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Whenever I go back to Penang, there are a few hawker food that I usually do not miss. The char kueh teow, curry mee, mee goreng, and also kueh teow soup such as the one at Lebuh Armenian. The other dish would be this famous dried kuey teow at the Mt. Erskine road side hawker center.

Penang Dried Kuey Teow Soup
the kueh teow soup stall

This particular stall has been in operation for at least the past 20 years or so, back when this make shift hawker center only had a couple of stalls operating under the trees. There are many places that sells kueh teow soup, but when it comes to the dry version, this place probably came up with the best concoction.

Penang Dried Kuey Teow Soup
dried kueh teow, with soup on the side

Much like wantan noodle , this dried kuey teow is served with a bowl of 4 types of fish ball soup on the side. The kueh teow then is served with some dark sauce, shredded chicken, and raw vegetables.

The different types of fish ball has their own unique texture and taste to it, some softer, some firm and bouncy, and all very delicious. I particularly love the sambal belacan that is served as the condiment, made from fresh red pepper, belacan, and lime that is rather spicy and perfect with those fish balls.

Penang Dried Kuey Teow Soup
my favorite sambal.. slurps

A bowl of the dried kuey teow goes for RM 3.50, but as with most Penang hawker dishes, the portion is quite small, which is just as well so that I can order another bowl of curry mee or mee goreng to fill up my stomach. 😀

Mt. Eskin Hawker Center
map to the hawker centre at Mt. Erskine

The hawker centre operates from around noon to 4-5 in ther afternoon.

Jalan Mt. Erskine,
Tg. Tokong, Penang
GPS: 5.450560, 100.302064

Discuss : KY eats – Dried Kuey Teow Soup at Mt. Erskine, Penang

  1. I brought my gf there recently and she just loves the food there, I’ll definitely go back there soon 😀

  2. argh.. shouldn’t have come here.. so hungry now… Hahaha..

  3. Me too…. lucky for me it’s lunchtime in 10 mins for me now 😛

  4. and I just had my lunch. 😀

  5. I’ve put a hyperlink to KYSPEAKS on my blog. Your blog is so well-worth to introduce to my friends. Is it okay for you?

  6. It’s strange that every single time we go to Penang..we’d end up sitting at home wondering “what to eat ah??”. But NOW…WE KNOW… :p Haha. Hope to try this the next time we go Penang..

  7. I’m going to try out this dried Kueh Teow since i’m in Penang rite now… :->

  8. Chloe the F!sH,
    of course it is okay, thanks! 😀

    ooOo you’re from Penang too?

    Great! Let us know if you like it.

  9. Okie, CNY holiday is not far from now! That dried kueh teow is a must eat whenever i go there! I will sit in front of the stall… The boss selling this dried kueh teow calls every girls – leng lui; for guys, he will go “BOSS”.. very humble man.

  10. You’re making me more hungry than ever!

    Now I know how my friends felt when I post pictures of food in my blog.


  11. haha…technically no, but since Superhero S’s bros work there, they do have a house there. So we’d make our way to Penang a couple of times a year just to jalan jalan cari makan.. :p

  12. Ah, thought dried kuey teow soup sounded like an oxymoron. till i read the post.

  13. I luv Penang Kuay Teow Teng most 😀

  14. hey guys, the dried koay teow & koay teow thng stall is the best i’ve ever tasted. I’ll never fail to frequent this stall whenever i’m in Penang. Many of my Singaporean friends have also commented that this stall sells the best koay teow thng & dried koay teow. Btw, they have opened another stall at night at the Mount Erskine wet market (operated by the boss’ brother). location is just abt 100m away from the stall (beside the chinese temple). same great taste & quality. die die must try!!!

  15. Lilian,
    Ooo I didn’t know they have another stall at nigh. Cool! 😀

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