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I actually tried this halal bak kua (BBQ meat) a couple months ago but kept forgetting to post it until a reader emailed me the other day, the content goes:

MK wrote:
do u have any idea where to get halal bak kua in KL?

and then I replied:

No halal bak kut teh as far as I know, but there’s vegetarian bak kut teh that has similar tasting soup you can find at Taman Mayang, near the old Lim Kok Wing building. It’s a stall by the roadside that’s very near to William’s mamak stall, operates during lunch time.


Which was a wrong answer because MK was asking about bak kua, not my favorite Chinese Malaysian food, bak kut teh. So I had to sent another email to the friendly reader who politely pointed out my mistake…

NOTE: This place is unfortunately, closed. I guess the concept did not work

Halal Bak Kua (BBQ Meat) at Pavilion KL
my ex-colleague Abby likes the beef bak kua

Anyway, this particular stall selling halal bak kua called Grilled to Perfection is situated at the basement food court of Pavilion KL. Just a stone’s throw away from it’s non-halal counterpart Kiew Brothers that sells bacon bak kua I posted about a couple months ago.

The stall offers three types of BBQ meat: sliced beef, sliced chicken, and sambal chicken. You can also have them in rounded coin shapes instead of sheets as well. They are priced at RM 72-75 per KG, very similar to the market price of the non-halal versions

Halal Bak Kua (BBQ Meat) at Pavilion KL
the three types of bak kua, sliced beef, sambal chicken, and sliced chicken

As for the taste, I find that the beef bak kua (the only one I tried) was a little dryer than what I am used to, possibly due to the relatively leaner meat as compared to pork. However, it does taste like bak kua, and to my ex-colleague who has never tasted something like this, it was a revelation.

So far this is the only place I’m aware of that sells Halal bak kua, so if you don’t eat pork and want to try out this Chinese delicacy, Pavilion KL is the place!

Address: (Corporate, stall at basement of Pavilion KL)
No. 73, Jalan Cemerlang,
Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang,
81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor

GPS: 3.148872, 101.713368
Tel: 03-5891 0934

Discuss : KY eats – Halal Bak Kua (BBQ meat) at Pavilion KL [Closed]

  1. im hungry just looking at those~

  2. Giant Sotong

    That’s one item going into the Xmas Eve Party 2008 gift pile 😎

  3. sambal chicken bak kua sounds good. slurp. waiting for commenters that tried it to give a verdict 😀

  4. kimberlycun

    will shoot down anyone who tries to replace bacon bakua with that halal bakua on at xmas eve party!

  5. Jackson,
    bak kua always make me salivate too

    Giant Sotong,
    maybe, since it’s more politically correct to give halal stuff. hehe

    yeah, I wonder if any readers had it.

    sensitive a bit to dree, aysraf, and bob ok?

  6. yeah, could smell the grill as i passed by the stall…gonna forward this to my Muslim friends…they can’t visit me this cny with empty hands, can they? hahaha!

  7. Try is another barnch at the new wing of Sunway Pyramid tooo

  8. Halal bak kua? Ky, this is the first time we’ve heard abt it…Is it really good? What ever happened to porky?? :p

  9. How come your address publish as Ulu Tiram in Johor, and your phone number is in selangor ?

  10. Sivakamy,
    Thanks for notifying!

    Halal version maaa.

    Address belongs to the corporate office, but telephone number rings up the KL branch. 🙂

  11. Food Lover

    Consuming that amount of meat can cause really bad constipation.

  12. whoaa.. bah kua also halal..

    kay kua issit?? LOL

  13. Food Lover,
    Don’t la eat all at one go. 😀

    d e s,
    yeah, kay and gu. 😛

  14. i had some beef bak kua once, someone bought a packet from thailand or where. it tasted very funny, got one kind of smell. since then i got beef bak kua phobia

  15. xin,
    I think you should try the chicken bak kua instead, tastes pretty similar to the real thing. 🙂

  16. Come visit the Muar’s Bak Kua and the famous Teow Cheow “mee Pok” @

  17. Don Yoo,
    I was just at Muar last Friday!

  18. DDQ is not ‘halal’… according to the sale person, they are no pork and own by a famous Singaporean company selling non-halal bak kua.

  19. Zul,
    Yah that’s right. 🙂 They have a branch in Pyramid too.

  20. if im not mistaken its bee cheng hiang or bee chun heng also got a plant in taman cemerlang also.

    but if im not mistaken they have cert from halal development corporation (HDC)

    will that account for something?

  21. Rizal,
    Well, I’m not aware of that, I guess you’ll have to perhaps call up HDC to check? 🙂

  22. ba kua selling from RM72-75/kg 🙁 fuyoh….

    ba kua, please eat moderately, beside the hi- cholesterol thing, most ba kua is prepared in a not so hygenic environment. Most meat are not fresh too. i use to work in a ba kua maker as a partimer in my schooling days. Not sure whether they have improved their hygenic level or not. i belip most ba kua maker dun have HACCP or ISO22000?

    Maybe KY should organised a tour to some extablished ba kua maker to check the place out(hint:look for their raw meat storage/chiller/freezer etc…look under the stack of meat…ta..da.suprise…hehhehe)

  23. bolanliap,
    Would certainly love to if any bak kua makers offers a session. 😀

  24. have already tested the hubby and me really crazy about this chicken now..whoever going to kl, sure we will ask to buy this chicken..usually we will buy 2 kilos..and it will finish in a week..addicted loh..

  25. amoy257,
    Wah, 2 kilos in 1 week is a lot!

  26. The stall at pavillion KL has moved to where ?
    We missed the DDQ and have been look for the place.

  27. cat,
    I thought it’s still around? I’m not very sure, haven’t check out pavilion food court area for a while now. 🙂

  28. I know the DDQ at Pavilion closed down. Is the one at Midvalley and Sunway Piramid still operating?

  29. Karen,
    I’m not so sure.. emm

  30. Hi,

    Anyone got recipe for chicken Bak Kwa?

  31. Hi,

    I actually tried making chicken bak kwa using pork bak kwa recipe. Everything ok except it tasted powdery. May the minced chicken I got is ground too fine. How to make it chewy instead of powdery?

  32. just came back from sunway and midvalley.
    All closed 🙁

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