speaks!!!

  46. sutha,
    Thanks for the vote of confidence. 😀

  47. Congratulation for the 3rd year keep on going.
    Your blogspot keep me entertained and occupied while I’m away on overseas assigment.

    Zainolh from Turkmenistan

  48. zainolh,
    I’m surprised you actually still read my blog! Good luck with the new CEO, boss!

  49. PocketAnne

    Hepi anivesali

  50. Hey, I love your blog~entertaining. Happy Birthday yeah.Why don’t u put a photo of U 3 years ago when starting this blog VS recent photo?? Dont tell me it’s the same la… 😛

  51. Hyppo,
    They’re not very different! 😛

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